It’s FRIDAY, it ‘s GIVEAWAY and it’s time to push the button….

It’s FRIDAY, it ‘s GIVEAWAY and it’s time to push the button….

Well dear readers and followers of this blog,

Do you realise that it’s been about a month to the day since I started on this blogging journey! I have to tell you, I am enjoying it immensely! I would never have believed how relatively easy it is once you get going. After a couple of faltering starts, where I kept deleting posts with new posts, I finally grasped that UPDATE is a button to be avoided in Blogsy. And whenever I can get to a big screen instead of the Ipad, I am loving working out Photoshop and dropping in pictures in Blogger proper, and all that stuff.
Mind you, I do rely on friends to help me, you know! I am the first to put my hand up if I don’t know how to do something. Sometimes, I think the trick is not to know everything, but to know somebody else who does! Then I can learn from them, but if I don’t grasp it immediately, they are there to hold my hand and walk me through it. And Jim and Maria have been walking me through this one – especially now with this new idea….

I have these bright ideas, like I want to celebrate the blog by having a GIVEAWAY! Or even TWO!
This of course, requires more learning, and more help.
Blogland is a new place for me, and for lots of others, who are reading this now, some of whom have just followed me because I asked them to! Yes, Heather, I mean YOU! But if I can master this stuff at the ripe old age of 54, and even manage a daily blog, then YOU can either learn to leave a comment if you aren’t sure how yet, or even sport the new Barbie-Giveaway Button on your blog if you have one!

So here are the Giveaway deals:

How does a Clarity Goody Bag worth about £50 sound? All you need to do is go to my blog any day and leave a nice comment about Clarity, or about the post of the day. I will pick a winner at the end of the 30th November. The more comments you leave each day, the more chance you have of winning! 
But, here’s another Giveaway for Co-bloggers who can sport buttons:
If you copy and paste the Clarity Giveaway Button to your own blog, and then leave a nice comment on my blog, saying you have accomplished this mission, then you will go into another draw – an even bigger draw! When the number of followers reaches 700, I will randomly pick a Button Fairy and then personally pack another Clarity Goody Bag to the value of £100. Now that has to be worth figuring it out! I’m told all you have to do is copy the html code underneath my button and paste it into your Blog layout, in the sidebar. The Giveaway Button will then appear on your blog, and you are a serious contender for the prize! 
Anybody can click on the button and it will link straight back to this Candy Blog, and then that person can join in, too! 
Barbara Gray Blog

Barbara Gray Blog

To many of you, this will be a piece of cake. To others, this will be a challenge.
4 words:
A month ago, this entire blog would have been goobledeegook to me! Blog Candy? Html? And now you actually think I know what I’m doing! And even if I don’t, I certainly know somebody who does!

Love Barb

243 thoughts on “It’s FRIDAY, it ‘s GIVEAWAY and it’s time to push the button….

  1. What a lovely idea Barbara – if only I had a blog too!! Maybe over the winter when our guest house is less busy, I'll find time between the decorating and sleeping to not only make all my cards for the year and try out all those lovely clarity stamps I get each month from your club, but also to post some of my card and scrapbook pages onto a blog!! I have a man that can, even if I am a technophobe…

  2. Wow that's amazing blog candy I will certainly have a go at the HTML thingy I know I can do it ipon the computer but can I do it on my iPad? Now that will be a challenge. You are certainly one very inspiring lady Barbara

    Jackie x

  3. What a great idea, thanks for that x Leaving a comment about Clarity is soooo easy. The stamps are so good, artistic and I just love them! Loving the blog too. You are an inspiration x

  4. Really enjoy reading your daily blogs Barbara. I love the idea of a giveaway. If I were lucky enough to win the goody bag it would take the job of deciding what wonderful Clarity goodies to get next – all your products are fantastic which makes it sooo hard to choose!

  5. I must not be distracted from my work, I must concentrate on what I'm supposed to be doing, but I'll be back later to sort this out 🙂 Your blog has now become my lunch time reading each day! Loving all the tips and tricks and finding out how you started on the Clarity journey. Thanks for sharing xx

  6. It's always a pleasure to watch you on TV you inspire so many and make it fun ,now i have the best of all worlds
    visiting your blog is a pure delight long may you carry on Barbara and i do hope you feel better soon xxxxxx

  7. Button is posted, Barbara. I don't mind if I don't win anything. I just enjoy reading your daily offerings and learning more great techniques, all set out so well and easy to follow. Keep on doing what you are doing so very well. xx Maggie

  8. I love visiting your blog every day, Barbara. It's just as if you were here, chatting… 🙂 I love Clarity….NEVER bought anything I wasn't absolutely delighted with!

  9. PS I am in the middle of a grand sort out in my craft room and have decided to get rid of all my old rubber stamps, which I am not using since I discovered Clarity. Your stamps always work. They work together and are so robust. I have accidentally torn apart stamps from other companies because I forgot they were not such high quality as Clarity. What other stamps can be ironed, plunged into hot UTEE and still give a perfect print? xx Maggie

    1. If you are a crafter, then your blog will be interesting. Go for it. You will be amazed at how many new friends you will find with similar interests. xx Maggie

  10. What such a nice idea i have been reading your blog everyday and seeing the lovely cards. I have a blog but i have no idea how to copy and paste anything i can just about manage to put a picture on there x.

