Paris here we come!

Paris here we come!

Well, after yesterday’s exciting culinary escapade, I thought it was time to calm it Kermit, and take a quick trip to Paris. 
Looking at this, you may be wondering where the stamps are. Well, there are none.
This Cityscape is created entirely with 
a make-up sponge 
a couple of inkpads.
Oh, and I may have used a stencil brush, just because they are the business!

See how you can get great definition and depth.
You can really make the buildings stand in front of one another.
If you’re around on Sunday Morning 9am – 11am, 
I am hoping to show you exactly how to do this on the TV. 
Create & Craft 

There is a brilliant set of 5 A5 masks on the show this time:
3 Cityscapes and 2 landscapes:
New York, 
Monument Valley 
and a fabulous NEW Treeline, 

I won’t give the game away today. I want you to watch the show! 
Should we, for some reason, not get to the demonstration on Sunday, I shall get straight back on here and offer you a 
step by step, blow by blow picture explanation. 
Or I may just do that anyway…
Many thanks to all those of you who posted my Giveaway Button on your Blog. Even if you aren’t the winner this time, you may want to either leave it there or put it on your blog, because the next target is 1,000. Let’s wait and see…right now we number 734 already! After just 2 months! That is so cool. Thank you so much. 
I will announce the winner of the £100 Claritystash Giveaway on Sunday, maybe even on Telly, if I’m allowed!
Please forgive me for not hanging around here long today. 
My daughter Grace goes back to New York tomorrow, so I want to go and hang out with her. 
Why so far away I ask…
My cooking?…
with love from

63 thoughts on “Paris here we come!

  1. I will wait with bated breathe for Sunday's show because I have a couple of skyline masks and would love to know how to get this much detail. Hope you and Grace enjoy some together time before she goes back's so precious. Looking forward to Sunday xxxx Annie

    1. Meant to say enjoy your precious time with Grace too! iPad doesn't let me delete and I have to start again hence replying to my own post! As for cooking? Keep stamping !!

  2. I am sure it is not your cooking, Barbara. Grace did comment that you are a very good cook, and that potato salad went down a storm at the New Year do. I love this mask and the beautiful soft effect it gives. I used it earlier this year for a friend's birthday card. I will post a picture on Facebook tomorrow. Can't do it now as it is not on the Kindle nor on the server. Good luck with the shows on Sunday. xxx Maggie

  3. Love this, as ever you can turn a blank bit of card into something beautiful with not much at all. Really looking forward to tomorrow's shows. Sorry your Grace is off again its hratbreaking, but like mother like daughter! My baby is coming home for a few days only a week to wait. Xx

  4. Ooh Monument Valley eh! Great will go well with the cowboy boots and hat stamps I had for Christmas ! These scenes are very moody and I love them. Bye bye Grace … Safe journey, weather looks cold in New York… Barb, I bet you have treasured every moment xx.

  5. Really Barbara, Grace defends your cooking prowess by saying that you are a great cook I expect it purely is the wanderlust you spoke of in earlier posts or the fact that it is where they want to be right now. It would be lovely for you if they were here and maybe one day they will come he to stay ( fingers crossed ) but you bought them up to be independent and they are a credit to you ! Enjoy your time with Grace and tell her to wrap up warm when she get back and stay inside if news reports are anything to go by. Love today's blog very effective xx

  6. This is a brilliant technique that you do with these masks. So effective. Looking forward to the show but sad that your Grace is leaving so soon, my daughter lives across the other side of the country – I know its' not far – but I miss her terribly when she leaves to go back home. So sending you extra big hugs xxx

  7. stunning I love the city scapes they are on my wish list, im waiting for the brushes and a box of goodies to arrive think I may have to buy theses as well
    chrissy xx

  8. Love it!!!!! it's my hubby birthday tomorrow and as a present……I get him to record me both shows as we will be out, so won't miss anything!!!!!
    Enjoy your time with grace, it is precious.
    And I have your blog giveaway on my blog.
    Laurence xx

  9. I love the simplicity of this design.. Looking forward to the show. that much I did my household chores last night so I can sit down in comfort and watch your marvellous products and demonstrations.

