The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon…

The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon…

Monday rolled round fast, didn’t it! In case you are new to the Clarity blogging ‘One Day at a Time’, I thought I would recap the poem which I wrote and which I follow here, for my daily blog:

Monday’s Blog is trees and flowers,
Tuesday’s Blog rolls back the hours,
Wednesday’s Blog is something new,
Thursday’s Blog is always blue
Friday’s Blog, a private peak,
Saturday’s Blog, a new technique,
But the blog that is posted on the Sabbath Day is 
step by step and typically Gray!
We had a Comment candy giveaway, which Emma Burns won,
and we have an even bigger random giveaway, a £100 Clarity stash, when the blog followers reach 700. To qualify for that one, you have to attach the Giveaway Button to your blog and then leave a comment saying you have. And so the blog goes on…
Here’s a nice and simple one using a pretty flower corner and a wonderful verse.
You will need
Make up sponges
Secure the A6 card to a craft mat with low tack masking tape. Notice I have used the whole width of the tape at the top and half the width at the bottom. This will be my stamping guide.
Stamp the flower corner in black, using the tape to guide you. Notice the corners meet in the centre.

Stamp the lovely verse into the centre, using the black again.

Use the birds and the twig from the Joy Set to perch here and there. This little set is one of the loveliest in our whole collection. You should go and check it out. 

Colour in the flower corners with a selection of Promarkers.

Position a little sun mask punched out of a sticky Post It at the top, tear a hill from a piece of copy paper, and now add a little background landscape, using a make-up sponge dipped in the Lettuce and Butterscotch ink pads.
Trim the A6 white card so the all 4 edges sit right.
Layer your art on some pretty matching floral paper (or stamp some using the corner!)

Mount the art on a plain ivory card, and there you have it.
Are you a member of the Clarity New Designs Club?  
If you like the way I put it, and you like what you see here, 
why not become a member of the largest Stamp and Craft club in the UK? 
Every month you receive a brand new unmounted Claritystamp 
(we even sent out a beautiful stencil last month).
From this coming month, the format will change into photo step-by-steps. I just think it is easier to follow picture instructions than words. And the amazing response and feedback I have been getting from you regarding this Blog has shown me the way forward. 
NOW would be a very good time to join! Why?
The January Half-Price Members Sale is coming up again!
10% off anything you buy from Clarity – online and at Exhibitions (including the 2014 Barbara Clarity Workshops, which will be announced soon)  
So if you want to find out more, go to 
and join today!
And if you are in the Clarity Club, then leave a comment! 

64 thoughts on “The Kiss of the Sun for Pardon…

  1. That is a lovely card, Barbara, and so nice to revisit one of the older corners and marry it up with newer stamps. I never know the best way to store my stamps – in their original sets or birds with birds etc. They all mix together so well. By the way, I did put the button on my blog, just forgot to say so. xx Maggie

  2. Beautiful project, I found it just before I switched off to go to sleep….tonight I will go to sleep with a smile on my face, because you have used one of my favourite of all your sentiment stamps. I first came across this verse in an old autograph book my mum had as a schoolgirl and I have loved it ever since. I was so pleased when you brought it out as a stamp xxx Annie

  3. I love this project. I am a member of the Clarity club, I would highly recommend anyone who enjoys Barbra's blog to become a member. The stamps you receive each month (and now the stencils) are great, and the news letter you get (written by Barbara) is just like getting a letter from a friend.
    I have already added your "Giveaway Button" to my blog. I think I will spend today crafting…I think I will try out the lovely stencil you sent with your Newsletter this month. Thank you for all the lovely ideas. Sally xx

  4. Good morning,
    I too love being a member if the club and enjoy the monthly treat, the stencil this month is amazing. I love this card and will give it a go tomorrow, thanks for being you, amazing you.

  5. Morning. Another lovely card demo Barbara. I too am a member of the New Design Club (just signed up for my 2nd year). I can highly recommend it. Free Stamp / Stencil each month with a variety of design ideas with photo. Then there is your newsletter which always makes me smile and I too feel that you are sending it just to me as a friend. You certainly have a way with words.
    So thank YOU for sharing xxx

  6. Morning Barbara beautiful card. I love the verse. I like how you have put the moon in as well. Really enjoyed this blog ., looking forward to tomorrow's x

  7. I am already a member of your club, I recommend it to all. It is exciting not knowing what free gift you are giving out and the letter from you is always an enjoyable read, feels personal too. This card today is another great sample use of the varied little bits to make up a whole. I have an ever expanding collection now of both stamps and stencils and all the CDs. Hope you are back to 100% now from the flu bug!
    Bless you. Love Marian x.