    1. Carol, if you would like me to talk you through it, just contact me (my email is on my blog), and I will do my best, and if I don't know, I probably know someone who does. xx Maggie

  11. Mission Accomplished! Thanks for this fantastic giveaway Barbara. Like you, I have recently entered the Blogging world and had all the same pit falls to start with, it doesn't come naturally 🙁 but I persevered and here I am copying Html codes, uploading pictures, creating my own blog background, etc. It's still tricky but I'm stumbling through.
    I have only just found your blog but have looked back through your posts, followed your blog and tried some of your fantastic tutorials today, thanks for your generosity and inspiration I will be back tomorrow for more.

  12. YoooooooooooHoooooooooooooo I managed it I've got a Barbara giveaway button on my blog!! what a very generous blog candy this is well done Barbara on your blog, here's to many more daily doses of crafty magic xx Annie

  13. What an amazing opportunity for everyone! I now have the 'button' so my friends will have a chance too! Wonderful idea Barbara – thank you! Who wouldn't want a chance to win such fabulous prizes?

  14. Ooh a Clarity giveaway! I uumed and aahed about leaving a comment as I never win anything, but then I remembered ypu've got to be in it to win it – and who wouldn't want to win any fabulous Clarity stuff?

  15. I don't have a current blog of my own, but I do love coming here every morning to see what you have been up to. I just personalised a new baby card using your letter box set, and the new mum was delighted.

  16. It's not difficult to leave positive comments for you; you are one determined clever lady and I really enjoy your blog, it's funny and inspirational. I recently purchased your brushes at the NEC (you kindly demonstrated them for me), I jave just completed my first card with them and although not perfect I am pleased with the result, but there is room for improvement. Thanks for all the ideas.

  17. I love reading the daily blog. It's inspirational as are your shows on C&C. Last months classroom inspired one of my Christmas card designs which has been very popular.

  18. Hi Barbara, I have only just discovered your blog and I have just spent the course of this morning reading everthing you have blogged. I would like to congratulate you on this new venture and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I am sure your blogging skills will go from strength to strength. Just like you. Kind regards Joanne K x

  19. Still loving your blog. Look forward to it every day. Might have to start one of my own, just to increase the chance of winning a goody bag! Absolutely love all things Clarity, and I hope you'll be pleased to hear, I'm now a dab hand with Angelina fibres.

  20. I do have a blog (which my son helped me create), and I do manage to up load pictures of the different projects I have made but no matter how many times I have tried, I cannot get Barbaras button to appear…..I have copied the link and gone to my blog layout….but then…nothing. I will keep trying. I have to add, I love reading your blog Barbara. Get well soon x

    1. Thank you Barbara, and I did it all by myself…..only because my son is in the USA at the moment. I might even get a well done from him when he gets back…LOL x

  21. Goodness what an incentive to start a blog not that mine would be very interesting and I'm not sure I'd fit it in – hard enough to fit in card making – I've got a pile of stamps and a gelli plate to play with yet! The work thing does get in my way! I'm 54 too – so if you can do it I can! (I'm not as confident as that sounds though). I did sign up to a blog thing but got no further than that and that was when you started! I don't even get time to read yours every day but am looking forward to going back to what I've missed! xx

  22. How very generous you are Barbara. You certainly have taken to blogging like a duck to water and i am enjoying your posts immensely…and learning such a lot. I stumbled upon Clarity a few months ago when, one Saturday morning, when i had a heavy cold, i was flicking channels on the telly and came across you on c&c in the classroom and fell in love with your style of stamping. I haven't bought many clarity stamps yet as funds are tight but do love to use and reuse the ones i do have. So thankyou Barbara and Clarity Stamps for teaching me so many new techniques. X

  23. Barbara – Have put your button on my blog. For those that are having problems and are with blogspot – go into your blog and clock on the design button top right, then layout button on left hand side. Then click "Add a gadget" and scroll down to HMTL/JavaScript button and click on that. Type in a title (if you want) and then into the content box paste the code. Then press Save and you should find that it is then on your blog. I have also added to my Blog list and blogs that I follow. I am enjoying all the techniques on this blog and also your ramblings which sound like a lot of common sense!

  24. Hi Barbara, I have just added your button and written a little post advertising your Blog Giveaway (go have a look…I hope you approve) I only started blogging to be able to enter your challenge blog this year. I just love everything Clarity. Said it before and will keep saying it. Such inspiration and talent!

