A private peak at home.

A private peak at home.

It’s the Friday before Christmas 
and wherever I peak, 
is a job that needs doing 
before this time next week!
The tree is still naked,
the presents aren’t wrapped, 
the hampers half empty
 and I’m feeling quite trapped!
I really must get my arse in gear, 
or we can bypass Christmas
 and go straight to New Year!
So here’s the plan – 
 I have one you know!
 I will write out a list and then 
Go Barbara Go!
I’ll start with the tree, 
though I have to be gentle,
It’s shedding its needles already! 
That’s mental!
By Tuesday next week,
there’ll be nowt but a twig;
It’ll barely be dressed 
for the Christmas Eve gig! 
And right at the top will sit Angel-Fairy;
She’s older than me, so she’s looking quite scary!
But add a few baubles and flick the lights on,
then suddenly – all my frustration is gone.
The room is just lovely,
and can you see?
The candles are twinkling bright on the tree! 
I’m so excited that it’s all done,
now we can relax and have some fun.
Mark’s coming home, so it’s Heathrow today 
And Grace is also on her way!
I hope with all my heart that you
are having a happy prep-time, too!
We get so uptight, but come Christmas day
it always works out; it’ll all be ok!
lots of love,
And the winner of yesterday’s Blog candy?
A £20 Gift voucher is on its way to Karin Lee.
Thank you to everybody! 
I think we should do that again soon!

64 thoughts on “A private peak at home.

  1. wow how do you do all these effect? wonder what will be next? your room looks sooooooooooo nice. love it. wish i could afford to live in a house like that. hope you have a blessed christmas with all you hold dear xx

  2. Oh I see what you meant now. I love the poem it made me LOL. I will have to go and read it again now. You must have found out how to do this animation thing now then??? Are you going to share that info then??? I hope you a lovely day with Grace and Mark tomorrow.xxx

  3. You are a very clever lady. What a lovely tree in a lovely family room. Thank you for sharing it with us and make the most of your time with your family. xx Maggie
    PS Congratulations to Karin.

  4. Great poem and I love the effect with the tree, has someone been busy with photoshop or similar?
    You have a lovely home and I am sure everything will be alright on the night. I hope you don't wear yourself out and then not be able to enjoy the day. xxx

  5. Oh thats really pretty! Well done & thank you. The rhymming verse is pretty good too. You'll soon have your family home around you. I'm excited because I'm planning on driving down from cumbria to kent to surprise my children on christmas morning. Can't wait to see their faces xx

  6. Loved the poem and your tree, so pretty, love the twinkling lights, worth waiting for and what a lovely looking and welcoming room. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family xx

  7. Aw super poem and pictures and the flashing lights! Your so clever . Wishing you a super Xmas with your family. A happy healthy and prosperous new year. Lang May yer lum reek .

  8. Oh how fabulous your room looks! And you're just too clever with this animation malarkey!
    I finish today and then it'll feel like Christmas. I have the presents to wrap and put under our tree. I, like you, enjoy all the preparations! Have a lovely exciting day collecting Mark from the airport! xx

  9. Fantastic poem Barbara. It made me stop and smile; a good thing in these hectic days when its easy to feel a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks still on the to do list! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas with all your family xxx

  10. Same applies to my house Barbara no decorations up yet, only two presents bought but the fridge is full. Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a great time.

  11. What a lovely tree , Christmas is all starting to come together now. I'm really excited this morning off to the airport to collect my son home on leave from Afghanistan let the celebrations begin xxx

  12. Love it…. your room looks lovely…so cosy and adorned…I can feel the warmth of the christmas cheer…so off you trot to Heathrow..safe trip to collect your son..then I guess again to collect your daughter…what fun you will have.
    I have no tree this year as am off to spend Christmas in Cornwall in a cabin in the woods where there will be a tree to decorate..apparently with crafty items…am thinking it might be pine cones and wooden stars..so should be fun!!!

  13. I love your tree Barbara. I have never had a real tree always artificial. will be getting my small tree out on Sunday whilst my Partner is out fishing. Thank you for the gift voucher I won on the blog candy, I will have so much fun deciding what to sspend it on.