  8. Love this card. My collection of Clarity stamps are growing and am hoping for the membership of the club for Christmas. Look forward to the blog everyday, it's fun an informative. Thanks

  9. That is beautiful Barb…..Have yet to master those corner! but you have shown how easy it is…oh goodness another thing to have a go at… where to get the time to try all these things! xx

  10. This is lovely Barbara! I think the colours are so delightful together…really cheery on this dark morning!
    The Clarity Design Club is an absolute must for those who are not in it but read your blog! I look forward every month to getting my envelope to see what surprises you are sending us. And I love the newsletter as it always makes me giggle!
    Have a great day. Hugs xxx

  11. Hi Barb, what a lovely card, that verse is beautiful. Love your blog, which is so inspirational, and well what can I say about being a member of the Clarity new design club. It is fabulous, I look forward to my envelope every month, and loved the stencil which arrived on Friday. I normally put everything to one side and first read the newsletter as it always brings a smile to my face. Bxx

  12. Hi Barb,
    I hope you don't mind me calling you that but I feel I know you better now after reading your blog every day. Love this card and the way you use the flower corners. Mine never seem to look as good! Have just joined your club this morning so can't wait for my little parcel to arrive. Off to London today for a few days so might not get a chance to catch the blogs but will certainly catch up when I get back. Alison x

  13. A lovely, lovely card – such beautiful sentiment. The New Design Club – I'm in my third year now and I love it. I love getting my monthly fix of Clarity and it I has helped me build up a pretty great collection – especially with the half price sales. Would highly recommend to any Clarity fans. Laurane x

  14. Morning Barbara, I love the card and I love being a member of The New Design Club. The stamps and stencils we receive, along with your brilliant newsletter are fantastic. To anyone who isn't a member, you don't know what you're missing, get joined, you'll not regret it.

  15. Morning Barbara, and yes Monday is here again….where did that weekend go? Mind you I am looking forward to next weekend….Clarity TV weekend……yeh…..Another lovely project and such a special verse…..your photos are fab and a really good way for us all to learn….Now as for your club well it is a Must join…I recommend it to all friends and fellow crafters….It is such a good read, very informative with dates of shows etc and the stamp / stencil is like a Birthday present each month….have a good day…Jo. X

  16. I love being a member of the New Design Club, getting that envelope each month is like having a birthday every month. And Barbara's newsletter is a great read.
    Love todays card, so pretty x

  17. Another great idea, simple but effective, as you often say 'less is more'. I am a member of club and can't wait for the sale and for the dates of the workshops, love love love it!!!!!

  18. I've been a member of the Clarity club for a little while now and look forward to the stamp and ideas arriving in the post each month and of course your newsy letter! Now we can catch up with you on a daily basis it's even better! I admire your talent and with your help and the step by step instructions, I can try to make cards based on the same techniques. Thanks Barbara.

  19. Another lovely project and yes Monday comes round so quickly doesn't it. I'm hoping someone might give me some cash for Christmas so I can join the design club again. I was a member a few years ago but had to stop for various reasons but I'm ready to re join again

    Jackie x

  20. I am also a member of the Clarity Club – and I love it ! I also love the Corner kit and the Card you made.. What I do not love is this german Computer, der immer die Großschreibung aktiviert, sorry for that 🙂 xx

  21. Love this design, and the little simple scene you've used to set off the verse – why can I not think of ideas like this myself? That's why I love to be in your design club – you send me stamps I might not choose myself, and that challenges me to think how I can use them, and the sheet that comes with them helps to set me on that path! Thanks, Susan

  22. I love this verse and i think i might have created this artwork before too. but it is always good to be reminde…. As to the club, by all means join it. it will take you on a journey and you wouldn't want it to stop. i know i wait patiently or not so patiently for my monthly installment of inspiation. what this blog has done is really soften the wait as now we all can have our daily fixes. so thanks for all the inspiration that continually heads our way xx

  23. What a lovely picture they get better and better. I love your blog and am enjoying being a member of your new designs club. I think the idea of photo instructions is great and I'm looking forward to that. Sending this from gran canaria where I'm enjoying the sunshine but missing my crafting so it' nice to read your blog each day to keep in touch x

  24. Don't think I left a comment when I put my Button on my blog …it was easier than I thought , I felt really clever at the time … little things please little minds 🙂 xx

  25. I love this verse and have used it often. This design is new to me and I love the way it looks. I am a member of the Clarity New Design Club and I love it. It was originally a Christmas present -a fab one if you ask me – and I'm now in my third year. The stamps and stencils we get along with the ideas are something I look forward to every month. I have a large smile on my face whenever I find the Claritystamp envelope in my mail box as I know it will contain something inspirational. x

  26. cant recomend the club enough i have stamps which i wouldnt have thought of buying but use. always brings a smile to my face when i see the envelope on the door mat as know i am in for a laugh or two in the Newlsetter. now we have the blog its happy day everyday. xx

