Saturday’s blog a new technique? Not so much new as a challenge…

Saturday’s blog a new technique? Not so much new as a challenge…

I have been asked by several blog readers to go over the nail varnish remover transfer technique. So many of you have tried it and cracked it, whilst others struggle to get a good transfer. 
Two ingredients are essential to get it right: the printer and the nail varnish remover.  Let’s take a look.
You will need:
Any white card – Claritycard, Theuvacard. Coated or non-coated are fine.
Nail varnish remover – cannot tell you much, except the one from Sainsbury’s works really well, but the one I have used here is from Superdrug and works great too. It is a bit hit and miss, but mostly, the cheap acetone with no oils will work best.
The Printer – I use an old Brother Inkjet. Laser no good. Photocopy no good. On a happy note, when you find the right printer ink, the transfer pretty much falls off!
So now all you need to do is find a lovely photo, scan it and make a few prints. Here’s a set of old pics from my Mum and her Mum, my Oma. Beautiful German women. Ooh, and you can just see my Opa, too. Very handsome man; looked just like John Wayne.
Stamp the Easel with Sepia Archival.
The easel makes a great frame for any photos.
Add some nail varnish remover to a cotton wool ball.
Lay the picture you want to transfer face down on
the easel and wet the back with nail varnish remover.
The picture will show through to the back.
Rub or burnish the image with the flat of a spoon;
this will help transfer the image well.
Lift the paper and bingo!
Now just add a little flavour to the background.
You can add people who weren’t in the original photo!
So you could make a whole family tree!
Or a whole collage of friends!
This would make a great trick for Christmas.
Here is another one I did with Grace and Mark,
when they were nippers.
Again I used the easel with a lovely Christmas verse.
And there’s that cheeky little robin from the Christmas Miniatures…
On another note, I think this message stamp is lovely!
Says it all really!!
And this Christmas, both Mark and Grace are coming
home.  If there’s one thing in my life I do struggle with,
it’s that my kids live so very far away. But there we are.
Can’t do much about that, so might as well get
over it, eh. Have another mince pie and smile! 
I hope you find the nail varnish remover you need.
If you do find a brand that works well, please do
come and share in a comment.

41 thoughts on “Saturday’s blog a new technique? Not so much new as a challenge…

  1. I haven't seen this before but I will try it now. It looks so simple and what a surprise for the recipient! Thank you for your blog, Barbara, I love reading all the hints and tips. I'm off to watch you on C & C now x

  2. Wow Barbara what a great idea and yes it would make a great gift.
    I must try it ASP because I know of a few people who would just love this.
    Good luck (not that you need it) for your shows later Xx

  3. If you print it as a mirror image then it will come out the same way round as the original, great if you have any writing on your photo.

    Great technique but I have not yet found the right combination of card and remover. Will keep trying.

    Another way is to print your image into tissue and then glue it in the frame, like Barbara did with the candle.

  4. Super technique, just jaw dropping. I have loved it since I first saw you do it. Must try next week. Thanks for the reminder. Now off to watch the Classroom show. Bye

  5. This is a brilliant technique Barbara and fun to do…except when your printer is set to draft – you don't notice and end up wasting paper and wondering what you have done wrong – who did that…mmm, yes silly me. Have a great show today xx

  6. Thank you Barbara I always loved that one with the photos now I can have a try pleased grace and her brother are home for Christmas how lovely for you all hope you all have a lovely time. Love June xx

  7. I just simply love this and will be trying it this afternoon after you have finished on the telly.
    I have a wedding picture that I would love to add people that have sadly left us to it, so would I scan the two photos then cut them up and varnish them together or do them separately?

  8. Tried it when you demoed on tv a while ago Barbara but could never get it to work. I used the nail varnish remover from Sainsburys so maybe it is my printer ink which is not playing.
    Sylvia x

  9. this is brill Barb. and for someone who says she struggles with putting background papers once artwork is finished you have done a super smashing job here! I really like how you finished the pics off on the easel. it made them really pop! love this. need to give it a try xx

  10. Hi Barb – Ibought that easel stamp ages ago with the intention of having a go at this technique and never got around to it – so this is a great kick up the backside for me – thankyou xxxx

  11. Never tire of seeing this technique being demoed, never tried it myself but yet again something you said has made it a must do….my other passion is genealogy ….. you mentioned putting them in a family tree … how clever, the technique ages the pictures beautifully. Must get a wriggle on , get all my Christmas cards done and then have some serious playtime xxxx Great show this morning by the way and thanks for the mention 🙂

  12. Oh, gosh, here I go again! I think I have cleaned out all of the nearby Morrison's of candles and now I'm off on the nail varnish remover hunt! Forget the Delia effect, it's going to be known as the Barbara effect soon!

  13. Thank you for going over this one again. I have done some good ones in the past but lately, I have failed completely. I shall now have another go, slowly and step by step. I know what you mean about your children being so far away. I am lucky as my daughter lives very close, but I do have to travel to see my son and his family. Still not as far as you, though, only up to Derby. Had a lovely day with the littlies, Charlotte and Rosie. Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely children. xx Maggie

  14. Love this idea, it's a new one for me and as a genealogy nut it's ideal for family tree work. I will definitely be buying some nail varnish remover tomorrow! Thanks for the step by step pictures and tips Barbara

  15. I love this technique though have struggled to get it to work in the past. I'll give it another go using Sainsury's nail remover. Whilst I don't have children I do know what it's like to have family living away as my sister emigrated to Florida 30 years ago, and although I do see her as often as possible, and use Skype to chat, I still miss her. Hope all goes well tomorrow Barbara. xx

  16. I like this idea….I have some craft friends, who come over every week for a craft night. I think this will be something we will have to try. Sally xx

  17. Thanks for sharing this technique Barbara perhaps I will get it to work now.
    I know what you mean about the kids living far away and I struggle too but as you say you have to get on with it. We have one in Edmonton Canada and one not so far but still a flight away on the Isle of Mann and they are both coming home for Christmas too I'm sooooo excited
    Jackie x

  18. Thank you for the recap Barbara, I've been meaning to have a go at this technique myself so your reminder has made me put the nail polish remover on my shopping list! x

  19. Another technique I must try and another stamp I have to get, thanks for the ideas. Hope you have a great time with your familiy over the holidays. x

  20. Such an amazing technique – I never cease to wonder how you come up with such fantastic ideas!! Had a wonderful day with Pauline Stephen in the Clarity stamp class in Aberdeen yesterday, and am sat at home today with all my wonderful creations feeling very pleased with myself. We said a small prayer to St Barbara that all went well, and it did!!

  21. Hi Barb, have not tried this yet, but am thinking of a card for Hubz for Christmas, so may give it a go before the year is out, as it is a great technique with a lot of impact. Bx

  22. Currently I'm putting together a scrapbook of my granddaughter's birth to one photographs and I think this technique would make an excellent front cover. Better not use the pre-birth scan though. Enjoyed today's telly show very much. Thank you.

  23. Still can't do it :((( Tried printer set to just black ink instead of using the colours, tried different paper and two different nail varnish removers…just cannot master this one.!!!

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