Wednesday’s Blog is Something NEW.

Wednesday’s Blog is Something NEW.

New, new, new. 
This new stencil for example mixed with a new idea. 
All you need is white card
Black Soot Distress ink, or Black Adirondack
Attach the Rose Panel stencil to a tall piece of white card with low-tack masking tape.
Take time to mask off the edges well.

Spread and dab Versamark ink over the whole panel.

Remove the masking tape and the stencil.

Cover the entire inky panel with Detail Gold powder.
Remove excess powder and heat from underneath.

Heat set the whole panel.

Isn’t this lovely?

Very crisp and very elegant.

Now we have a choice. We can either stop right there, 
and leave our Rose Panel gold on white.
Or we can add black…

By rubbing the black Die-based ink pad over the embossed work, the white grooves get stained. You could use any colour! Red  or purple would look lovely, too. 

I wiped it clean once, then went back in and completely coated the white card with black, just to see what would be the result. And guess what? 
Black card!!

You would never know that the card was white underneath!

Of course, you could start out with Black card and arrive at the same place, but that wouldn’t be anywhere near as interesting!
Choices, choices, choices.
That’s what I love about stamping and stencilling. 
You can go in a hundred different directions every time you put your creative hat on!
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112 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Blog is Something NEW.

  1. Brilliant Barbara. Another great demo from you. I've done this with gilding flakes ( blogged ) and am planning on doing it with some dreamweaver paste. I will have to try it your way too of course! I love this stencil and it was the first thing I played with when it arrived on Monday. I got it as part of my Comment Candy stash from your good self. Very happy crafter here. Thank you Barbara xx

  2. Absolutely stunning. As you say, crisp and elegant. It needs nothing else. A lovely stencil and a beautiful technique, working on the KISS principle. This goal certainly had a plan. (A goal without a plan is just a wish) xxxx Maggie

  3. Morning Barbara. This beautiful stencil is definitely on my Christmas list. I just love it when I get up for early shift and I can read your blog with my first cuppa of the day. Its a little ray of Clarity sunshine on these cold, dark winter mornings x

  4. I really really liked the end result . Beautiful! Have to get myself a few stencils more I'm thinking. , thanks for the daily blogs I'm really enjoying them x

  5. Wow! Not much more I can say. It looks very classy and I can't wait to try it out. Along with everyone else, this has become my morning ritual and I look forward to seeing what's new each morning. X

  6. When I open your blogs up its always with a sense of excitement especially the something new…do I, dare I , shall I then follows as I read through the technique – this one?…..bring it on – I do believe I can do this one…just need to get a few stencils in! Am thinking the 'life is a bowl of cherries' would do well here with reds and greens! These are not cards – they are worthy of a frame!
    As ever Barb…you bring us something brilliant xx

  7. What a lovely piece of art. I really must save some pennies in order to be able to invest in some more Clarity products. Keep up the good work and can't wait to see what the next instalment will be about.

  8. What a beautiful stencil – I can't believe the detail on it! It looks gorgeous with the gold embossing. I am loving gold at the moment as it seems to be everywhere in blog land 🙂 Thanks for my morning fix of inspiration….I will definitely have a go at this!

  9. Hi Barb, looks gorgeous, love that stencil, it has just gone on my wish list. I think you are right that it would look good with red or purple and I think my favourite would be with purple – very Royal. Thank you for another dose of inspiration, always gets me going in the morning. Bx

  10. Wow Barbara. You never disappoint with your tutorials hun. Sometimes I think I don't like a particular stamp – then I see what you've done with it and usually changed my mind!! Thank you
    Dawn xx

  11. Fabulous Tutorial Barbara. It's a really beautiful stencil. I wonder would it work the other way – versamark the stencil and use it like a stamp. Will have to invest me thinks.

  12. Hi Barb,
    Beautiful stencil, it's a must have that unfortunately I haven't got – yet! Love the technique and the finished look is fabulous. Will have to give it a go with another stencil.

  13. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous
    I will have to get some of this fine detail embossing powder as mine does not show such detail.
    I will have to send Santa another letter to add more to my original list. I have been good so I am expecting a huge stocking full!!

  14. Oh, I love this. Great idea how to turn a White Card into a black Card 🙂 really nice ! Have a good day, dear Barbara.
    BTW ich lasse jetzt die Großbuchstaben wie sie sind, mein Computer macht das automatisch !