  27. Oh how I love the Design Club. My subscription expired this month and, what with it being an expensive time and with money being a bit tight, I decided not to do anything about it this time and think about it again after Christmas. After a nights sleep I could bear it no more and just went ahead and renewed. It horrified me to think that I wouldn't get the lovely stamp/stencil each month and would no more have an insight into the life of Barbara, Dave, Clarity Stamp and staff so I quickly renewed. You see it's not only the stamp/stencil that makes it special, it's the instructions, Barbara's funny newsletters, the club members discount and all the other add-ons we get with Barbara – this blog being one of them, that combine to make it the best stamping club to be in! Brilliant club, excellent products..

  28. Another gorgeous card. Thank you for reminding me about the half price sale (I can't wait!!) as you always provide a great selection of stamps to 'tempt' me, my crafty stash has taken over my dining room so the fact that they are unmounted makes it so much easier to store them! x

  29. I like being in the design club because, I save 10% on all purchases, I have access to the sales- a brilliant way to build up the collection, I receive a beautiful photograph of the project cards plus instructions – which I keep in the Clarity binder and is a lovely resource to look through when I'm feeling clueless…. but saving best until last….. I love receiving my monthly stamp or stencil. I really like the fact its a surprise, and I have no control over what it is. This makes my collection more interesting as my purchases are clearly influenced by my own 'safe choices'

  30. love this beautiful card barbara. I already added the Giveaway button to my blog, how fabulous would it be to win £100 of Clarity stash….like all my Christmases come at once. Congrats to Emma on her win too x

  31. I have loved being a member of the Clarity New Designs Club and I often refer to my Clarity binder for inspiration. It is such a treat to receive that envelope each month and see what goodies are inside. I always retreat up to my craft attic as soon as possible so I can devour every single morsel of information, and Barb's newsletters always make me smile. I've already added the Giveaway button onto my blog and have all my fingers crossed. Thanks Barb for another enjoyable and informative blog. Pam x

  32. An amazing demo, thank you for finding the time in your busy life to give us yet more inspiration. I put your button on my blog a few weeks ago. Oh, hate to be picky, but Fridays, a private peak, well it should be 'peek'. thanx for all your wonderful ideas.

  33. Thank you for the demo, I love the simplicity of the design. Every month I look forward to receiving my Clarity 'present'. I don't just read I devour the letter and ooh and ahh over the stamp before saving them all in a file. It makes me feel a part of the Clarity club family. It's a good feeling.

  34. I've already put your button on my blog, it was easy to do and I'm no expert in these things. My second years membership of the Clarity club ends in March, I remember joining at the Harrogate show, and I will definitely be renewing. It just wouldn't be the same if I didn't have that envelope coming through the post to look forward to.

  35. Good evening just sat down and read your entry for today. What a beautiful card and what a lovely verse, I have used this a couple of times and it never gets tired does it? I to am a member of the Clarity Club and cannot imagine not being part of it. Will renew when the time comes around again.

  36. Such a peaceful project and after a weekend of grandchildren its just what i need ;-))
    have to renew my designs club m/ship shortly – sooooo worth it!
    best wishes, Theresa. X

  37. What a lovely card -and I have all the ingredients!! ]
    I've been a Club member for some years now -it's well worth the money, just for your newsletter!! It's a pity only bloggers can join the latest draw. Can we join if we put your button on our FB page instead?? If so, how please??).
    Janet (from Kent)

  38. Beautiful project, I found it just before I switched off to go to sleep….tonight I will go to sleep with a smile on my face, because you have used one of my favourite of all your sentiment stamps. I first came across this verse in an old autograph book my mum had as a schoolgirl and I have loved it ever since. I was so pleased when you brought it out as a stamp xxx Annie

  39. My husband gets my New design club subscription for my birthday …he loves it cos he doesn't have to stress over what to get …and me well I'm a happy bunny getting a professor every everyone's happy

  40. Great tutorial thank you Barbara, I only have two clarity stamp sets 🙁 so I'm thinking a subscription to the New design club for Christmas would be fabulous……..could someone tell Santa Pleeeeeeese :))


  41. Well its Tuesday, where did my Monday go?? I have no idea. Anyway I love your Cards Barbara that corner stamp is gorgeous. I am an NDC member I love the Stamps/Stencils we get, its like a little treat to myself every month, except its off you?! I love reading your newsletter too. Sam xx

  42. beautiful card and excellent tutorial love your lyric hope i get to time to visit each day but guess i will as always be playing catch up love your blog Andrea x

  43. Beautiful card! I am a member of the Clarity Club and I so enjoy waiting for my monthly Clarity package to arrive! I love all the stamps and the stencil last month is fabulous! xx

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