A new stencil concept….

A new stencil concept….

Wednesday’s Blog is something new, so a perfect day to introduce not only a new Stencil to you, but also a neat way for using up all the Gelli Plate papers we have been creating!

If you are into the Gelli Plate as I am, you will have a prize stash of paper prints, which are way too lovely to throw away, but what to do with them? Paper collage backgrounds. 
This is the first time I have made a paper collage with torn pieces, and there are several things I will do differently next time, but that’ll do this time!

All I used was
Gelli Plate 8″ x 10″ 
Gelli Plate 6″ x 6″
Birdhouse Claritystamp Set
Some old Gelli prints I had lying around
Black Archival ink pad
Sepia Archival ink pad
Stonewashed Adirondack ink pad
Espresso Adirondack ink pad
Make-up sponge
A5 Girl on a Swing Stencil. (Part of a Duet-Set)

Two things well worth noting here:

Firstly, the size of the stencil. 
A5 on the outside, to fit all our A5 card perfectly. 
5″x 7″ on the inside, so that you can emboss with a frame, trim back and still layer up to make an A5 card.

Secondly, the Duet element.
There are 2 independent stencils in each Duet-Set. They work together, sometimes like a negative and positive, sometimes like a foreground and background. Sometimes a bit of both.

This little girl on the swing is so so lovely to use, if I had time I would love love to just make another picture with her, but I have to crack on here.

So let’s get back to the Gelli Paper collage. 
Here were some remnants I had kicking around

 and a piece made with our 9″ x 11″ Brick wall stencil. 
Perfect as the base piece.
So I stamped the Birdhouse in Sepia Archival
Then tore a few pieces and strips off the other Gelli Papers I had.
And believe you me, I could open a Gelli Paper shop!!
Now here’s where I could have done it better, but you learn as you go. When you do it, tear the papers from the top, so that you end up with white torn edges.  

See? The top piece has got the white edging, 
but the bottom pieces haven’t. Next time….

 Now paste them into place. I used spray mount. 
But just look at all the fab patterns when you look more closely!

What a simple way to get gritty texture and contrast!

Next we want to add the little girl on the swing.
Tape the stencil into position.

Use a Black Archival ink pad + make-up sponge to fill the stencil. 
We want a solid black silhouette.

I went in too black above the trunk, so changed to Espresso and that lightened the mood immediately! Next time, I will start with the dye-based ink earlier!

Next, remove the stencil. It cleans up fine with thinners.

Cut your artwork back until you like it. No! 
We are NOT making ATC’s here! Stop it!

I had to cut back the black in the sky. Didn’t like that…
Add a little Stonewashed Adirondack with a make-up sponge over the background. It will stain where there is no acrylic. So if the ripped papers had a white edge, that would stain brilliantly now. Next time….

Mount on black card

Paste one of the off cut strips down the side.
See the blue line near the bottom of the strip? 
That’s a white torn edge stained with Stonewashed. 
Note to self…

 Mount the artwork on a white 8″ x 8″ card. 
Really arty. Like it a lot.

We have got several of these A5 Duet Sets in the Pipeline, so keep checking in on our website 
 Our lovely Ani, who is going to have her baby any week now, has been designing some fantastic things! I just caught a glimpse of some others in the WIP (Work in Progress) file. WOW. 
She is so arty! We will just keep loading them onto the website as soon as Ani hands them over and we can go into production!
So why don’t we have a Special Introductory Offer on this 
Swing Set? 
Yes. Let’s!
For one week, until next Wednesday.
I have been thinking that the Wednesday Blog might be ideal for a Weekly Special Offer or Sale – just because it’s when I bring something new to the table. 
In fact, since you need a big 8″ x 10″ Gelli Plate for this project, let’s knock a fiver off the Big one for a week, too. 
Why not, say I!
much love,

53 thoughts on “A new stencil concept….

