β€œThe very least you can do in your life is 
figure out what you hope for.
And the most you can do is live inside that hope. 
Not admire it from a distance, but live right in it,
under its roof.”

Barbara Kingsolver.
You need: 
a tree to plant,
a window to the world,
and a fine black pen
to write down your thoughts.
Lest you forget.
Stamp Hope boldy in black,
but make sure you also have a window, 
through which you can make a scene, should the need arise…
And in a flash, there is snow.
Although it has been there all the time.
Just a scrap of torn paper 
and a touch of Denim sky was all it took.
Plant a tree,
and with its tip
another three.
Use a ruler for the edges.
Dance along it with your fine black pen, 
skipping and jiggling and jumping.

Then dot dot dot dot dot dot dot all along the edges.
Let your deckle-line frame help you find the folds,
then dot dot dot dot dot dot a little more.

dot dot dot  underneath the tree
dot dot dot  underneath the P
dot dot dot  underneath the E
Something so simple.
Go on, try it! All you need is a pen! 
Simply squiggle a box, and then
dot dot dot dot dot dot!
My HOPE for this year is that GOOD will prevail.
And the lucky winner of the BarbaraGray Blog Giveaway 
Β£50 Clarity Gift Voucher is Janet Pearce xx
Thank you everybody for joining in!
with much love,

65 thoughts on “Hope.

  1. What a great card and such a lovely way to teach us, in verse. Thank you so much for that. Hope is what I really need for this new year. I must check if I have the Hope stamp. Congratulations to Janet for her wonderful win. xx Maggie

  2. Oh Barbara…. I lurrrve this!!! that dotty edging is so effective! Well thats another trick you have taught us all!!!
    Well done to Janet on the win! What a fab way for you start the New Year!

  3. Well done Janet . Another great blog Barbara , I don't have the hope stamp but I can see this adapting very well to the joy stamp which I do have ! X

  4. Rereading this in detail in the morning light, I suddenly realised what I was reminded of last night. It is the girl in Mamma Mia, reading her mother's diary to try to find out who her father is, and finding that they "dot, dot, dot" … I love the way you have used your dots to highlight the simple design. Beautiful. xx Maggie

  5. Wow! Again! Such a simple trick with such stunning effects – I love it! My Hope is that one day I will be as good as you. Congrats to Janet – what a fab way to start the New Year. Jan xx

  6. Wow! Again! Such a simple trick with such stunning effects – I love it! My Hope is that one day I will be as good as you. Congrats to Janet – what a fab way to start the New Year. Jan xx

  7. Thank you Barbara and Clarity for choosing me as the challenge winner. I am amazed and so grateful…this is such a great start to the New Year, definitely creates lots of hOpe. Thank you everyone for your comments I really appreciate them. I still can't believe that I read my name in the blog this morning. I really like the hOpe card and think I must get this stamp. Thanks again J x

  8. Barbara please can you help me I need the mask for the hill and cloud the plastic one can you tell me where I can buy it please so I can start having ago with the rest of my item I bought the mask one but I am disable and move about with my hand do not work to well , love the picture rose email address rosemary.davis777@hotmail.co.uk

  9. The dotty border is wonderful, gives a very classy finish and is quite easy to do. Just a little patience needed. Lovely card. Well done Janet , what a treat for the New Year. Lynne x x

  10. Morning Barbara, a truly beautiful Clarity card and oh I do love those dots and the effect that they give…..I may just borrow that please….Congratulations to Janet…..
    I do believe with all of my heart that Good always wins in the end….and it is going to be a Good year….x

  11. I love the simplicity and effectiveness of the dotty design. I hope this year to find more crafting time – hopefully more time on task will improve my creativity. Lx

  12. Thank you for another fab 'big 'O' stamp. I really enjoy trying to decide what to put in the 'O', then spending ages practising before I've finally worked it at out. I'm rarely satisfied with the finished article but I do enjoy the journey. Thank you again.

  13. oh great blog Barbra. it is so simple but mighty effective. love your framer. will try and borrow it if you don't mind but doubt my dots will look as good. love the effect you created with those dots….dot dot dot……. xx

  14. Happy New Year Barbara, Sorry missed your blog yesterday.

    This card today looks very simple but sure I wouldn't be able to do it as I a very shaky hand and would probably end up smudging everything. Though I may have a go as you never know.

    Love your blog and a little peek into your life.

    Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year and wishing you all the best for 2014.


  15. Happy New Year Barbara and all at Clarity Stamps, fantastic card and love the edging. I am hoping for a new year filled with HOPE for a healthier one. One thing that sure helps is crafting and I have followed you for many years now, watching you intently with my youngest daughter, when you used to come to the Brighton Centre and demonstrate at the Craft Shows there. We still use the basque and angelina fibers which we bought then, oh an of course our stash has increased with many more goodies from you since then. I would ove to stand a chance of winning the Β£100 prize of you reaching 700 followers. My New Year Craft is to try the Gelli Plate and some Pebeo Prisme Paints – can't wait to get started πŸ™‚



  16. What a brilliant way to do a frame – must give this a go. Love the verse at the beginning of today's blog too. This is a lovely stamp, and the whole image looks great. Thanks and crafty hugs xx

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