  10. Hi Barb, this is simply stunning, brushes are on my wish list. Looking forward to the shows, but will have to watch them recorded, as the youngest has to be taken back to Uni. Enjoy your time with Grace. Bx

  11. so glad to see you'll be doing this on Sunday Barb – I saw you doing these masks – not this one but similar – in Harrogate at the show and I just recently opened my masks for christmas – so you'll be refreshing my memory – perfect timing! Hope you have a wonderful day with Grace! Hugs Rachel xx

  12. Hi Barb,
    What a fabulous effect – who would have thought that it was done with just a mask. Will have to get these. Really looking forward to the shows on /Sunday . Have a lovely time today with Grace and I hope that she has a safe journey home. Alison xxx

  13. Good morning Barbara, I'm looking forward to your shows tomorrow and to see you demo this technique as it looks amazing. I hope you have a good time with Grace, I'm in a similar position having to return my daughter to uni today-why do the holidays have to pass so quickly? x

  14. I love the simplicity of this. Hope you have a great day with Grace. My daughter is on her way home for Christmas on Thursday having been working over the holiday season. Hopefully the floods will have abated enough for her to make it.

  15. Forgot to say, I actually managed to copy your button for the blog giveaway onto my newly resurrected occasional blog Views from the Craft Room. x

  16. Great card – those buildings really do stand out from one another! I forgot to tape your shows before we came south for Christmas and New Year so I'll miss them this time. Luckily keeping up with the blog is easy enough from anywhere!! Hope they go well for you, and safe journey home in all that forecast rain. Susan x

    1. Susan, if you email me with your snail mail address, I can send you the programmes on DVD – as long as we do not have a power cut or any other problem on Sunday. xx Maggie.

  17. I am furious with myself, I had a bad night and overslept and missed you! What's more, I forgot to programme to record you . I'm just hoping it was a class, so I can see it on the C&C website. Drat, Drat and double Drat!

  18. The masks are brilliant Barbara and I love the tree one! Can't wait to see your demo's on the telly this Sunday ….the only down side for me is it means I am back to work on Monday! Hope Grace has a safe flight back to the States. Hugs to you xxx

  19. So looking forward to tomorrows shows, I have one of the city skyline masks so I shall be watching intently so I can have a go. Safe journey to Grace. See you on the tele Barb xx

  20. I'll leave the button on the blog – maybe I'll be lucky for the next draw! I haven't got any masks yet and my bank manager is already wincing at what I've spent in various sales… now I will make it worse by checking out C&C for masks! Will definitely be recording tomorrows show.

  21. I am sure it is not your cooking that is sending Grace away. Love the look of these masks especially the Monument Valley one as that is one of my favourite places in the world. I just love going there and chilling out and have ordered these masks as I would hate to miss out. I have a rule with the silhouette of Monumnet Valle that I bought there but that is 12 inches so these are a much better size.
    Hugs Elaine

  22. I hope Grace has her snow shoes ready looks as if they got a lot of the white stuff over there. Enjoy your last day with her. Looking forward to the Sunday show, already warned hubby it is Clarity weekend, at least he is prepared for bank balance to take a possible bashing.
    By the way ordered some items at beginning of week and they arrived this morning, that is good service especially with New Year in the middle. Have a safe journey to Peterborough for show. Lynne xx

  23. I hope Grace checks the flights first as there is a lot of snow being dumped over the ocean! Gorgeous creation, love the simplicity and the layers of colour are fabulous! Enjoy your time together, tis a precious love x

  24. Beautiful image, look forward to finding out how you achieved the depth. I hope Grace has a safe flight home, I know the weather has been bad over there. I hope you had a great time together. xx

  25. Hello Barbara this is the first time I've posted, just got my bog!Love the skyline. In bed poorly and waiting with baited breathe for tomorrow's show. Have just got my mojo going thanks to one of your demos and a winner in this months challenge, the trees, the hills and the little deer. I've just purchased tree stamps and deer and going to try torn paper for hills. Hope you don't miss Grace too much but look forward to the next time you see her

  26. Hi Barbara. This is my first visit to your blog. I really don't know how I missed that you had started blogging but I am here to stay now 🙂 Am sat watching you on C& C. As always the 2 hours go far too fast, but thanks for another fantastic show and also for thebrilliant blog. Take care.

  27. Hi Barb,
    My first visit to your blog, hope this works. Loved programmes today on C&C especially the Paris stamp with labels, simlpe yet stunning

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