It’s Sunday, and it’s a question of sport…

It’s Sunday, and it’s a question of sport…

Here’s one to try using masking skills, postage stampstamps
and a whole herd of little sporty people!
What else do you need?
Black, Stonewashed and Lettuce Adirondacks
White fineline pen
Black Micron pen
Sports stampset
Triangle Stampstamp
Rectangle Stampstamp
Paradise Stampstamp
First things first, cut out all your Stampstamp masks.
Although of course, you could just buy them and put
paid to cutting out all the serrated edges…
Stamp the Stampstamps onto A5 Claritycard.
Cover them up with your masks and stamp the
background Stampstamps into position.
Until you have a great montage going.
Using your outer masks (aperture masks), start
stamping the sporty characters into the stamps.
Next, one by one, add the backgrounds.
This was all done using Lettuce and Stonewashed.
Tackle one little picture at a time.
When complete and dry, trim the A5 card back.
Mount on light blue paper
Mount on black then white.
Then trim white card.
Add 4 brads to the corners.
Using black and white pens, add slalom sticks, rugby
 goal posts, tennis nets and whatever else springs to
 mind. This is the part which makes the whole piece
of art very special.
Hope you liked that one. Time for bed, TV tomorrow
early!  Hope you can join me. Do you know what
would make my day? A nice, uplifting comment
about something uplifting. Go on, think of something
nice and it will lift your spirits, too. Think positive,
be positive – it’s the only way forward!
Love Barb xx

43 thoughts on “It’s Sunday, and it’s a question of sport…

  1. Really lovely Barbara xxx my quote is…
    .Happiness is like a butterfly.
    The more you chase it the more it will elude you…
    But if you turn your attention to other thing's…
    .It comes and softly sit's on your shoulder. xxx

    Very apt for a crafter x

  2. It's the 1st December and my favourite summer white Nemeesia vanilla plants are still flowering in their pots, and the white geraniums are keeping them company. x
    Have a great time today Barbara. Thanks for the lovely tutorial.

  3. I really like these stamps, we used the stamp stamps at Sazz's workshop with the little Christmas Stamps – I made my card in to 'Across the Miles' ready to send to my lovely aunt in New Zealand as it just seemed right! My rather well worn if not less imaginative comment….'When the going gets tough…the tough get going'….. and I have certainly seen you do that this year! Lovely card, lovely sat and ready for the 9am show!

  4. Fabulous card Barbara. I took my stash (or some of it) to France in the summer and made some sporty and stamps sporty cards cards (including this one) on the rainy evenings. I also added Sakura gel glaze to the serrated edges of the stamps for a bit of texture. I didn't think to do little flags an whatnot so thanks for the extra tip. The stamp stamps are so versatile. Could we have a miniature flora and fauna set to use with them too please ? Have a good day. Just off to watch now xx

  5. Takes me back to our visit to the Olympics last year, which was such an uplifting and positive experience! My positive thought for the day, and most days … "Be the change you wish to see in the world" – Ghandi I think. Enjoy your shows, and I will enjoy them later when I get to sit down for a couple of hours!! Susan

  6. Another great piece of art work Barbara it reminds me of the Olympics last year and all the fantastic times people had. I'm just watching "In the classroom" from yesterday as I was out all day. I'm loving the woodpecker card you one very talented lady and so generous in the way you share your talent, thank you so much
    Jackie x

  7. Hello Barb, an uplifting thought – Sunday to relax watching one of my favourite crafty people, whilst putting up Christmas decorations. Perfect. Have a good day with the shows. Love this card, and as I have the Clarity masks, it is a doddle. Bx

  8. Good morning Barbara, I'm sat watching you on TV with Dean and I'm in awe of all the amazing samples. Thank you for reminding me of the versatility of your stamps, I have the postage stamp stamps and must remember this design for all those awkward male cards that we need to make. Trying to think of an uplifting comment for you made me 'google' possibilities and I came across this one that I thought was so appropriate for you. 'If you can dream it, you can do it' (Walt Disney). You certainly had a dream and are now, after a lot of hard work, doing it! Keep up the great work, it's appreciated by so many of us. x

  9. Love the step by step info really helpful. Really enjoyed your first show today looking forward to 2.00pm. "Why try to blend in when you were born to stand out", that is you Barb, thanks Joan x

  10. I am loving this card, it would be great for the men in my life, just wish there was a basketball stamp. Barbara your demo's and blog are so inspiring, I had a long break from crafting due to some personal issues where I had no interest in much let alone craft, yourself and a couple of other Crafty ladies have helped me get my mojo back and inspired me to try new crafting styles and techniques, thank you x

  11. Loved the telly show this morning, the stencilling really inspired me to experiment some more. Looking forward to the afternoon telly and Angerlina. Thank you

  12. Hi Barb
    Have the stamp stamps and believe it or not have never used them! However, that will be changing! Watched you and Dean this morning and loved it. The samples were to die for – you have a very clever design team. Can I say a big thank you for doing the letterbox sentiments, now I can do the sentiments without having to use a massive card. Managed to order mine on Friday because I knew they would sell out. Waiting for the show this afternoon.

