Flower boxes on a rainy Monday…

Flower boxes on a rainy Monday…

Happy Monday eh? 
It is pouring down outside, so I decided to brighten the morning with some fresh spring flowers.
Here’s a cracking ( or should I say crackling?) set of Flowers which make the most delightful notelets. I also used a crackle stamp to age them a little.
I used
Theuva Card, cut to size
Black mountboard
Mustard Seed Distress Pad

Simply stamp the image in Black Adirondack.
Colour it in with Promarkers. Nibs come in very handy for the tight areas.
Add the crackle around the edges with an ink colour complimentary to the flower.
Coat the whole piece with Versamark ink.
Sprinkle with clear embossing powder. 
Heatset with a heatgun.
You will find that the first emboss is a bit dimply. 
Let it set cold, then re-apply Versamark ink all over. 
Sprinkle more embossing powder and heatset. 
This time, it should start glazing nicely.
Add 3rd layer of glaze if necessary.
The glaze will make the colours much more vibrant.

So the crackle stamp has added an aged element. But we can take that crackled look one step further, by actually cracking the glaze. 
It’s best to do this before you mount the piece on rigid mountboard
Gently bend the piece over your index finger, back and forth. 
Now it looks like authentic cracked glaze.

Funny really. We go to such lengths to make our art look 
antique and old!
You certainly don’t need to bend me over your index finger gently to make me look old! I’m managing perfectly well all by myself!
Have a great day!
love from

49 thoughts on “Flower boxes on a rainy Monday…

  1. Your post just brighten my day. 1st because it is very grey here in France and secondly because just out of a MRI and on way to doc, so feel bit down, and old without any bending between fingers….. Thanks for sharing that "sunny" post.
    Laurence xx

  2. I've always liked these stamps, they are really useful. Haven't tried this technique though….another one to add to the ever growing list. Thanks for brightening this dull day – although the sun has just put in an appearance here, just outside of Reading. Angela xx

  3. Lovely cards. I don't have the crackle stamp but I'm sure you could get a similar effect from 'stamping' with crumpled cellophane. I might have a go at that. Lxxx

  4. I have these stamps, bought them last Easter I think and only used the daffodil one once.
    You could Gelli plate a background and use crackle glaze on the acrylic masterpiece and then mount the stamp on that but this is a much quicker way of doing it. Thank you for your inspiration


  5. Love this fresh look. I always look forward to Spring as soon as Xmas over but then realise that we have January and February to get through. These bright designs would cheer anyone . As for age, I think with the amount that you manage to fit into a day it is going to have to set a fair pace to catch you up. Thanks for another lovely idea. xx

  6. Barbara there is another way to crackle utee. just put it in freezer for 5 mins and then it will crack by itself. i love to glaze toppers as it deepens the colors and it makes them look like ceramic. i think this set of stamps are going on my wishlist. can hardly believe i don't own them already! xx

  7. Peeing it down in Edinburgh today too! Busy catching up with some birthday card makes. The mums would love these flower stamps. Discovered the glaze cracking by mistake one day and think its a great technique. Have also reglazed it by heating again when I went too far :). Xx

  8. Roll on spring! But until then your flowery blog will keep us good. Have tried this before and quite liked the outcome, going to be 60 in April so I'm quite a bit crackled I have to say Lol x

  9. Tis dry but chilly in Northamptonshire – better that than rain. These beautiful cards make it feel like spring is on its way! I love that crackled effect and these flower stamps are beauitiful. TFS xx

  10. I love this set of stamps, they are just so versatile – one huge card or lots of little ones. They fit so many occasions too. Love this month's Club stamp too, which arrived this morning. Hope you are still having a great time with your family. xx Maggie

  11. I hope yoou don't get too much rain this time. I have these stamps so will have to try this. I need to try more techniques next year rather than just looking at them! This blog should definately help,

  12. Hi,
    Just me again! For some reason, if I delete something, the blog won't let me continue unless I press preview & then edit. Unfortunately age has got to me too & I pressed publish instead! Anyway,as I was saying, the stamps are really versatile and look fabulous glazed. Just received my Club stamp which is lovely.. Have a question. I've tried to access the sale on my iPad but it won't let me – any ideas? Alison xx

  13. Just what we need on a bleak late December day . .a reminder that Spring will come in the not too distant future… in fact some of my daffs are already pushing through. Lovely blog, Barbara sometimes we need quick crafting xx Annie

  14. Once again a lovely set and a great tutorial, I only have the daffodil but it's really pretty. Have my order all ready and will place it in the morning, so looking forward to all the goodies arriving. Received my first issue of the NDC today, (Christmas present from my son and daughter) , loved it…. it will feel like I get a gift every month. Thanks J x

  15. Hi Barbara,
    i love your blog, but it's not so easy for me to understand all because of my bad english. I hope you had a great christmas-time!
    Please, when you will come back to germany? We all miss you and we had waited to see you again at HSE24 in the late autumn how you promised. If you come back, please bring us some stencil-set. I look every "classroom"-show from create & craft live on my pc and it's wonderful how much time there is to show us to learn your wunderful technics. It' a pity that isn't possible in the german tv. I look forward to the 05.01.14, the first show by create&craft.
    How ever, i wish you and your family all the best for 2014 and in germany we say: "Guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr" (perhaps you know it by your mother).
    Kind regards Anja from Vechelde (Germany)

  16. What a lovely card. I received the January newsletter this morning and the sales list. Oh yet more decisions on what to buy. Looks like I may have to get some of the Theuva card as I only have the Clarity Gelli Card stock at the moment. Hope you and your family have a great 2014.

  17. Your creations are wonderful & your sense of humour follows a close second. I have checked out your blog every day over the holidays whilst I've been under the weather & without a shadow of a doubt it's been the highlight of my poorly days. A big thank you

  18. Loving the crackle effect – I made notelet sets as stocking fillers this year, with the bluebell and cornflower stamps, and they were so well received! Maybe I'll try some triple embossed too now…so many ideas, so little time! Thanks Susan

  19. Been travelling to Cornwall today so only just accessed the blog, the note lets are lovely beautiful flowers and great visual too. For some reason the blog has not reached me on twitter today, must be the high winds affecting signals. Hope you have a good one Joan x

  20. Beautiful idea again today – I love how the glaze has actually cracked as well as the use of the crackle stamp too. Such lovely flower stamps too. Claire x

  21. You know they say you are only as old as you feel! (or is it the man you feel?) Will def have a go at this way of crackling! Looks less messy than the old PVA. Your notecards look great, a good idea for a pressie perhaps I should make a few for next xmas and get ahead of the game. Aileen xx

  22. Hi just having a quick T.Break – well I say quick?? Tried similar with real crackle glace last night, couldn't squeeze the tube so gave up, I could have done this, it looks much better anyway with the nice deep crack. Well I can use it next time thanks.

  23. I love seeing your blog as it does one of two things….it either shows me stamps I have, love and need to play with more or it shows me stamps I need to get! Today its the first option! I really do like this set of stamps and they always make a lovely card! The little plaques you have made here look fabulous.
    And give over about you being old!!! You are wearing very well Barbara and don't let anyone tell you differently! xx

  24. Lovely looking cards, I really like this technique. Just the thing to brighten a dreich day here in Scotland. Happy Hogmanay when it comes 🙂

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