A second take…

A second take…

Hi there! 
So here we are, Wednesday already! And as promised, let’s take a look at the new Family Tree stencil I introduced yesterday.


All I used here was:
White Square Card to fit the stencil
A foam roller end or make-up sponges
Secure the stencil to the white card using Low-tack masking tape.

Use one of our brushes to add an undercoat of Willow. 
The end of a foam roller works really well for getting into the tiny areas. Make-up sponge works, too…

Now start adding a darker green. I think the secret to clever shading is to leave a light area…

Now it’s time to add the dark green. 
I used Stonewashed at the base of each teardrop. 
Makes for a fabulous blend of green!
With a make-up sponge is best.

Remove the stencil once you’re happy with your shading.

Now we could always just stop there, and I have to confess, there was a point where I really, really wished I had !

But in the name of art, let’s press on, shall we? I want to show off the 6 Filigraphy Teardrop or Petal stamps which go with the stencil….

So. In for a penny, in for a pound!  
I stamped them with Lettuce Adirondack. Got them pretty much in the right place. Not bad for a first attempt…

They do fit exactly.

The individual teardrop patterns are rather lovely.

But then I decided the tree looked a bit white.

So I decided to use Promarkers to change that.
Just used the chisel end of Ivory (playing it safe!) to colour over the whole area. Thought I might have ruined it right there, but had forgotten that the colours dry much lighter than they go down. Phew!
Outlined the teardrops with Pastel Yellow and then Pastel Beige.

Just kept going back round the teardrops, 
and dragging the points into the trunk.

Suddenly, something really strange happened. 
The teardrops seem to lift off the page. 

See what I mean? Squint!
And so, I was appeased. 
Having decided I had ruined the shading with the stamps.

I was delighted to see how shading round the teardrops 
had created a three-dimensional illusion.

It was a relief – if you will pardon the pun…

Almost looks like I forgot to remove the stencil…
Happy now.
with love,

68 thoughts on “A second take…

  1. Hi Barb, absolutely beautiful, this is a must have, need, gimme stencil and the stamps. Love the way you have coloured it, and am glad that you did not stop, as the finished image is incredible. Thank you for the inspiration. Bx

  2. Wow Barb, it looks so different with the stamps in place, I did not have to squint either to see how they look lifted! Those stamps have potential on their own as well I sense!!! I was wondering with the stencil if you considered your acetone technique as well as you showed in an earlier blog, whilst I really struggled in getting it to work for me I did eventually do a card for my Mum with my dad on it – so with the title of family tree seems to me you could put those lovely photos of your Mum & Dad, your Grandmother, your Grace and Mark as Tots, Your brother and of course you and Dave and so on???? Shall I challenge you to do that??? LOL . Much love Kim xx

  3. Oh Barb, that is just B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I loved the stencil when I saw it but those stamps are just dreamy!!! And I bet you could make fab backgrounds with them!
    Stunning! Love and Hugs xx

  4. Wow .. Wonderful watching this project develop and come alive, so glad you didn't stop … this sequence of photos is amazing. The stencil and stamps are another must have ….oh dear!!!! X Annie

  5. Gorgeous stencil I am a complete sucker for anything with a tree on it. Love the way outlining the teardrops and dragging the colour into the trunk created a beautiful shape and 3d effect on the trunk. The stamps are fabulous too – good job it's my birthday soon!

  6. Super stencil and those tear drops really are a great addition. I love the effects you get when you shade, the final picture really looks 3D. This set will be in my basket very soon I think …… Xx

  7. Such a great card. Your shading is always so nice. Wonder what it would look like if you embossed it first? Will have a go as soon as I buy it…..
    Thanks for the inspiration again.
    Laurence xx

  8. Hi Barb,
    Wow! This is fabulous. I love the way you have shaded the tree and round the stamps. You're right it does make the whole picture three dimensional. Definitely need the stencil and the stamps. Thanks . Love Alison xx

  9. That is so beautiful, and the shading is just glorious. I have another project in mind for those stamps when they arrive, a bit of experimenting required there. Well done for having the courage to risk the shading you had already done and then to create something even better, and thank you for sharing your doubts with the rest of us. xx Maggie

  10. Hi Barbara. Wow…I didn't have to squint to get the 3d effect, it's stunning. I love the stamps that fit perfectly in the teardrops too, they just finish it off beautifully. So clever, thank you for the brilliant tutorial. Take care.

  11. Oooh…how lucky that I found a cheque in my purse yesterday, that I'd forgotten to pay in …a Christmas pressie from hubby "crafting money"….guess what its going to be spent on?!! Lovely Barbara…really lovely…and a beautiful step by step thank you…..right I'm off to the bank !…..

  12. It is such a lovely design well done Mel!
    Barbara you always make every design turn into a piece of art!
    They should be hung on the wall rather than put on a card?
    Lorna D

  13. this really is a beauty Barb – I like the simpler version and the stamped on one too – they're both very different but both sing to me equally! Lol! Hugs Rachel x

  14. Oh My – you have surpassed yourself! Loved the stencil yesterday, but what you have created with it and the stamps today is a masterpiece!! Amazing…as always :o) Susan

  15. A-ma-zing! To quote a well known Strictly judge. What a fantastic effect. The shading is sublime and whilst the tree stencil on its own looks fab, the filigraphy petal stamps really make it sing. xx

  16. Beautiful design has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of your ill-consieved mistake, to the rest of us you are a magical designer who cannot make a mistake xxxx

  17. I liked the look of this stencil yesterday and even more so today now I have seen your tutorial. I love the stamps as they remind me of the Paisley shawls you can get. Really must save my money and invest in this set!

  18. Oh blimey, she's done it again! All in shades of my favourite colour too. I think you've spoilt us for stamps for the leaves – we should be made to do our own filling in! This does nothing my my bank balance!

  19. Firstly I would like to say a very big thankyou to you Barbara, my comment candy treat arrived this morning. Just lovely and very generous, I am off to experiment after this. The stencil and stamps are wonderful, the finished design jumped off the page at me, no squinting involved. The shading is perfect. Well I think I need these now. the shopping list just gets longer. Many thanks Lynne xx

  20. This is stunning! It certainly does look as though the stencil has been left in place, the shading really brings the image to life. Thank you for the great tutorial. x

  21. Oh Barbara how I wish I had a tiny bit of your confidence and try different things. I'm a very set in my ways crafter but I have bought a kit from the SECC including the gelli plate and paints, I haven't tried it yet not had the time with one thing or another but I will do and experiment a little at a time and as you say practice and then practice again. Your such an inspiration.
    Big hugs

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