Dip your toe in the Pearly Pool….

Dip your toe in the Pearly Pool….

Sunday’s blog a step by step and typically Gray, OK?
So since we were using Perfect Pearls in the Classroom on TV yesterday, how about yet another technique using them? I posted a similar piece in October, so you can always go back and get another take on the same spin.
This is Clarity Sunday, and I am blogging from a hotel room in Peterborough. A little bleary-eyed, but I must say, thoroughly enjoying getting to grips with blogging. Don’t you agree that cracking a skill is a real buzz. And if I can just learn to hit the pause button instead of the update button, and check what I am doing, I will be soooo much happier!

All you will need is
Take a double-sided A6 adhesive Sheet
Peel off the Clarity Waxpaper
Then replace it, leaving enough room for the stamp. Wax on, wax off! Wax on…
Stamp the little landscape into place, using black Archival ink. If you have a couple of patches, touch them up with a black Sharpie pen.
Add a couple of birds or a little lad fishing from the accompanying set of miniatures
i am sticking with the little birds. Less is more….
Cover the stamped sticky area with white card now.
Flip over…
And trim. Sounds like a Christmas turkey! Is it time to order ours yet?
Using a scalpel, score the frame, the waterline, and create a few hills,
We need a little punch for the moon. Fish out the wax paper in the water and punch the moon. Location isn’t important, because you can place the little aperture wherever you please.
Replace the wax paper, or at least put the moon where you want it, and paint pearl Perfect Pearls through the punched hole. Pearl is great for clouds, too.
Now comes the arty part. We will start painting the picture, section by section, with the mica powders.
Place a small amount of your colours on copy paper, ready for blending and mixing.
Start adding mica powder from the bottom up with the paintbrush.
Remove the wax paper, a section at a time, working your way up the picture.
When you get to the sky, don’t forget to punch a moon and add it to reflect the one in the water.
Do this BEFORE you do the sky.
Add clouds with the pearl mica BEFORE you add any other colours to the sky. Whatever you put down first will stick first!
Now add the sky. Blend the blues with plenty of white pearl, to lighten.
Now for the frame. Make mitre cuts in all four corners, like a picture frame.
Add smokey blue mixed with whatever else you have left on your paper in the corners, adding lighter colour on the straight edges. This will give shadow.
Do this on all four sides.
Lightly buff your work with a tissue.
Add a sheet of lightweight acetate to protect it,
and then decide where you want to hang in in your home x

24 thoughts on “Dip your toe in the Pearly Pool….

  1. Thank you Barbara. Wonderful! You must have read my mind – I was going to ask you if there was a video covering the use of the sticky paper, mica powder and acetate. Just what I needed and soooo easy to follow. Good luck today. Telly on, toast, tea and slippers at the ready. Happy days 🙂 xx

  2. Ooooh Barbara, this is fabulous! Just going to do some ironing today and hoping to watch you on C & C – I wonder how many of us use you as therapy whilst doing that chore 🙂 It turns ironing into a pleasure I can tell you – mind you, have had some narrow squeaks with scorching things when I get too engrossed.

    One tip I learned when I began blogging is that as soon as you begin a new post, go to the schedule buttons on the right and then schedule the post for some time in the future. At least that way, if I accidentally hit 'publish' then folk don't get my half finished drivelling – ask me how I know this, SEVERAL times over 🙁 Obviously you then change it to automatic publish or the time of publishing you want once happy with the post.

    Have a great day!

    Hugs, Di xx

  3. Great technique and have used this several times with the Scottish castle as you once demoed ages ago. Took me awhile to have the confidence to give it a go but once I did I just love it! Thanks for your inspiration, techniques and for sharing x

  4. What a lovely Sunday morning treat. More fabulous ideas to try out! Don't beat yourself up about the disappearing posts. It sounds perfectly logical to press update. It has taken me months to figure out how to make it so that I can comment on everyone's fab blogs, let alone actually have one myself. You do a marvellous job. Can't wait for the next one … X

  5. Morning Barbara, love this technique. Remember trying to do it with the tall trees, after seeing you do it on C&C, wasn't as successful as you tho'. Good look with today's shows, and hope you have an uneventul journey home.

  6. Good Morning Barb!
    Just watched the C/C show and recorded lol!
    I really can't wait for the Fuchsia stamps I ordered yesterday to arrive…good job too.. they went quickly today!
    You must be so proud that after all this time they are still popular!
    Have a lovely afternoon

  7. Such a fab technique, and such beautiful and professional results. Loved this mornings show and now need to do some housewifely chores so I can be ready to sit down for 2pm for another helping of inspiration x

  8. I'm loving your new Blog, Barbara, but you must remember it ends in .',co.uk.', it took me a little while to find you as you told us '.com' on the TV. I've just ordered your fuchsia stamps, so I'm looking forward to those arriving. Sadly, my budget doesn't run to as many stamps as I'd like – I keep buying the lottery tickets!

  9. What a wonderful bonus – a step by step here that I can refer back to – have been wanting to try this technique but keep forgetting how you did it. Thank you for sharing Barbara x

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