Friends are like Flowers….

Friends are like Flowers….

Hello there, on this rather blustery, rainy day in Kent – Ye olde garden of England. Today’s Thursday blog is always Blue, so here’s one I prepared for the TV last time, but didn’t get to show you because it sold out!

I will keep it short but sweet this time; the last couple of step-by-steps were longer than the Dead Sea Scrolls – and there were 972 of them there Dead Sea Scrolls, so I’d better calm down now, before I get reported !!

Here’s a dainty little card, made with the following ingredients:
Denim Promarker
Build a circle frame with the clever corner.
Sprinkle quickly with Kaleidoscopic Powder and heat set from underneath. 

Why underneath? Well, if you heat it from underneath, then only the powder on the actual wet image will set, and you will be able to wipe away all the stray glittery speckles all over the front of the card. Now you know!

Add the Snowdrop stamp with the little birds. Add powder. Emboss.

Add the verse underneath.

Run the chisel end of the Denim Promarker around all 4 edges.
Done. Quick, simple and straight forward. 

Let’s have some blog comment candy today! Leave a lovely comment today, about this card, or the blog this week, or the blog in general, and be in with a chance to win a £20 gift voucher! Every little helps!
The winner will be randomly picked between now and Friday. So comment away!! But be nice. I think if you think good thoughts you practice good deeds. 

with love,

102 thoughts on “Friends are like Flowers….

  1. Morning Barbara! Just finishing my morning cuppa and reading your blog! It sets me up well do the day! The card is beautiful on here but I bet its even more pretty in real life!
    Have a good day. Hugs. xx

  2. As usual, beautiful work, I have learned so much from you and learn something new each time I see your blog or classrooms, looking forward to watching all my Christmas pressies (your dvd's)lovingly bought by hubby… Naomi xx

  3. Hi Barb, a really gorgeous little card, fab verse, love your blog, and even if you wrote a combination of War and Peace and the Dead Sea scrolls, I would still be an avid reader, as you always manage to brighten the day. Thank you. Bxx

  4. A beautiful, elegant card. I think I need these stamps very soon. I love simple monochrome cards an this is delightful. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading your blog every day. Have a lovely day x

  5. Greetings from Texas, y'all. I only packed Clarity Stamps in my luggage and so I have the tools here to try your fab card idea. The blue paper from the stencil packets makes a beautiful mat for a card as well. Happy Trails.

  6. Ah Good Morning Barb… what a lovely quick and simple card…shame this one sold out that you did not get to air it, but hey, what an accolade that it sold out before the demo! Shows the strength of your products, so off to the web site I go to have a look, have to wait until after Christmas now but it can go on the Shopping Wunderlist. Keep them rolling xxx

  7. Barbara you are a little ray of sunshine that I try yo indulge in every morning. Doesn't always work, sometimes I hVe to wait until night time. I love seeing your cards. But I live reading about your rise to fame and stardom so much. It us an inspiration to all. Kp those ps coming. Xx

  8. How could anyone NOT be nice?? I love your blog…it's a great inspiration….and usually a good giggle, too!! Today's card is sooooo pretty…and how quick was that? I think even I could manage it!
    Jo xx

  9. Read your blog whilst waiting for my second bus to get me into work. Have to catch two buses and really enjoy your ramblings as a pick me up before the daily grind begins. I really lived this card and I love the minimalist use of colour. Can*t wait to get home tonigut. as my Clarity parcel should be there, but I can't open it until Christmas Day as it contains my present from my Partner…Oh well guess I shall have to sit on my hands.

  10. This is such a pretty stamp, so delicate. Haven't even made it out of bed and I'm reading the blog already! V wet and windy here too. Never mind one more sleep then two weeks holidays! Have a great day xx

  11. Morning Barbara, I love the snowdrops stamp and the blog in general. I find your posts so helpful and it's given me greater confidence to try new techniques. Today is my birthday and I know that my daughter has bought me the Gelli plate kit and I'm eagerly awaiting some messy crafting later today :))) x x x

  12. Lovely card…'When I'm feeling blue All I have to do Is read a blog by you and I'm not so blue….' 'When I'm stamping cards, nothing seems to matter
    My whole world could shatter, I don't care….' – More Phil Collins Barbara..'Against All Odds' I'll soon be 'On my way' …. to 'Another Day in Paradise'…Craft Room here I come 🙂 xxx

  13. Hello Barbara I have to say I really look forward to your blog every day and it never disappoints. I was pleased to see your snowdrop card as I have this set and I did a card for my daughter's winter birthday with it and it is a lovely set. I now can use it again for special friends with the appropriate lovely verse, thank you for the lovely ideas and the entertaining posts. Maggie J x

  14. Love this so much Barbara! I really need it now!!! Don't want to make another Christmas card for a long time but LOVE this.snowdrop, a sign of hope and spring and so many friends who deserve such a lovely card.thankyou x

  15. Hi Barb,
    What a pretty little card. Very effective and straightforward to do although I do struggle to use my Promarkers around the edge like you do. Mine always end up looking a mess! Still, I'll keep practising and hopefully will get better. I really enjoy reading your blog every day and you are very informative – I've really learned a lot so thank you. Off to make a card for my hubbie now using my new robin stamp hopefully!

