Stained Glass. New Stencil, New Trick…

Stained Glass. New Stencil, New Trick…

I am so excited to show you this new technique! Well, it’s new to me! I was lying in bed last night, wide awake, because of the coughing, and I got to thinking about stencils on Gelli Plates, as you do.
Well Jim had designed a super stencil earlier in the day, one of our Filigraphy style ones, and I was trying to figure out in my head how to get a really crisp image on a Gelli Plate with it. And then it hit me! Very, very simple, when you think of it.
Here goes…
All you need is
A 6×6 Gelli Plate
A 7×7 Fabulous Filigraphy Flowers Stencil
Buff Titanium Acrylic Paint
Process Turquoise Acrylic Paint
White Acrylic Paint
Rich Gold Acrylic Paint
Speedball Brayer
Black Card 7″ x 7″
Low tack masking tape.
This is where we’re headed….
although I have to say the photo really doesn’t do the technique justice! You should see it in the flesh!

and this is how we got there…
Black square card. Glossy or Matt – Both are fab
Attach the stencil to the same size black card using low-tack masking tape top 

top and bottom.

Spread Buff Titanium Acrylic paint over the Gelli Plate

Lay the stencil and black card down on the wet paint, rub the back well, and pull the first print.
Leave the stencil attached to the artwork. 

Add some Process Turquoise acrylic paint to the left and right of the Gelli Plate.
Add a piece of Sequin waste and blot with copy paper.

Lay down the stencil and artwork in the wet paint, rub the back and pull the print again.
Leave the stencil attached to the artwork. 

Back to the Gelli Plate. Add some gold paint in the centre, with the Punchinella again.
Lift off the Punchinella

Lay down the stencil and artwork a third time, rub the back and pull the print.
Leave the stencil attached to the artwork. 

I was getting quite bold by now, so I spread a little white acrylic paint onto the Gelli Plate, added the punchinella pattern again, and started just pressing certain flowers and areas which I thought needed a little highlight into the wet white paint. All the time, the stencil stayed taped to the artwork.

When you think you’ve done enough, it’s time to remove the stencil.
Prepare to be impressed. Heartily impressed!

I must say, these 3 colours do sit well together.

The tiny details of white really lift and give depth.

I just couldn’t get over how sharp the stencil lines were. But that is the key to the whole technique: attaching the stencil to the card while you pull the prints! Simples!

I for one am very excited about this new discovery, and I hope you have fun with it, too.
I am seriously thinking about breaking out the huge Gelli Plate, the 12″ x 14″, getting Jim to make a much bigger stencil to fit it, and trying this technique on a grand scale. What a magnificent Christmas Present that would make for my parents…I’ll keep you posted.
Remember Madeleine? Wouldn’t she look awesome in this Stained Glass, too ?
I challenge you…

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But now, I really must go and try this stained Glass window in purple, light blue and gold. 
I think that will be heavenly…

118 thoughts on “Stained Glass. New Stencil, New Trick…

  1. This is lovely, and does look like a stained glass window. I wish I had 'light bulb' moments like you do. I am going to get the gelli plate out tomorrow and try this technique.
    Take care, Sally x

  2. I like the look of this one, and I have just had what might be a moment of Clarity. I will try it out tomorrow and if it works, I will post it. If it doesn't work, I will go back to the drawing board until it does. xx Maggie

  3. Loving this technique and the stencil is amazing! Haven't tried black card on the Gelli yet – that's a must for Sunday as I've got a whole day of crafting planned xx

  4. Good morning,
    What fun, I just received my Madeline stencil so this cool technique is on my list. You are so clever. Hope you feel better, have fun in London. Happy belated Dave…..

  5. I only have the next size up gelli plate with the brick stencil and a couple of others but I'm guessing the same Technique will apply. I like that crispness it's very very good… All that coughing led to something good xx

  6. Lovely new stencil! What a simple (but brilliant!) idea to leave the stencil attached! Will give that a go. Looks great on the black card too. Thanks Barb xx Hope you feel better soon xxx

  7. What a gorgeous result. I often lie awake in the small hours cogitating but have never invented anything so lovely. I def need this new stencil. You could combine this technique with the arch shape apparature stencil too to make a stained glass window.

  8. Hi Barbara,
    I wish I could come up with something like this when I'm lying awake! I love this and will definitely be giving this a go today. Thanks for the step by step instructions and more importantly the inspiration. Alison

  9. Hi Barb, fabulous technique, have not splurged on a Geli plate set yet, but I feel the urge and time fast approaching. Love the look and colours of this card. Bx

  10. Good Morning Barbara!
    I hope you're taking some hot honey and lemon ? or better still hot Ribena mmmm!
    When I can't sleep…. I mow the lawn, wallpaper the landing, win the lottery, and do all the jobs I can't do when I'm awake ! lol. I wish I had your Inspiration, and achieved this technique! at least being awake was fruitful for you Barbara..for me its just annoying and doing stupid things that when I wake up properly I forget about!
    Take care and wish you better soon.