  25. ooh I am so glad I have discovered your fab blog! It will be so cool to keep up with all your crafty gossip! What a fabulous giveaway too – thank you so much for the chance! xx

  26. You will soon reach 700 followers I am sure and exceed it by many! I have popped your button and link on my side bar so my blog friends can find you too! Thank you for another amazing giveaway, I would so love to win as I adore Clarity products! xx

  27. Thank you Barbara – not just for the chance to win a goody bag – through several years now you and Clarity stamp have given me to opportunity to enjoy a whole new world of craft

  28. Greetings,
    Ok I am going into the world just to see if I can do it, today I had a gift from Gill of 100£ of clarity stamps. Yea…. Love your blog. Hope you are feeling better… Thanks for sharing with us…

  29. wow actualy managed to do it thanks to Elaines comment now to do my first post and send a card into the challenge on my very new blog. Love your blog look forward to it every day for inspiration, keep up the good work. Sandyxx

  30. I am really enjoying your blog Barbara, and I really admire you getting to grips with it all, it would have been so easy to say 'that's not for me' or to have passed the job onto someone else. Well done and thanks for the chance to win blog candy x

  31. I am really enjoying your blog Barbara, and I really admire you getting to grips with it all, it would have been so easy to say 'that's not for me' or to have passed the job onto someone else. Well done and thanks for the chance to win blog candy x

  32. I am really enjoying your blog Barbara, and I really admire you getting to grips with it all, it would have been so easy to say 'that's not for me' or to have passed the job onto someone else. Well done and thanks for the chance to win blog candy x

  33. Learning to Blog is sure a learning curve hey Barbara? I think myself so lucky because other Bloggers were always more than willing to help me when I got stuck or got it wrong lol! I've also learnt by my mistakes of which there were and are many lol! I was a complete technophobe when I first started. Could use Word and Email but that was it.
    These days it feels like I've been blogging forever and what is there to stress about. Although I still manage to delete things/post too early/forget stuff but it is easier.
    I have your lovely button in the side bar of my blog – thank you for the chance to win some yummy Clarity goodies x

  34. Hi Barbara your blog is Ace – I just love your posts and look forward to checking it out everyday.
    Clarity Stamps are the best on the market and I love the quality.

    Fantastic giveaway


  35. Barbara you are the best star in my crafty sky
    Learning so much from you at a speed I can cope with
    Now I know where to find you, which is a fist for me, carry on for ever please
    Lynne Millson

  36. I think I have commented most days, missed a couple when it was our Ruby wedding anniversary. I would love to have a blog but not sure how to set one up although I am very good at shopping on the computer especially at Clarity. I have always avoided stamping until I found you and Clarity and now I am hooked and how I love the stencils and the gelli plate. Now I am waffling good luck everyone x

  37. Barbara your blog is an inspiration. I have just started making cards, so my Christmas cards will be my first serious trial. I am following your DVDs, lessons and now this blog to hopefully learn techniques.

    I am going to put your button on my blog today.

    Thank you for all the inspiration and wonderful techniques and lessons.

  38. Dear Barbara I'm 75and I never miss your demos you are so gifted I have lots of your stamps and resurrect my stamp with my name on I do my cards for the Christies cancer hospital love your work love your company love you xx

  39. Barbara I met you at Glasgow SECC with my daughter, Caitlin (she got her picture taken with you not sure if you remember) and she was so inspired by your enthusiasm. She has been stamping onto black gloss card practicing hard. Thanks for all your inspiration.

    Big Hugs

    CraftyJacq & Caitlin

  40. Loving your blog Barbara, so inspirational. I have added your button to my blog (thanks to the instructional reminder by Craftetta above) Please keep up the good work with the masks and stencils loving them

  41. Hi Barbara – saw you at the NEC last weekend and bought LOTS of fabulous Clarity products but more is always needed so thank you so much for the chance to win. As many comments as we like per day?! Are you sure on that? I have a lot of free time and in real life I don't stop talking so … I shall be back!

  42. I love the letters you send with the project club stamps and I love the blog. My bought my first Clarity Stamp at the NEC about 20 years ago, it must have been when you were just starting as there were no other clear stamps. I am slowly building up a collection and just love the quality and originality of the designs. The blog is fantastic, it is the only one I actually log into daily. I think I might have to resurrect my own blog which has been lying dormant for over a year now! Thank you Barbara x

  43. Oh Barbara what a wonderful thing to do and how lovely it will be for some lucky person to get a goody bag of special things from clarity! As soon as I can get onto my Pc I will do the button thingy too! I can't do it from my phone! I know there must be a way but I've tried and tried! It's easy peasy lemon squeezy on the pc! Looking forward to seeing tomorrow's blog! Hugs and love xxx

  44. Hi Barbara
    Really love your blog and I do usually manage to leave you a comment everyday but haven't got my own blog. I have to say that it isn't hard to write nice things about you and Clarity! You got me back into stamping , so I have to say a massive thank you for that. Clarity stamps, Gelli plates and your stencils are all fabulous and superb quality. I did suggest that you possibly thought about doing smaller squares for the lower case letter box letters and got a lovely reply back saying that your team were going to investigate the possibility – so thanks for that too! Hope I haven't rambled on too much. Alison