    1. I still struggle too with the edge with the Promarkers. I am still practising, but I have found that I can do a very narrow edge with the chisel end, by nuzzling the card into the nib as you would with the gorgeous Krylon pens, and just run the pen round the card that way. I will still work to achieve the lovely edge that Barbara does, but for the time being, the thin edge will have to do. xx Maggie

  16. Very nice card. Only realised a few days ago how true that verse is. Love the paper you've used underneath, coming from the stencil pack. I use it regularly on my card, it it very good, and make stunning background. thanks for sharing.
    Laurence xx

  17. Beautiful card Barbara! I love that it's all one level making it cheaper to post! I hate that I can now only send flat cards, it really cramps my style…blooming Royal Mail, but your tutorials give me new creative ideas. Thank you so much…Marcia xxx

  18. It's a lovely card Barbara and has just given me the inspiration I needed to get my clever corner stamps out and make a few more Christmas cards.
    Beryl xx

  19. A another great blog. Love all your blogs as I'm learning so much and not just card making either. When my demon nerves start I re read your blogs and it always helps me settle a bit so that's great for me too, love your work and dedication Barbara so thank you from me for all your hard work x

  20. Lovely as always Barbara, I have tried to edge around my cards but have yet to get as neat as you!
    Just love the new stencils, I think after Christmas I will be ordering the poppy and the town scene they look amazing!!!

  21. This is such a classic card, less is more on this one. It just draws the eye perfectly to the centre as if looking through a tunnel, and a perfect sentiment to match the design. I quite agree about good thoughts leading to good deeds. If you hang on to annoyances or resentments, the only person they harm is yourself. To quote a very famous Monty Python song "Always look on the bright side of life". xxx Maggie

  22. What a fabulous card. I must remember that not all cards need to be a marathon and sometimes the quick and easy can be so poignant. Love your blog Barbara and it has become my top of the "to do" list everyday. Vxxx

  23. Another brilliant tutorial to make an elegant card. I love your blog Barbara and watching you on TV you are such a brilliant teacher and so willing to share your knowledge. Thank you so much
    Jackie x

  24. Can I just say how much I appreciate all the positive uplifting comments here? Not because I want a pat on the back; because I feel comfortable and safe here. Too often I have read dreadfully negative and nasty things written about good people, who would be devastated to read these troll comments. So my objective is to create a pleasant place, that is all, for us to gather daily. Hope you agree xxx

    1. For me, I do not write positive comments for any other reason than that I mean every word I say. Your blog is like a breath of fresh air, and a real reflection of your positive attitude to life. You have the right attitude for any teacher, your pupils are not treated as idiots if we don't get it right (in my case, I might be called an idiot at times). You simply take a deep breath and find another way to explain. As so many have already said, our daily fix of Barbara has become a daily joy to look forward to. Long may it continue, but do remember that you are allowed a day off every so often, You will not lose us. xx Maggie

  25. I love this card – so simple yet stunning. The sentiment is lovely too. It works. I so enjoy reading your blog, it's great to read about Clarity & life in Barbaraville! Thank you for sharing & inspiring x

  26. Oh, Barbara – I really do agree with you. This is peaceful place – I love it. The Card I love as well and the clever cornerns – what I wonderful rememberance for me , because I got some. Und ich liebe den Spruch! xx

  27. Well, the talented Ms Gray has struck again. Beautiful and simple. Just need to get the snowdrop corner and I'm all set. Thanks for all the inspiration.x

  28. Another great card, who said simple cannot be beautiful and the words have such great meaning. It is lovely to be able to see your lovely cards everyday and not have to wait to see you on T.V. the first thing I do in the morning after getting a cup of tea is to sit down and visit your blog. Hope you and family and staff at Clarity have a wonderful Christmas.

  29. Barbara, I love this blog of yours, it is something to look forward to each day. I really love this card, the stamp is on my wishlist, along with a lot more stamps and stencils x

  30. It's hailing and thundering & lightening here in Wales as I am sat here reading this but I am in a lovely sunny crafty bubble reading your blog, my favourite start to the day. This is such a gorgeous card that make you think that Spring is not far away once the snowdrops push there way through …. a brilliant choice of card to cheer up a gloomy day xx 🙂

  31. Just reading your blog and what happens, the sun comes out! The place always seems a little brighter with your blog and a cuppa! Thank's Barbara! Love the simplicity of this card… it really is a little gem! xx

  32. A delightful card and so quick. Just what you need sometimes. I love reading the blog and now have so many things I want to try. My wish list just grows and grows. Thank you for all your hard work, it's appreciated by many.