  13. I have to say that I feel uplifted after seeing you on TV today. But also reading the other lovely comments that You get from the other ladies. Some have been and are still going through tough times and have found so much pleasure and purpose crafting. You and your Company and Design Team make it all the better. I too struggle with constant pain ( I broke the base of my spine off 15 years ago and have been left with a degenerative condition in my spine and neck ). I I did spend a while not being able to walk or even sit up. I did feel quite isolated for a long time but since I got back into arts and crafts a few years ago I feel part of a larger family with so many friends around the country all with something in common…our regard for your talent and teaching skills. But also knowing that you are a genuinely a lovely person. To inspire myself on a daily basis I get out my treasured collection of clarity stamps and have a play…is it sad of me just to look through my catalogue of clarity stamps before I even contemplate using any others in my craft stash. (notice Clarity is the Collection and the other stamps I own are stash, oh! I have it bad methinks lol.)… Forgive my rambling please ladies, I have gone on so long that I have missed the start of the next show…blast! xx

  14. It's a quote by Ian Wallace, I think, and is used by Doctor Seuss.
    Fab show and my all time favourite stamp stamps! I love what we can create with these little beauties and they are perfect for the men too! Thanks for sharing x

  15. Was only saying yesterday with the scene stencils that I reckon a golf course course could be made and was there a golfer stamp and, of course, there is! Will wait for my scene to arrive and then see about the sports stamps! Great shows this weekend, still have some of today's to catch up on but relaxed, watched and chatted online yesterday morning. Real luxury that was and so enjoyable!

    1. Forgot an uplifting quote and as I've just this minute made a card with the stencil and stamp it's got to be 'life is a bowl of cherries' it's just come in very handy for a simple but effective (well I think so) card!

  16. Well Barbara I have had a really fantastic weekend! I saw my daughter Amy yesterday and even though she is not as far away as your Grace I don't see her that often and every minute I share with her is precious. Then you being on the telly makes a good weekend great as you always fill me with such inspiration! I do hope you enjoyed it as much as you seemed to do! You were really funny with Dean and Leonie made you laugh too. And yesterday Stephanie really enjoyed the Classroom with you!
    And all the while you were demoing we were all chatting to each other on FB like one big happy Clarity family…So there you go.
    This project is lovely! I really like doing these stamp pictures as each stamp can be a miniature piece of art and then combined with all the others it makes a masterpiece.
    I think I have rabbited on enough now! Have a safe journey home! xx

  17. great card Barbara – my uplifting moments this weekend – organised a Christmas Fayre for the school yesterday and raised £1278 then relaxed watching you this morning and you really lifted my spirits. Took too long to get on the website so the stuff I wanted was gone but it's on my wish list x

  18. Good evening Barbara, well where to start….brilliant blog as always…I love to make cards like this…and perfect for males..I have used my sports set so. So much…I had a lovely day yesterday using Clarity stamps in workshops …we used Alcohol inks too and the best bit for me is the look on the crafters faces when they are so pleased with what they have created. It gets even better when they want to come back and keep creating…
    You asked for positive thoughts…well before I go to bed every night I ask myself if I have been the best that I could be that day….and behave towards people the way that I would like them to behave towards me…
    Have a safe journey home…..and sleep well….Jo. xxx

  19. Great shows as usual and the classroom was just Fab.Dean and your self are a tonic thank you.
    Just a little quote from Ireland ?when are you coming,

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind always be at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face,
    and rains fall soft upon your fields.
    And until we meet again,
    May God hold you in the palm of His hand.
    hugs Eileen

  20. I haven't got the little sporty people, but I do have lots of other Clarity stamps that would work just as well with this technique, just showing that you can use your stamps for more than the original idea. Loved the programmes this weekend, and it was good to see Stephanie so engrossed in what she was creating from a blank piece of card. The show with Dean today was brilliant from the very start. He is so naughty but funny. Hope you get a good break now to prepare for your family Christmas together. xx Maggie

  21. Great blog again, really enjoy it and like other ladies you and craft have helped be out of a bad time, thank you. My positive thought would be the Serenity Prayer, it so true. Shows were great this weekend, looked like you all had fun, looking forward to the next one.

  22. Hi Barb – brilliant blog as usual-keep up the good work please! After watching your candle trick on T.V. today I had an idea. Do you think it would be possible to transfer a family photo onto tissue paper (using the nail varnish remover trick), then stamp the name with the letter box stamps, and melt the whole thing onto a candle? If it worked it would make a lovely personalised gift wouldn't it?

  23. i love this card and it's composition. the sports stamps are very versatile and i use them often for male cards.
    as for a happy thought, sorry but they are dry at the moment. i am so stressed at work it's unbelievable. the only respite is crafting. it sure keeps me sane xx

  24. I have the sports set and all the men in my life have received a card using this set over the last couple of years it's a great little set. What I now need is the stamp stamps, something to add to my wish list! Everyone should have a wish list it's so uplifting when you van tick something off

  25. I was only asking about sport stamps (golfer in particular) on the Saturday Clarity chat post on FB as I thought the stencil would probably make a golfing green or golf course scene. Will definitely have to get the sports ones as they'll be really handy for men's cards. I don't know about writing something uplifting – just reading your blog is uplifting !

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