  14. Hi Barb, what a lovely and funny post this morning. Love the twinkling candles, and your tree is fab, ours is all up, took us about 4 hours! I bet you can't wait for children to get home. Enjoy the build up to the big day. Congrats to Karin. Bx

  15. Love your poem, it's lovely to have your children home for Christmas no matter how old they are it always makes me happy to have my three home with me. Have a wonderful time x

  16. Oh please don't mention the tree,
    It's always a pain to me,
    Too fat or too thin,
    So it doesn't fit in,
    Too tall or too short,
    It always seems fraught!
    But look at it now all twinkling and bright,
    You done it again Barb, it looks just right ! X

  17. All look good and in good way to be ready for Christmas. nothing done here as we're going away on sunday, but still very excited as my daughter come back tonight for her holidays, so "pre" Christmas diner, just the 2 of us……Paradise!!!!
    Laurence xx

  18. Just lovely!! Hope you have a wonderful time over the festive season with all your family around you…how lucky you are, me too. Look forward to your blogs and hearing all your news next year. Love to you and yours xxxx Shirley

  19. Looks fantastic I thonk I spotted a "Dave" shirt amongst the pressies. Your poem is ace..words sommat else your clever with. Don't get too over excited driving to Heathrow to pick up Mark. Just be safe xx

  20. Hi Barb,
    What a lovely post today, you are getting really good with the old animation! Your house looks gorgeous and I'm sure it will soon be filled with lots of laughter once your family is all around you. Love the little poem too. Have a great time with Mark and Grace.Alison xxx

  21. That's terrific, and you are right Barbara, as soon as the tree is up and the lights are one it makes the whole house Christmasy! Hope you have a lovely family celebration. God bless. x

  22. Good Morning Barb!
    Have a lovely time with Mark and Grace!
    What a difference a tree makes to a room…. thank you Prince Albert!
    I wonder if he's up there somewhere looking at us all decorating like crazy. lol
    Have a wonderful Christmas Barb!

  23. Thank you Barb for the pre-Christmas panic list, sorted my mind out a treat. My family is 'at mine' for Christmas too this year, secondary panic rising rapidly! Best Christmas wishes to you all

  24. The tre (and the room) look fabulous. Hope the needles manage to stay put for the big event. Have a wonderful Christmas. Love the poetic nature of this post.
    Beryl xx

  25. How nice – brings back the Memory of my father saying (each and every year) "This ist the best Christmas Tree we ever had!" So funny. Yours is also very, very pretty! xx

  26. Hope you & Dave, Mark and Grace and all you family have a wonderful Christmas. Love the effects of the tree and the poem was wonderful. Hope you don't have to get the glue out for those needles. XXX

  27. Take a mo to breathe lol! You'll get there in the end – we women always do. I've a list to work through but refuse to get stressy this year. It will all be over this time next week. I'm looking forward to spending time with family, Enjoy the holidays and the time with your kids, wishing you a wonderful and very happy new year too xx

  28. Your home looks beautiful, your tree a delight,
    so what if your angel fairy looks like a fright.
    Once on the top of the decked out tree she will bring
    nostalgia to all your family.
    I hope your loved ones enjoy being near
    and I wish you all a peaceful and healthy new year. Joan x [I don't think fairy looks a fright, sorry].

  29. Your tree looks great Barbara and so it twinkles…very clever…have a lovely family time…I can feel the excitement through your words…enjoy all of you….xxxx

  30. Your poem is great, wish I was that clever. Your fairy isn't as scary as my pipe cleaner cat which is as old as me, from the late 40s! It is special like your fairy, that's what Christmas is about.

  31. That room is fabulous just right for Xmas celebrations. You are a lady of many talents budding novelist, poet ,animator and pretty good with a Clarity stamp as well. Did you make the lovely tree skirt as well? I was going to make some Heart wreaths out of some beautiful fabric I bought at NEC, explained to my daughters how to go about it, well they have made theirs (beautiful as well) mine is still on the to do list. Oh well always next year. Enjoy your time with your kids. xx

  32. Lovely tree Barb. Mine is now decorated too and the presents bought but not wrapped. I think we all have a panic moment but it all comes together in the end. Slowly,slowly catch the monkey!
    Enjoy your holidays with your children.

  33. Love your poem Barbara, it made me feel better as I also haven't had time to decorate the house. This feeling was short lived as my heart sank when I read on to find you have now done your tree and mine is still in the loft!! Still maybe tomorrow when I return from my therapy session aka craft class 🙂 x

  34. Love the poem. You're a poet and don't know it as we say here in Cheshire.Hope you really enjoy your family Christmas. Only me ,hubby and my lovely Mum but we will enjoy our time together.

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