  11. Hi looks amazing. Just read about a way to stop coughing… Rub vicks on to soles of your feet and put socks on… sounds weird but apparently works wonders xx

  12. Morning barbara – this is just wonderful – can't wait to have a go but will have to wait until christmas – got the gelliplate starter pack from you at the Harrogate show – something else to try to remember until the big man dressed in red comes down the chimney! Lol! Looks gorgeous xx Have a great Saturday xx

  13. Love the stencil, love the new technique, love the idea of Christmas stencils for quick cards. Just a pity that all my crafty stash is packed away in boxes while the extension work has been going on. At least the end is in site now, but it will probably be the new year before i'm able to craft again. Can't wait! x

  14. Forgot to say, I'd love a Christmas stencil too please. Been a bit busy with other things and I haven't made a single card yet! That technique looks perfect for a large batch and they will all be slightly different. x

  15. Wow. This technique will have the stencils flying out of the shop. Can we have a live demo on CandC please just to make sure we know what we're doing? Can't wait till you come up with another brilliant idea. xx Margaret C.

  16. I have been debating whether I would really use the Gelli Plate but the more I see you use it – the more I think I need it. This blog is fantastic for ideas but might really hurt my bank balance!!!

  17. What a great card. I am new to Clarity and papercrafting (my first love is cross stitch) and am loving these blog entries as they are so inspiring especially as I am a beginner. I don't know how you manage to come up with all these ideas and new techniques but would imagine that you have to have a pad and paper at the side of the bed to write down all your thoughts. Keep up the good work!

  18. Good morning Barbara, I have been offline for a while and did not know that you were now writing your own blog, what a lovely discovery. I read all of the post from the beginning last night and now feel like I have caught up… I just love it!! Your writing is so relaxed it feels like you are just chatting along with a group of people and sharing your discoveries like we do when we meet up with friends.. I am a member of the New Design Club and always love reading your letter that is included and this blog means I can enjoy your writing more often now πŸ™‚ I have yet to venture into the world of the Gelli Plate but every time I see you use it I am more impressed…I think this will be going onto my Christmas wish list…well enough of my ramblings I will be off, looking forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you also for the amazing chance of winning that amazing prize. Fingers and toes crossed πŸ™‚ x

  19. This is stunning, must give it a go. Yet another gorgeous stencil. Thank you so much for sharing this idea. I second the tip about rubbing Vicks on the soles of your feet, particularly at night, to help stop coughing. x

  20. Great new stencil, Jim's one talented man. Every time I see or read a Jelly plate demo my resolve weakens, but I must practice more with my stamping first. I thought this mask would look fantastic on acetate as a stained glass feature

  21. Wonderful technique! I have a gelli plate which hasn't seen much love….now I just need to get me some stencils:) Love the range of stencils that you are producing – they are all getting added to my Christmas list!

  22. Absolutely gorgeous. Fab technique – never would have thought to use black card. Am loving the stunning new stencil, can't wait for it to available. Also would like a stencil for something Christmassy for quick cards xx

  23. Barbara this is beautiful! I love stain glass windows so this technique is particularly impressive to me. Thank you for the great inspiration, hope you're feeling/sleeping better soon. Don't go over doing things! x

  24. thank you thank you thank you! I've been rattling my brains as to how to achieve this on black card. i was thinking of starting in white. but i think it would not look as good. and I've been wanting to do this with Madeline actually. thank you again. now i need to try it out yay….xx

  25. am keeping up with my resolution to actually comment …… this stencil and the stunning effect you've got. Clarity has come a long way since I first discovered you many years ago at the Commonwealth centre!

  26. Wow, this stencil is truly stunning and your new technique shows it off so well Barbara. Loving your new Blog and really look forward to reading it each and every day. I don't know where you get all these fantastic ideas from but all I can say is please keep coming as you are really doing an awesome job…..thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

  27. WOW!!! When is this stencil going to be available??? I want it! I NEED it! Just don't tell the hubby :o) Loving the daily inspiration Barbara, Hope your feeling better. XX

  28. Stunning, I love the colours. I know I'm getting the gelli plate for Xmas, I can't wait! Barbara, you have done it again, another beautiful technique!Wx

  29. All I can say is marvellous! The Gelli plate opens the world to a whole new adventure and boy are you embracing that! Love the New stencil..will be having a go at that for certain! Xxx

  30. All I can say is marvellous! The Gelli plate opens the world to a whole new adventure and boy are you embracing that! Love the New stencil..will be having a go at that for certain! Xxx

  31. Yes, I am getting hooked on this gelli plate malarkey and can see how easy it would be to make quick Christmas cards … so Christmas stencils would be great , especially as I am so behind with making them xxx

  32. What a great idea and really easy to follow – many thanks!! I bought a Gelli pack at the NEC so I should be all set to try this one I think.

  33. What an amazing idea Barbara! Your blog is such an inspiration. I was wondering, would it work on the Gelli plate if you were to mix the acrylic paint with mica powders (like perfect pearls?) Because that would give the stained glass effect an amazing shimmer!

  34. love the idea of keeping the stencil on, like most ideas, so simple, just needs someone to make that thought connection. I finally have some paints to try on my gelli, so expecting to get messy while i try this with a few other stencils

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