  1. I knew I bought those 8 x 8 cards for a good reason. I was obviously on your wave length. and planning for these new stencils etc.that is such a lovely card, Like it lots. Oh dear, I know my credit card is due for replacement,but it might have to have another airing, and I need the seahorses too for my grandchildren. Thanks for the great offer too, Barbara. Night night. xx Maggie

  2. Brilliant Barbara. And to top it off with a special offer, as if we need to be more addicted to your Blog lol. Loving all your stencils. Good luck to Ani when the important day arrives. xxxxx

  3. I love this idea, the torn paper looks great as part of the scenery and I love the swing and girl Stencil, I am looking forward to seeing what the others are like too. I used to wrap my ankles around the rope of my swing when I as a kid and hang upside down to pretend I was on a trapeze!

  4. Hi Barb, well this is just beautiful, love the stencils and have been thinking for a while about getting the big plate – May just head off to the website, which would mean my 2nd order in a week. Thank you for the step by steps, they are so easy to follow with great tips. The highlights of my day is reading your blog. Bx

    1. Me too Bridget, do you think there is a Clarity Anon group somewhere like AA? I keep purchasing but don't have time to try it all out – my retirement stash I call it!

    2. I can't keep up any more, but I did head off to order that bigger Gelli and the stencils. I did notice too that Barbara did say something about the extra big one on the last shows, so should we order that one too, do you think? xx Maggie

  5. what a lovely stencil, it conjures up sunny sunday afternoons of times gone by…… Love the idea of using up scraps as I hate throwing anything away xxxx Exciting times for Ani, I bet you are all looking forward to welcoming the new clarity family member in to the world xx

  6. Oooh got the 8" x 10" Geli for Christmas and had chance to play with it yet, have plenty of 6" x6" prints though and love the new stencil duo idea. think I may just have to visit the store just one more time this month.

  7. Hi Barb,
    Great step by step instructions as usual and a fantastic way to use up the spare background papers. I have loads of them! Lovely stencils too – looking forward to seeing what others are in the pipeline. Love Alison xx

  8. What a fantastic card. Love the idea of using the old Gelli prints which accumulate. I think your idea of having some special offers on the Wednesday. I will have to have a look later as I am supposed to be working…

  9. Dear Barbara, you bring joy every morning I don't know how you do it, all these wonderful ideas and everything is stunning!!! Keep up the good work and it is so great the offers you keep giving it makes it easier to justify buying !!!!
    Lorna D

  10. Hi Barbara, I saw this stencil yesterday and am so pleased you used it to day. The duet idea is great and am looking forward to see the others. What a lovely effect and a great way of using the Gelli print papers. Thank you for the introductory offer on the stencil and special offer on the larger Gelli plate. Congratulations to Ani. xx

  11. How clever…..another technique to go away and try….and what fantastic results….Thanks for the inspiration and you are so generous…..have a good day….x

  12. Hi Barbara. Isn't she gorgeous! Love the whole piece, so many textures and beautiful colors. How kind of you to give us yet more fab offers. Take care.

  13. What a brilliant idea the Duet stencil is, there's obviously a lot of good brains at Clarity! Love the little girl on the swing & the way you have used the gelli plate scraps – and thank you for the offers! Pat x

  14. oh Barbara – stop tempting me – January's money is gone – I'll have to wait and see what offers you come up with once february rolls round. Great use of the gelliplate prints – will need to have a play with this idea. Love the swing masks – beautiful! Big Hugs rachel xx

  15. This is just all to much ……. at this rate I'll have to stop visiting! A lovely scene which looks so innocent in one way and like the Cadbury's flake advert (an old one if I remember correctly?) in another! The really good thing about it is that it's a one-off and everyone's will be different!

  16. I very much like this Kind of Art Work – just do. And by the way: I am "doodling" since yesterday, cant stop 🙂 and cause you cant make a mistake so very much entspannend! thanks a lot XX

  17. Love the use of the geli plate prints and some great offers too, I'll have to wait until next month to buy though. I've just been doodling after a very stressful morning and feel more calm and relaxed now. That's all down to you Barbara and yesterday's post, thank you.

  18. I do love this Barbara-so individual even if we copied it it would always be so!
    You really are very clever!
    Thank you for sharing this -I really look forward to more of your stencils -and inspiration of course!

  19. Was not sure about the Gelli plate to begin with, kept saying I did not need it, but the more I see what you produce the more I realise I do NEED it. This is a lovely piece of artwork. I spent last night doodling, so relaxing and I have a lovely piece of work to mount onto a card. Thanks Lynne xx

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