Thursday’s Blue

Thursday’s Blue

Hi there!
I want to share a card with you which is not made by myself, but by a talented cardmaker, Margaret Edgar. She sent me this card years ago, and it impressed me so much, I put it in my box of special things. I just thought it captured the spirit of Christmas perfectly. With a couple of little trees etc  from the Village set and a Denim inkpad. Simply beautiful. The message stamp isn’t even a Claritystamp, but so what! 
In my humble opinion, it just doesn’t get much lovelier than that.
See how Margaret used the trunk of the tree to build the fence? 

And how perfectly she allowed the fence to fade away into the snow?
The clouds,  hills and snow were all done the same way, with torn paper, a make-up sponge and Denim Adirondack.
But what perfect composition, don’t you agree?
So whilst pondering what to show on this Thursday’s Blue blog, I remembered the perfect blue card from Margaret, which I had stored away in my precious box years ago. 
So Margaret, if you are reading this, now you know what happened to your handmade Christmas card; I fell in love with it. A veritable masterpiece. And I think I will just put it back on top of the piano again this year. 
Thank you 

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  1. This is such a lovely card, really showing a sky full of snow. I love how the moon is just sleeping over the hills. I also have a box of cards I really treasure. Some of them may not be perfect but they are to me because someone has taken the time to think of me and to make it for me. I think I might get some of them out this year and love them all over again. xxx Maggie

  2. I hope Margaret does see this, what a lovely compliment that is. I agree too what a lovely card, like its leading you to a magical Christmas up that path. The moon looks great I notice she has made it darker just around the top of it – yep a lovely card. xx

  3. Lovely, lovely, lovely – what a tribute to pay to another stamper!!! Tell you what though…that sentiment should be a Clarity Stamp…next year maybe? Or could you squeeze it in for this year? I love the misty feel of the distance and the clever use of the trunk….brilliant…Thanks Barb x

  4. What a really lovely card, so tranquil. Will attempt something similar for my husband's Christmas card, I think he would appreciate this. Do thanks to Margaret for her original idea and to you Barb for sharing it.

  5. This is a stunning card and I am not surprised you kept it in your 'special things' box or that you will be putting it up on the piano again this year! I love how the geese are just gathering on the snowy lane!

  6. What a beautiful card and looks so simple. It so nice to see that handmade cards are often kept. I know both my Mum and Grandma have kept all the cards I have made over the years, in fact Mum still has some of mine on display at home.

  7. Hi Barb, how kind of you to showcase Margaret's creation. It is a really lovely card that is simple but stunning. To think it is only one colour! My husband would love this, so I might have to have a go to produce something similar- although I have my doubts that I'll achieve it!! Well done Margaret if you're looking. Alison xx

  8. What a beautiful card, from someone else who is really talented too. There are a few cards within the card. Where you zoomed into card that would make lovely cards too. Very special when people keep your artwork.

  9. This is a lovely card (biased – blue and white my favourite colours to use). I can see why you have kept it. I would too. Lovely work Margaret and thank you for sharing this with us Barbara xx

  10. Gorgeous card and so little needed to do it. Thanks for sharing beautiful typical Clarity card. I'm so happy you shared this with us and didn't keep it to your self I'm sure Margaret would be happy. Hope she sees this.


  11. What a simple and stunning card! Well done Margaret!! Makes me slightly ashamed of my little snowman scene cards, but maybe someone will keep one in a box and see how much better I get with practice over the years!!!

  12. Really gorgeous. You get so caught up in all the glitter and embossing, and colour and then you see something like this and you realise you don't need much at all! We've had no power this morning – which is great when you run your business from home. Trying to decide what to do to keep me occupied, and warm, and you don't need any electricity for stamping 🙂 A few Christmas cards now ready for posting.

  13. After having met you and your team at a workshop in Harrogate, how can anyone not be inspired by your energy and passion? You are all very special people indeed.

  14. A stunning card which shows what we can achieve with Claritystamps. I love everything about it, thank you for sharing, and I hope the lady that sent it sees it here too because that will make it special for her xx

  15. What a lovely card. A beautiful composition and I love that it is just the one colour. Im sure there's a technical term for that but I can't think what it is. Thanks for sharing it with us. Lx

  16. I agree with everyone else this is a gorgeous card, one that I would love to see on my fireplace. We all love to keep those special cards. I am working towards making a masterpiece like that but not sure I am ever going to achieve it. Thankyou for sharing this it gives us all inspiration xx

  17. love this blue monochrome. don't know what it is about blue but i find these sort of cards haunting, not as in inhabited by ghosts but i'm so drawn to them. this is so beautifully done, i'd love to be able to do that! xx

  18. What a gorgeous card, the dimension Margaret has created using just ink is very clever and so effective. I don't blame you putting it out on show again. Thank you for sharing it with us Barbara. x

  19. Another great read Barbara and such a lovely card …made even more special because of the story behind it…thank you for sharing it with us all….I really hope that Margaret has read this … are both special ladies….hugs. Jo. x x

  20. Who can resist all that lovely untouched snow; you know the sort; when you look out of the window and realise the world has turned white over night. There's the excitement of a possible snow day (a magic day off ) and anticipation of the joy of of making the first footprints in that fluffy virgin snow … ooh it makes you want to don your wellies, wrap up warm and make snow angels. Lovely blog as always, Pam x

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