  33. I love your blog Barbara. I look forward to my daily fix. It is so interesting to read your story too. You sure have packed a lot into your life. Have a great Christmas, especially as you have your kids home.

  34. Loving your blog , having a lazy day after my brother's wedding yesterday where my card based on you Joy stamp was very well received. Keep up the good work x

  35. this is super barbara – love the circle built up from the clever corners – fabulous verse and such a pretty circular stamp – lovely!!! Hope you're having a fab day xx

  36. I have always liked the snowdrop stamps and this card is a beautiful illustration of how well they work together. Hope the weather is calming down. Merry Christmas to everyone at Clarity towers. xx

  37. A beautiful card, simple yet stunning. I love your blog too. I especially like your looking back ones love hearing your amazing clarity journey. Keep on crafting girl. Joan x

  38. A beautiful card that matches the saying so well with the image. Reading your blog is one of the highlights of my day, your enthusiasm is infectious and uplifting Barbara – thank you! x

  39. O Barbara its a beautiful card love snowdrops and the colour is lovely demin is a great colour ,now i want to get stamping but everything is in my summerhouse and i dont have a light and its dark now ,o i do wish stuff was still indoors xx

  40. A beautiful card as usual. You never disappoint us, I love snowdrops , I think the Spring flowers are by far the most attractive. Probably because we are all desperate for some bright colour after the dull days of winter. I agree with you about writing positive comments about people, ' Do as you would be done by' always a good saying to live by. Your blog is great really enjoy my daily read, always makes me smile and I love the little personal insights. Thanks Barbara you are a gem. xx

  41. I really love my daily catch up with you:-)

    This is a stunningly elegant card so I can't wait to have a go, thank you.

    I was always told if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all xx

  42. Love the card as always and the sentiment is so true. Reading your blog is always uplifting it has helped make me more positive and do the things I love to do. I have stopped stressing about being out of work and have created some great cards and gifts and have even managed to create some pennies for Christmas. You, your blog and the comment on it have been great for me and I am sure others too. Many thanks for sharing with us all and I hope you are almost ready for the holidays. J

  43. I love this snow drop stamp. It reminds me that spring time will soon be here so I plan to use it on my thank you cards this year.
    Love your blogs Barbara and I definitely feel like part of a happy, supportive Clarity family when I comment or share on here or your facebook pages. Keep up the good work xx

  44. Love this snowdrop stamp as it reminds me that spring is just around the corner. Clarity is one big helpful, supportive family. It's changed my crafting life totally for the positive since I joined & met yourself & Maria at Glasgow SECC last spring. Thank you x

  45. Good evening Barbara, I love this design and think it would make a gorgeous tile…I can just imagine them in an old fireplace….with the logs burning and Tess ( my Labrador ) snoozing in front of it…have a good evening…looking forward to tomorrow's uplifting read…Jo. X

  46. Love the simplicity of this card. Snowdrops are my favourite flower and I just love this stamp. Hopefully they will soon be poking their little heads above ground to remind us that warmer, brighter days are just around the corner x

  47. Superb !! Love the verse too, although I sometimes have a problem marrying up the corners to make a frame unlike your good self, who always makes it look so flippin' easy !! Well Done for another excellent blog xx

  48. Love this card, it's so elegantly clear and crisp. The blog is the best especially when I've forgotten the nitty, gritty of a technique. Just skipping back through the blogs and there is the tutorial with every step in clear pictures. Great.

  49. Gorgeous stamps and an elegant card! The embossing looks so crisp and I love the blue and white. More great inspiration – I hope that I get to have some time to play at the weekend 🙂

  50. At the last Clarity east (Suffolk) workshop run by Janet she kindly did a raffle of some prizes you generously donated. As there were only 6 of us, we had 6 prizes. I was picked last… But i got this beautiful little corner set so now i know how to use it. Learning so much from you and Janet 🙂

  51. I love the arts and crafts feel of this stamp and the card is so elegant. I shall be revisiting lots of to your blog posts in the new year and practise some of the techniques you've demonstrated. My new year's resolution is also to complete my blog on a regular basis. Thank you for sharing all your inspiration on a daily basis. It can't be easy to keep the blog up when you lead such a busy life. But it is always a pleasure too read at the end of the day. Thank you so much Barbara, please keep them coming. X

  52. i love this card because it's blue and i love blue cards. I must say these stamps really lend themselves to blue. The central image is so delicate…. methinks i need to add it to my other 100s of stamps….mmm yes indeed xx

  53. Classic simple Clarity … cant go wrong and its so good to use with different occasions…Not just Birthdays. Just as a Hello I've been thinking about you, or Thank you, Sorry, Mother's day even x it fits in so well with so many things ….Have a lovely Day however you spend it.

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