Friday? Oh well, it's just another day….

Friday? Oh well, it's just another day….

Friday’s blog a private peak…Well, all I can say is, it’s not always hearts and roses here at Clarity Towers. Sometimes work just goes and takes over, and today was just such a day. Day 1 of the NEC and what a day! We never stopped pedalling from the moment the doors opened! I am writing this blog on Thursday evening for tomorrow. It’s the good Dave’s birthday today, but here’s the rub: he has had to drive back down to Kent for more stock, because we had such a bumper day! So no birthday cake, not even a meal. We will meet up at the stand at 7.30 tomorrow morning, and restock for another day’s trading. Yep, that’s the reality of it. A thriving business comes at a price. We’ll pretend it’s his birthday on Monday…

But somewhere in this chaos, I did make him a card, so since I can’t share birthday photos of us all at the Indian, as was my Friday Blog Plan, (primarily because birthday boy wasn’t there), I thought I’d show you the card I made him.

One of the things I love about the Gelli Plate is that sometimes you will pull a print which is absolutely perfect, and beautiful, and balanced and arty – and you will never be able to reproduce it because you simply have no idea how you did it. And that’s about the sum of it here…

I could tell you which stencil pieces I used (those of you in the New Design Club can expect these next week!). I could probably even figure out which paints I used if I studied it hard enough. But would I ever achieve that shade? That echo? That piece? Nope, not in a month of Sundays.

So this means I have to accept that this is a one-off, an original, a never to be repeated. And I have to tell you, I love that. For somebody who does the same thing over and over and over again, at exhibitions and workshops, to create something unique and original – and once only – feels pretty good.

I was so chuffed to be able to give this little piece of originality to Dave! It was greatly appreciated, too. As is his birthday present ! KT Tunstall is playing in London next Sunday, and I have booked us into a swanky Hilton Hotel that night for a treat, so we don’t have to charge around at midnight after the concert, hoping to catch the last train! The way to this man’s heart is through music and good humour.

Tomorrow we will have a whole load of photos and fun, because half the Clarity Design Team are visiting the NEC, and we are all going out for dinner in Balsall Common. 18 of us! Can’t wait!


18 thoughts on “Friday? Oh well, it's just another day….

  1. Ahh…love is grand…both in the making of this lovely unique card for the lovely Dave and Dave being such the great rock in driving back for more stock…KT Tunstall…great – love her music and a nice hotel – what more could you want (don't answer that!). DT visit day..yes been watching all the excitement on FB…hoping you all have a really great get together and lots of fun and laughter xx

  2. Good morning,
    Sounds like the perfect celebration for Dave's birthday, a wonderful weekend in London… Pap per yourself too. The card is fantastic and unique… Hope he had an easy travel back today… What a trooper….

  3. What a really gorgeous card. The colours are lovely. Can't wait fir these stencils. Enjoy the rest of the show and enjoy Daves birthday treat. You both deserve some R&R xx

  4. As everyone else has already said, a lovely card, and the soft colours are so beautiful. It was great meeting you again and Dave, and being introduced to some of your wonderful design team. The friend I came with had not expected to be impressed after hearing me rave on about Clarity for so long, but she was blown away with all the beautiful cards on display and is gradually being drawn in, especially by the landscape masks. Looking forward to those stencils next week. xx Maggie

  5. Hi Barbara
    What a beautiful heartfelt card. Love the colours and have someone very special in Dave -how lovely of him to drive all the way to Kent, thankfully you were at the NEC and not up here in Durham! Have a fantastic time with the DT and then some r&r in London. KT Tunstall & posh hotel – fabulous – enjoy.xx

  6. Hi Barbara
    Glad you had a good day at the NEC – and very glad we got there early to see the demos! Definitely inspired to use the gelliplate tho can't see me producing anything like this lovely card. Have another good un and enjoy the Balti belt

  7. Happy Birthday to Dave! A beautiful card in lovely colours. Hope you have a great time next weekend, you're certainly due a break. The team meal should be noisy! Enjoy! x

  8. A very beautiful card and like you say a one off which makes it oh so special!
    Hope you have a great time with all the clarity team! Just sad I can't be there! X

  9. Hello, just to say I enjoyed meeting you personally at the NEC. I had a great day and several times I joined the throng watching you demonstrate. You're a real trooper.
    I bought the trees with their mantles, the fuscia with bud, the fuscia border, a verse and watercolour paper. Here I come…….

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