  45. Well I am not a blogger…thats something down the line for me!! In the meantime ..Clarity and what it means to me.
    Picture this…(lovely line from the Golden Girls)..9am September (Sunday) 2012…there I was sat bleary eyed with my coffee totally washed out after 8 mths of hard grind working for the Royal Borough of Greenwich on Olympic related matters – 125 interviews, 67 temp staff, all trained by me for 9 weeks work, 2 office moves and oh so much more. There I was curled up when I flicked over the C&C when this wonderful lady appeared with a brayer, post it notes, colouring pens, stamps, Theuva Card (took me a while to grasp that one) – I was mesmerised – out came the bank card and so my first order was made. I had always done bits of crafting over the years but never really got to grips with stamping – cross stitch yep, bit of knitting, sewing, decoupage painting with acrylics all that sort of thing -but never stamping. I decided this was achievable, I could get my life back on track and find a hobby that would allow me to claim back my time away from work. Whilst anxiously waiting for my order, I dug out my old bits of kit – I found my heat gun, cutting mat, some wooden stamps and card stock …from there I went off to Hobby Craft to buy some inks in ready…. And so it all began. Before I knew it I had joined the C&C club, then the Clarity Club, and was fast running out of room. So the next thing was a shed.. a potting shed to be precise…. lots of light with a built in counter.. Now just over a year later I can safely say I am obsessed… have been to a Barb workshop and have joined Sazz's workshop even though it means my travelling from South East London up to Peterborough – but for me its worth it – I claimed my life back from work – re-ignited a passion for doing crafting and love meeting the challenges of the new stamps and techniques. Am far from perfect but determined to be as good as I can get. I even joined one of Maria's workshops in Preston in September whilst I was up that way for the weekend – it was great. So my life has taken a positive turn and I enjoy every minute of it – I have met Barb and have one of her first Gelli Plate arty cards from C&C which is in my shed. So thank you Barb and your Clarity Team – I have made some lovely new friends, I look forward to my monthly news letter and just love the daily blogs!

  46. what an inspiration you are Barbara…thanks for the chance to win…sadly I haven't yet mastered this technology thing enough to have a blog so can't do the button thingy but I do tell all my crafting friends about you & your wonderful stamps..
    keep up the good work

    Sue O

  47. I am loving reading your blog each day, each one is so good and I have loved seeing behind the scenes, you really are an inspiration Barbara, if it wasn't for you I would not be producing some of the lovely work that I have managed to create using the Clarity Stamps, so thank you very much

  48. I chose to accept the MISSION (just like The A Team!!!) and what do you know I achieved it. Your lovely smiling face is now on my blog. Woohoo!!! Thanks for the tip on how to do it. Your DAILY blogging is wonderful. As a Blogger I know how much time and effort it takes to blog on a regular basis never mind DAILY. Please send me a bottle of whatever it is you take to keep you 'reved' up. That could be your next business venture Bottled Barbara. Thanks x

  49. I too am relatively new to this wonderful world of blogging and as a real technophobe I am really proud of some things I have achieved. However there are still things I struggle with but I will rise to your challenge and hopefully learn something new again. I enjoy reading your blog every day – you blog as you speak so it's like having a chat with you everyday.

  50. I'm back – I have also been buying from you since you first set up – I had your first ever set of home projects and I still have all the instruction sheets and photos and the beautiful newsletters you sent out. I liked the letters almost as much as the package 🙂 You were the only clear company around and the stamps are still going strong (unlike some other clear ones which fall apart over time or if they don't like the ink or the temperature or some such).

  51. Hi Barbara I am relatively new to it all and came to your workshop in Nottingham a couple of months ago, since then I have been practicing all the techniques you showed us. I bought the small gelli plate at the workshop and since then have enjoyed it so muchI have moved on and bought the largest size gelli plate as I am printing material and loving it. Thanks for all the inspiration. Kay

  52. Barbara I'm so glad that you're enjoying blogging, I'm certainly enjoying following you. I always look forward to your monthly newsletter (just as much as the monthly project!) as you have such a way with words so reading your blog daily is a real bonus. Long may you continue to blog!!!! 🙂 x

  53. Well Barbara, I managed to put the button on my blog but not in the side bar 🙁 I will have to try and move it at some point. Total div that I am. But love your blog and all the wonderful things you have been showing us the techniques are well explained and it's like having you in the room explaining it all to me. Hope you feel better soon xx

  54. button on my blog. well what can i say about clarity stamps that hasn't been said. i have 100's of them. they have taken over my house and you prob find some in every room. and now they are slowly taking over my little boy's life. suffice to say that at parent's evening the teacher said " you know he really struggled with the stamps". they were stamping poppies with sponge stamps.
    Now if Massimo knows anything, he does know how to stamp. so i said i know why. he is used to using very good quality stamps and so he wouldn't understand why your ones didn't behave as he expected. then i explained about classroom and how he sends home work in and it gets shown on tv. she was quite impressed and now says she wants to watch classroom!

    1. WHat a cool story, and what a super cool little man Massimo is. I just love that boy! I will never forget watching him at the NEC, so delighted and excited, and skipping and punching the air. And all because he and I shared a little time together. Amazing. x

    2. that was such a special moment. i'm really glad i brought him to meet you as he was thrilled. you know ids say things exactly as they see them so i think that should fill you with even more confidence xx

  55. Your button is on my blog Barb. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and seeing all the step by steps. Thank you for helping me with the Clarity workshops, it has been a wonderful experience and well outside my comfort zone to start with. They have been running a year now!! Goes quick, doesn't it?

