On Saturdays, he'd go fishing with his best friend….

On Saturdays, he'd go fishing with his best friend….

Saturday’s blog a new technique. New? To me? To you? To who? Today, I was working at the NEC, demonstrating the Gelli Plate and the brayer and all sorts. There were people there who were familiar with everything I was doing, whom I’ve known for 15 years, standing next to others who didn’t know who I was or what a brayer was. A few of them had wandered in from the Cake Show next door and headed straight for the Gelli Plate sign! So they were all set to have a nibble, too! So NEW is entirely subjective.
This card is an All-in-one. What I mean is when you look at it, it looks layered up, as if there were pieces mounted on top of one another. But not so! It’s all created on one piece of card, and made to look like layers.
Let me show you how. All you need is
Boy gone fishing Stamp
Sprig Stamp
Time spent with a friend Stamp
A6 Claritycard
Speedball Brayer & Splodgemat
Denim Adirondack
Willow Adirondack
Pitch Black Adirondack
Stamp the boy in black adirondack.

Stamp him on a Post-It, stamp the verse on a Post-It, cut them out. Place the boy over the stamped image. Place the verse post-it where you would like to see it.

Load the brayer with Willow from the Splodgemat and colour the top.
Load the brayer with Denim from the Splodgemat and colour from the bottom.
Let the 2 colours meet in the middle.
Not stamp the sprig randomly in black all over.

Lift off the masks. With a black micron pen deckle edge the verse box. This completes the layered illusion.

Stamp the verse into place in black.
Add blue water in the little scene with Denim and a make-up sponge.
Mount the artwork on neutral card, and hey presto,
Looks like layers, but isn’t.

I have to go now. Saturday at the NEC in November. This is historically the busiest Day of the whole year, so I really should get going!!

I do enjoy writing this little blog though, just one day at a time. It’s like escaping into a little creative bubble, even here at the NEC.

25 thoughts on “On Saturdays, he'd go fishing with his best friend….

  1. Good morning sunshine,
    Only months ago I was that who is Barbara Gray and what is a Gelli Plate or a clarity stamp, now I have entered the creative world of clarity and there is no return. This card looks like fun to create and I love the colors. Thanks for this gift. Xxx

  2. A beautiful card which is so effective, great step by step instructions that even I could follow-thank you! Hope you have a good day at the NEC and aren't too rushed to get a break. x

  3. Thank you for demonstrating your brushes for me yesterday and giving me the card that you made. I did buy the brushes along with a lot more Clarity items and have asked Santa for a lot more……Love this card and will use the technique to make some Christmas Cards. Thanks for the inspiration

  4. Thank you for sharing all your ideas so freely with us all, Barbara. I hope you have a good weekend at the NEC, but that Dave does not have to rush back home for extra supplies again. xx Maggie

  5. Hi Barbara,
    Love this card and the way it fools us into thinking it's different layers. Hope you have a good day at NEC and are not too rushed off your feet. Thanks for sharing. Alison x

  6. Hi Barbara. As much as you like writing I love reading it! It is great to see so much of you. The internet make the world a much smaller place don't you think?
    Beautiful card BTW! x

  7. Hi Barbara, loved seeing you yesterday and all you lovely team. Hope you have a fantastic day today and best of luck for the last day tomorrow. Super card Love Naomi.

  8. Beautiful card….(well it would be the stamps are all fab) Like the use if the sprig in this good background stamp without being to girly. This really is a MUST have stamp for those of you who haven't got it as there is so much you can do with it.

  9. I don't want to say what a beautiful card – cos I say that everytime I get around to commenting on your blog. Tis true though I love all your cards and techniques you have taught me so much over the years and this blog is truly inspirational. xx

  10. Love the card Barbara. Lovely seeing you again at the NEC. Thanks for the help with the Angelina fibres. We've just arrived home, so off to unpack, then get all my new Clarity toys out for a play. X

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