  15. I really think that stencils are the best new idea for this year there is no end to what can be done with them and especially all the ideas you come up with. I love using them and they are now the first thing I think about using when I start my paper crafting. It's so great that you share all these ideas with other crafters. Thank you
    Maggie J x

  16. Another great idea and a must have stencil! I've already, by mistake, orderded two of the rise and shine kits this weekend plus two lots of stencil brushes from Clarity (forgetting I'd orered the first ones and was waiting for them to come in!). Your addling my brain with all these lovely things. I'm going to need therapy if you keep coming up with all these lovely ideas…..where shall I book in? xx

  17. A lovely technique Barbara – the new stencil is just beautiful and I love what you have done with it. I've been busy this week doing a scrapbook for my niece's 30th birthday at the end of this month, and have had so many great memories come flooding back as a result. They say friends are the family you would choose for yourself, but I wouldn't change my family – those of us who have a close and happy family are truly blessed.

  18. This is a lovely stencil Barb, had my eye on it when I recently renewed my design club membership but somehow, I know not quite how, I managed to resist the temptation of it-THEN!- think now tho having seen your project I'm just gonna have to have it!!
    I have to say I am really enjoying your blog and reading some of your history; I do so admire you for the things you have achieved. Thank you for taking the time to share with us.
    Best wishes to you all at Clarity HQ, Theresa xx

  19. What a fantastic stencil it's one that would be really useful. I love the card you have made the gold embossing looks stunning especially against that black background. Thank you for sharing

    Jackie x

    1. Knowing you, Shaz, I would have thought you would have gone for burgundy and black. My stencil is on order, so that is down for some experimenting with different colours, as is the idea of using the stencil to print and then emboss those lines. xx Maggie

  20. fabulous!! Uplifting thoughts…..I met a very inspirational lady last night at a fundraiser for Maggies. I was admiring her hair, thinking I would like mine styled like that while waiting for an Indian head massage. Then she revealed she was going to have to remove her hair for the massage….could not believe it was a wig, she was amazing!

  21. Another amazing technique – now I really do need to get that stencil! 🙂 Thanks for such an inspiring blog, I love reading it and appreciate the time you take sharing this with us all. x

  22. Another good idea for using this stencil. I just had to buy it when you used the fibres to make a panel. Going to be great to use to make my sister in law a fantastic 70th Birthday card. Thanks Barbara your blog is great love reading it.x

  23. How beautiful! Once again, a new technique learned. I'm not sure how many more of your great ideas I can fit in my brain, think I shall have to resort to writing them all down!
    Thanks for sharing :).

  24. Wonderful technique works beautifully. Have not yet got the rose stencil but tried it with 2 other new Clarity flower stencils – stunning, Cant wait for tomorrow and I shall try embossing them too. Thanks Barbara.

  25. Your ideas are legend, I am working through the very early stages of your DVDs as and when I have time and money for new kit. There is so much to learn and do I have to learn patience as I could just sit down and learn all day.
    Thanks for your brilliant blog

  26. Hi Barbara, where do you get your ideas from? Your techniques are just fabulous. It's so good of you to share your ideas with us. I for one will be trying this out.
    I love your stamps and DVD! I have them all,(just wish I could buy all your stamps) thank you so much for sharing your blog with us,I wait every week to read the next installment of your build up to clarity xx

  27. Well one day when you have a good few hours to spare you might actually see this comment because there are about 100 above it. Actually I just checked, there are 96 Oh more comments that I have followers!!!! Its lovely to see that you Blog is so popular as you put so much time into it. So back to the Card and that Gorgeous Mask, I often go off on a tangent I would like to try this technique with a blend of colour starting light and going dark without a join in sight – sometimes Black in stands out more than black card I think the black edges look lovely and deep. Sam xx

  28. Lovely stencil and what an effect. I was thinking why not start with black card? But I suppose it's not nearly as messy and we do like dirty fingers, don't we!

  29. such a beautiful and elegant stencil which can be used for many occasions. have put it on my christmas present list, fingers crossed. hope you are enjoying your time away having some R&R to refresh the crafting juices. love Yvonne xx ps please don't stop coming to Stamperama xx

  30. Yes another brilliant idea! I was also delighted to see you are planning to have stencil storage available. It is urgently needed for what I hope will be my growing collection.

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