  56. Hi Barbara – I'm so glad you've done this button because that means I've found your blog! I found the button on my friend Karen's blog and rushed straight over to follow – I'm a great fan of your work and an avid blogger – I've been doing this for nearly two years now and it shoes no sign of getting less fun for me – so at 1 month in I know how you feel – except that you've got hundreds more followers than me – lol!!!! Added your blinkie to my sidebar anyway and got my fingers crossed for your draw – even more though I'm looking forward to seeing all the work you put on here! Big hugs – I will be a regular visitor! Happy Days! Rachel xx

  57. Third time lucky trying to leave a comment! Never mind trying to set up my own Blog and working out buttons and fairies and all that! Anyway, I'm loving the blogs Barbara and everything you do! How you keep coming up with all these new ideas I don't know. I think I'm addicted to you and all things Clarity and need to get my fix everyday! I'm not the only one judging by all the other comments!i hope you feel better soon Barbara, thank you for everything and love to you and yours!Wendyx. Now if I tap the "Publish"box will it work this time?

  58. Who could resist, I'm up for most challenges. I love your blog and hearing more about your very interesting, and inspiring life. I never miss your Classroom on C&C. I love all Clarity stamps, lack of funds prevents me from too much indulgence. Now I need to try to cross all fingers and toes and hope that I don't fall over. Thank you for your inspiration, you are such a special person

  59. Recently found your Blog and am really enjoying it. Your sense of humour l shines through. I have my first Clarity workshop with Janet on the 30th and just can't wait! I love using Clarity stamps and enjoy receiving my monthly Clarity Stamp. Not yet confident to move onto jelly plate, but perhaps with Janet's teaching that may yet happen.

  60. Hello Barbara, it was great seeing you, Dave and the team at the NEC this year. I've added your blog candy button to my website. Loving your blog and look forward to reading your posts.Thank you for everything you've done in the craft world and for sharing your knowledge with us. I love all the products you offer at Clarity, especially the stamps and stencils which are the best available. Hope you are feeling better. xx

  61. Hi Barbara, I started a blog when I 1st started crafting, but unfortunately work pressure and being technophobic put me off and I didn't post for a year.
    Coincidently, I found my blog again this week and decided to give it another go even if only for myself to record my cards and projects. Despite the fear factor I have managed to paste your button on to my page and am very pleased with myself!!.
    Love your work and have enjoyed reading your blog very much, it is like being in the room with you (I so enjoyed your workshop last year). The step by step projects are great and I am waiting for my week off next to get stuck in and have a go myself. Keep up the good work Aileen xx

  62. Wow! what a lot of comments from happy Clarity stampers. I too absolutely love my crafting using Clarity stamps – couldn't get the hang of stamping until I "discovered" Clarity Stamps. I also look forward to my daily "Clarity fix" – keep 'em coming please Barbara as they are amusing, interesting and informative. Get well soon. Beryl x

  63. Hi – it's midnight but I am still on the net looking at the beautiful cards on the fab Clarity challenge blog – a wealth of inspiration. I hope to try my new Gelli Plate tomorrow – fingers crossed for me!

  64. Well I did the button bit yesterday morning but Blogger wouldn't let me comment.Well when I say I did the button bit it didn't go to my sidebar which I don't seem to have, it went to the bottom of the page.But hey it's good to be different.Keep up the good work Barbara and the Clarity Team.
    Sylvia x

  65. Absolutely fantastic giveaways hunni, I love popping in each day and watching the classroom shows to learn new techniques and ideas. Thanks for all the inspiration that you bring to us. Hugs xnx

  66. Well Barbara! What can 1 say about this technique! It's brilliant plus I wish I too have (light bulb) ideas like you but alase I don't, i don't have a blog but I'm hoping that one day soon I can manage to get one up and running, nor do I have a Gel plate but I keep saying it when your on the TV in hope that maybe Santa hears and gets me one.
    As got your blog they make my day but I can't always write on them😁
    Have a great weekend.
    Crafty hugs to make you well Xx

  67. Hi Barbara, just found your blog so will be joining in, haven't got a blog of my own but would love to win a prize through comments, will be joining in anyway

  68. Wow! fab Candy from a fab lady! I am currently following your Gelli Plate ideas and loving getting messy! Have posted your button on my blog and am also following you. Will be back regularly to learn more 🙂 Thank you, Denyse x

  69. Thank-you for a great candy Barbara. I've managed to put you button on my blog. Took me a while as I've not added anything to the design for a long time – naughty me!! xx

  70. Hello Barbara. Have a chat with Sue Wilson about blogging – she has to be the Queen of Blogland! So glad you've entered this world – it does keep me from doing anything useful but I love it! xx Margaret C.

  71. Wow – such lovely comments from everyone, what else could I possibly add that hasn't already been said. I'm also a novice blogger, so I may or may not be successful at posting the button on my page, but I sure as heck am going to give it a try!
    Barbara you are a natural communicator, this is a great gift. My crafty leader Brenda met you at Harrogate and was so impressed with your calmness and patience (as well as your talent). Keep it up.
    Love lesley

  72. Yay I did it! I've been inspired by you Barbara, to produce my own blog and have completed my first post this morning! I love your blog and your ideas are very inspirational. Keep 'em coming!

  73. Loving the blog Barbara – it is full of personality and inspiration! Setting up a blog will be one of my new year resolutions – I just need to find someone who knows what they are doing 🙂

  74. Hello Again! It took some doing – I copied the shortcut onto my blog and just managed to get Barb's lovely photo without a link back to here; I undid it (thank goodness for the undo button 🙂 ); I re-copied and pasted; then I cracked it. Thank you Barbara.

