Who do you think lives in a house like this?

Who do you think lives in a house like this?

Sunday’s blog being written early early Sunday morning, before the last day at the NEC. Forgive me if the written instructions are short but sweet – just look at the pictures!
All you need is
The funky cottage and trees
Black and Lettuce Adirondack
Blending Tool and Splodgemat
Manila Card
Before you even begin, take a look at the finished card. This will give you an indication of where you are headed with the tearing and the stamping!

Stamp the funky cottage in Black Adirondack and cut a mask to cover it. We actually sell the masks, so you can even buy them if you’re feeling plush!

Cover up the cottage and add the little funky trees on either side.

Tear a sheet of the manila card lengthways, so that the furry side is to the front.

Add some Lettuce ink to the Splodgemat and load the blending tool.

Work the Lettuce along the torn card.

Now tear a hill and do the same.

Take a look here and you will see how we are building a country scene. Don’t worry if the card doesn’t line up at the sides. We will trim it later on.

Now we need a third piece, too, to slip into the middle, I think. Stamp the large tree along the edge in black and darken the furry torn edge with Lettuce again. You should build your hills as the torn card comes…

Stamp the funky hedgerow along the base. This is a really delightful set of funky trees, cottages and hedgerows. It is perfect for the whimsy card.

Get your hills lined up, just as you would like to see them.

Colour in the trees and images with Promarkers, as you like.

The picture will start to come together now.

Set out the layers just as you want to set them on the back drop.

Take a sheet of Ochre card and start repeating your layout from the top.

Mine worked best longways ( landscape). Yours may be taller than wide, so you decide.

When it is all in place, hold it together with masking tape and cut the sides to sit nicely on the Ochre card.

Punch a sun out of the ochre remnant, and attach it.

Or even punch the sun out of the manila card, to reveal the ochre circle. Either way, it will work.

I even made a couple of funky daisies with a funky punch!

Layering card is a really super way to add texture to a card. Try it – it’s easier than you think!

Anyway, I must dash! Bye for now. X

20 thoughts on “Who do you think lives in a house like this?

  1. I have never tried working with torn layers, but I might just have a go, once I have dealt with my Christmas cards (Clarity, of course). Great effects, there, Barbara. Good luck with the final day at the NEC. Hope you get a chance for a rest after all that. xx Maggie

  2. Hi there Barbara, I love the card and the way you have coloured the cottage and trees, it all looks really effective. But hang on a minute, did I hear you say you cut embellishments for it?? Are you alright??? (sorry about the delete but if it won't let you edit when you write a load of rubbish, what is a girl to do??) Sam xx

  3. I love your blogs………….the first thing I do in the morning is have a look and see what delight is in store for us each day; then I try to copy something you have done………..Please keep blogging

  4. I Love this stamp I nearly bought it when I was at the nec but gave in to several inkpads ( more than I had planned !) and the hummingbird instead will add to my ever growing wish list ! …its so quirky and a great design love the technique with the torn paper so effective thanks for sharing git with us. Andrea x

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