  75. Awesome blog Barbara….so full of inspirational ideas, techniques and also some fantastic stories that you have shared from your life….loving each day read…..thankyou Barbara xxx

  76. Ooh how lovely, and I bet it looks lovely in all the other colours too, am going to have to be placing an order for some more goodies me thinks and give this one a try…and all the others 🙂

  77. I'm a bit behind all these other clever ladies, Barbara, but I've finally cracked it, and got your button by following Elaine's instructions !! Had to get hubby to help but in looking over his shoulder, I quickly grabbed the PC back when I finally realised it really does help If you actually sign in to your blog!!!!! Duh ! Love your blog Barbara, and it's really nice to know there are other people not sleeping like myself, judging by the times of some of the comments….trouble is then you end being very dim the next day and doing things like forgetting to sign in to Blogland !! xxx

  78. I think by all the above comments that we all agree your Blog is great Barbara. It is so nice to see the techniques as well. I have watched and recorded the programmes on Create & Craft, bought the stamps, met you (well ages ago at Farnborough), joined your club for a while, enjoyed Dave's guitar playing on the DVD I bought, asked you to do a workshop in our area, Surrey and have so many crafting goodies I could open a shop. Long may it continue. Thank you.

  79. I think by all the above comments that we all agree your Blog is great Barbara. It is so nice to see the techniques as well. I have watched and recorded the programmes on Create & Craft, bought the stamps, met you (well ages ago at Farnborough), joined your club for a while, enjoyed Dave's guitar playing on the DVD I bought, asked you to do a workshop in our area, Surrey and have so many crafting goodies I could open a shop. Long may it continue. Thank you.

  80. Just love your work Barbara and am chuffed to find your blog today, it will become one of my daily pleasures! Great ideas for the giveaways and of course I would love to win 😌. Joy xx

  81. I LOVE your blog Barbara. What could be better than some daily inspiration from my favourite crafty hero. I might even be inspired to brush down my own blog from its e-grave. Lx

  82. I met you at Aintree Racecourse some years ago….and I was so impressed with your stamps that I bought some. I was hooked and was really pleased when the rest of the craft world realised how good they were and they began to appear in shops. The television brought you into my home and I was entertained by your craft skills and your style. Thank you.

  83. I must confess Clarity Stamp shows on Create and Craft are the only ones I will make time to sit and watch without interruption. I love the stamps and all the demos – both yours and Maria's. Really clever and very inspirational. I recently joined New Designs Clarity Club (my November edition arrived this morning) and so far have been delighted with the stamps and the stencil I have received.

  84. Ok, I not only think this is a wonderful give away from a great blog, but I also finally figured out how to comment on it…turns out it was an ipad issue, using the laptop solved it…so it was actually quite easy 🙂 Next step was to dig out my old, neglected blog, dust it off and see if I could work out how to update it and add the link. Took a bit of working out but I got there 🙂 Thanks for the push Barbara, I really needed to get it up and running again, now I can show off all the lovely cards I make when I go to Janet's Clarity East classes.
    Next challenge, take some photos then post them…..or do I play with the acrylic paints that arrived this morning for my gelli…..hmmm life is tough some times 🙂

  85. you are so generous sharing your time and knowledge,I am not a blogger but love yours.Sadly I didnot make the NEC this year but have enjoyed your demonstrations at Doncaster and Harrogate.I also enjoy the Clarity club,love the stamps and inspiration Thanks for the opportunity.

  86. I have shared your badge, thank you for the chance to win. I love reading your blog every day, it has become part of my daily routine 🙂

  87. Love reading your blog Barbara. I am not as good as you as I rarely update my blog! I keep telling myself to do at least every other day but it never works. Must try harder 🙂

  88. Mission accomplished – eventually! I was struggling as blogger kept telling me that there were illegal characters in the URL, but with the help of Elaine (Craftetter) above, I got it to work. Thanks Elaine!
    By the way Barbara, you might remember me as Lynn Wild – I remarried last year and got myself my very own David (they are indeed worth their weight in gold)!

  89. Yay I finally figured out how to add the button to you're giveaway. I'm new to this blogging thing to so it only took me a week nearly ha ha. But you're there right at the top of the page and the link works. I am quite proud of the determination it took me to work it all out.

  90. Whoo hoo! So pleased to see you now have a blog as well as the monthly newsletters. My mum and I love reading your beautiful ramblings, and now we get to learn new techniques too. As Craig Revell-Horward would say, fab-u-LOUS!
    Keep up the fantastic work Barbara! 🙂

  91. Hi, I am not a blogger but I have to say I am a Clarity Addict! I am not sure if there is a cure for it but my husband says it keep me happy, I am not sure if he would still be as happy if he actually knew how much money I have recently spent on Clarity items!
    I started off as a cross stitcher, many, many years ago, which gradually turned into cardmaking. I was flicking through the channels one day and found the Create and Craft channel, which got me totally addicted to making cards!
    Another day when I was poorly I was flicking through the channels and came across Barbara who was doing one of the classroom programmes on Create and Craft. I was totally amazed by her techniques and from that day forward I was addicted to Clarity!
    My next Clarity step was when I spotted a new workshop run by Sazz opening in Peterborough, totally dedicated to Clarity. I was totally scared at going on my own, but I did it, and I am sooo glad that I did. I have met some great crafting buddies who I can't wait to meet up with every month. A high point of one of the workshops was when Barbara, turned up whilst taking a break in her filming at Create and Craft!
    And now to top it all off, Barbara starts blogging and I absolutely love tuning in each day to see what fantastic creations, or great stories she has done next.
    So thank you to all the Clarity friends that I have made, Sazz for her great workshops and lastly thank you Barbara for truly inspiring me!

  92. Well that was a Challenge Barbara, mission accomplished. I also started a blog recently and this was the first button to be added! Its a huge task getting to grips with all this technology when one is in ones middle to latter years but very thrilling once you get to grips with it, so thanks for the push. I've really enjoyed your blog so far although I don't know where you manage to find the time to write one daily. Keep inspiring us all, regards Jane x

  93. Success, your button is now on my blog too. I too have just recently started to blog and like you am learning something new every time I post. I am managing to post weekly but daily? I will leave that to you and look forward to your next post

  94. wonderful lady, I got my latest membership letter from you today and I really hope you are feeling better. Am full of it myself too so haven't done much crafting but can't wait to attack my Gelli plate with the lovely heart stencil that accompanied the letter. Thank you Barbara for all your great products and inspiration.
    Hugs, Theresa. x

  95. Blog giveaway posted on my blog 🙂 Found your blog by following the giveaway link from another blog I follow! Now I know you have a blog I will be an avid reader 🙂 Just love your creations and your stamps are amazing!
    Dawn x

  96. Thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face every morning when I read your blog while I am having my coffee. I love, love, love your stamps, they are now a big part of my crafting life as you can be a 'real' artist and let your imagination go 'wild'.I craft totally on my own so it is so nice to be able to send in homework and get feedback from you when I am lucky enough to have them shown on the 'telly' and that in itself gives me a massive lift (as I'm sure it does others who send in their cards). Please keep up all the wonderful work that you do inspiring us to move ever on and upwards. Mrs Andy Day.

  97. loving your blog and been a fan since I first saw you on c+c when I crafting just over 18 months ago I keep you classroom shows for ages much to my husbands dismay!!….I like to watch every detail …more than once !, that you have a blog even better you are truly an amazing lady with astounding talent and so inspirational but modest and down to earth. Thanks also for the opportunity to win some fantastic goodies.I hope your blog goes from strength to strength a thank you Andrea X

  98. Hi Barbara love the stamps and more recent the stencils for the gelli plate. You are an inspiration. I will now be an avid follower. Welcome to blog land x x x

  99. Mission accomplished Barbara, really must take a leaf out of your book and update my blog more often. No, ' I'm too busy ' excuses, because you must be the busiest lady I know. Keep it up and thank you for all your inspiration. xxx

  100. I've risen to the challenge and added the button. Thank you so much for finding time to write this blog. It's great to have your ideas in written form that we can refer to at any time. Thank you for the inspiration

  101. Hi Barbara
    Glad to see you in blog land, as I think some people have called it. I love all Clarity stamps and am an avid watcher of your shows. These are recorded for future reference anfter I have bought the stamps. keep up the good work.

  102. After nearly a month of reading your fantastic blog, I have been inspired to start my very own blog, and even managed to place your blog button on my page! Your blog is an inspiration and fills the gap between your appearances on Create and Craft! Thank you.

  103. Thanks for a fabulous blog and giveaway. I remember when the only technology we had at our fingertips was a heat gun…… and I used to spend many an hour just watching your demos at the NEC craft fairs. I have now managed to add you to my blog and become a follower of your fab creations!!

  104. I have now added your button correctly at the right of my new blog. Well having taken the plunge and started a blog, it started well with a couple of cards then all the excitement of seeing where visitors came from, but then Christmas busy season arrived (I never know why they can't give us more notice of this event, I never have enough time, but then it seems to work out!). All this makes it even more impressive that you manage to publish daily, with your busy life. I loved your drawing of a French boy one today's blog, it would make a lovely stamp….yes please!

  105. Thought I have told you, ages ago…… Button on my blog……Might loosing my marbles!!!!!
    Love reading your blog, adventures and tutorial every day. Thanks.
    Laurence x

  106. I have no idea what you are talking about buttons. I have managed to get your blog square on my blog page. I don't understand the blog page as most of the instructions are in Spanish!
    Sorry to be so thick but am getting to old for all this technology.

  107. Well I am gobsmacked !!! Just reading today's blog post and I thought I know I have the button on my blog but I don't remember putting a comment on here and after looking I can't find me so here I am – better late than never lol xx

  108. Like Linda, I cannot remember whether I have put a comment on this post or not, but I am here now anyway. I have posted the button on my blog and commented on all your other posts. So I hope I will be forgiven. xx Maggie

  109. Fabulous giveaway!!!! The button is on my blog and I am keeping my fingers crossed I will be lucky!! Best Wishes for Christmas and a Happy 2014…

  110. Hi Barbara. Just thought I come back here to see how many had commented after I did in mid November and can't see my original comment at all. Ho hum. Must have pressed the wrong button. It wouldn't be the first time. Great fun reading all the comments though so well worth the extra visit.
    Beryl xx

  111. Not too sure where to leave the comment (I'm easily confused)
    Have left one or two on your blog pages now I realise I can t send from my ipad!
    I love it and its become compulsory daily reading, enjoying the odd interspersed recipe, great to have some of those thrown in……… the potato salad looks amazeballs to quote my daughters.
    thanks for all the sharing…..

  112. Well Barbara I have only just found this button so as you can see I've pressed it. I don't have a blog but hope to do one in the New Year.
    I honestly don't know what my crafting would have been like if I hadn't found you! You are a truly inspiration to us all, I really look forward to your news letter every month and now I can read your blog daily which is just fascinating especially how you started and all the things you had todo to get where you are today, you truly are a strong and gifted lady and so generous in sharing your ideas.
    For this and so many things more I thank you. Long may you carry on doing all these great things you do Xx

  113. Just managed to add a link, I hope!
    I read your blog most days for the hints and tips and love it. Keep it going, you are inspiring me to try my hand at bloging, so have just set up the page and will try and post some of my trials and tribulations in the craft world there.

  114. Attempted goodness how many times to put this on my blog and it wont let me do it ARGHHHHHH oh well maybe next time- Your work is amazing, ive now got stamps etc to play and love to follow your blog for new ideas- Thank you so much!! xxx

  115. I seem to have a blog but don't no what I am doing as yet sure will get there have you on it I think just love your blog and some thing different every day wonderful keeps us all going xxx

  116. Loved your programmes today on C&C. I loved the Paris stamp with labels on the top, a simple but effective idea, will certainly try that one

  117. Hi Barb at last I have done it ! copied the Clarity giveaway badge to my new blog . Feel good as I have been trying for days. Just love the your blog . reading it every day. Love todays tag .Been to work all day but recorded YOUR PROGRAMS . Can't wait to watch them!!!!!.xxp

  118. First discovered Clarity Stamps about eight months ago and was lucky enough to attend one of Barbara's workshops in the summer along with my Mum. Unfortunately I don't get anywhere near enough time to indulge in my crafty habit (work and other stuff kinda gets in the way!) so have only very recently discovered Barbara's blog. Thank you for your wonderful stamps and your invaluable inspiration – it feels like crafting with a friend by my side. Anyway I got here now and have added your giveaway button to my blog. I hope this year to find more time for myself and to follow you more often. Thanks Barbara. Stef x

  119. Hi Barbara

    You don't know how much you have influenced my card making. This year alone my Xmas cards were completely different to anything I had done previous years due to your techniques with shading and brushing with distress ink pads and brushes. Thank you so much. I have also got completely addicted to Zentangle and therefore find your new sets fascinating. Thank you so much again. I very much look forward to 2014's Create & Craft demonstrations. xx

  120. Somewhere in cyber space is a comment that I thought I had posted to your blog Barbara, i love to see what project you will feature in every blog, I do follow some of my friends who are part of the clarity team in one way or another. Your products are great and well thought out, the tutorials and lessons fantastic. Thank you very much. Crafty hugs Annx

  121. Loving the blog Barbara. Just wonder where you find the time to do all you do! Perhaps it's Pizza energy! Though you certainly do NOT need Spandex. Was saying to my totally uninterested husband when watching you on Sunday how slim you are looking. Oh yes, was in Josselin on Tuesday, had a coffee for you. amicalement Heather xx

  122. having finally got a blog of my own I have now been able to add your button and I am so pleased with myself for working out how to do this. Definitely late than never me thinks

  123. Amazing candy Barbara I have your button on my blog, mostly so visitors can come see your blog, I am a mega fan of yours and was lucky enough to receive a card you made on c and c from the cup of chance a few years ago.

  124. I installed your button with a link to this page, but I do not find a place to put the text that comes with it. I am an idiot with computer stuff. I hope that does not kick me out

  125. Hi well done and well deserved, I voted for clarity in every section I could, you were robbed on the presenter category, you are brilliant, teaching but with fun, not everyone can do it so well. Good on you all!

  126. The shows on Hochanda were brilliant. Love your blog Barbara, it is so informative and most of all I cannot say how honoured I feel that the Christmas tree and the Swirl heart have been so popular. Thanks for turning those into fabulous plates so that everyone can get pleasure from using them

  127. Barbara, you are nothing but a spring chicken, next week I will be 67yrs young and love all this computer stuff. So I am now one of your Button Fairies.
    As for why I like, no, Love Clarity, I live in Kendal Cumbria and we were flooded on December 5th we have been in hotels and a temporary home since then, and hopefully, will be home by October, however, have had to start packing away my crafty stuff I brought with us, but I have been so bored, and a friend suggested I watch some of your Clarity Groovi shows that were on Hochanda, well talk about an obsession, I absolutely love it and cannot believe it has taken me this long to find you. As of a couple of days ago I am a Diamond club member and cannot wait for my first lot of goodies to arrive.
    The blog candy you are offering is fantastic, and I would just like to say a big thank you for saving my sanity.

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