A Filigraphy Flower for you…

A Filigraphy Flower for you…

Monday’s blog is trees or flowers, right? So here is a rather splendid Floral card I made on T.V. yesterday. It is the first of a wonderful new collection of Claritystamps called Filigraphy. This is a cross between Filigree and Calligraphy, and the stamps are wonderfully decorative and detailed. So watch this space.
We are always striving to come up with new designs and ideas. I also feel that more recently, we have been dipping our toes in the real arty pond. Personally, I am finding these waters particularly invigorating, and i hope you are, too.

This was a new spin on using adhesive sheets with gilding flakes, and adding talcum powder of all things!
All you need is
Sponge finger
Oh! And some talcum powder !
I really like the feel of the finished artwork; it is like silk.
I also added Glossy accents to the leaves, giving them a dewdrop effect.
Let me tell you in a nutshell how to do this:
Peel off the wax paper on one side.
Stamp the Filigraphy flower in Archival black directly onto the adhesive sheet.
Sprinkle this side with talcum powder straightaway. Yep, that’s right!
Now buff it.
Turn over and peel off the orange wax paper.
Colour in the design with Promarkers directly on the adhesive.
Add gold gilding flakes.
Take a square cream card and stamp the same Filigraphy design randomly using Versamark (don’t forget to wipe the blue indexing off the stamp before using your Versamark pad!)
Attach the artwork to the cream card using double-sided adhesive
Add Glossy Accents to the leaves, and allow to dry.
Let’s take a closer look….
I love that you can apply colour from the back, with Promarkers (so my guess is Copics and Spectrum Noirs would work just as well), and the gilding flakes don’t affect the colours at all.

Very easy, very classy, an Asian flavour. Let me see you try it with different colour combinations. I bet blues and turquoises would be fab, too…

20 thoughts on “A Filigraphy Flower for you…

  1. Like Bernie I loved this when I watched the weekend shows. I love these stamps and can't wait to get hold of them and have a play. Your blog is really inspirational thank you for taking the time to share. x

  2. Fabulous idea for new stamps Barbara and there is so much that can be done with them…
    I love this design and I agree it looked great on TV. Glossy accents is one of my favourite products…so glad that you are hooked too….see you at the NEC….hugs. Jo. X

  3. I loved this card when you demoed it on Sunday! These new stamps are just beautiful and are amongst my favourites! They are like having that statement piece broach on a black dress…. You really don't need anything else. Thankyou for sharing this with us and for bringing us such s beautiful stamp in the first place! X

  4. This is really a beautiful technique, I so look forward to your blog, and try the ideas… I loved the water paper technique you did this weekend on TV… You are such an amazing star….thanks

  5. fantastic technique. and the gilding flakes make it all pop. Massimo watched this and thought it was ace. he's already decided what colours he is using on this stamp 🙂 xx

  6. Enjoy waiting for your blog post, didn't get to see your shows on Sunday as recorder didn't record, will pop by on Thursday to say hello and maybe some stamps will drop into my basket😉

  7. This looked gorgeous on TV and even more so close up. I too love Glossy Accents and dare I say it – I have used it on more cards that you might have realised. I tried too hard when I first got these stamps then realised I don't have to they are just beautiful in their own right and just need to be displayed accordingly. Sam

  8. Hi Barbara
    Have just found your blog after it was mentioned on your shows at the weekend. Loved the shows and the new filigraphy stamps are beautiful and made a hole in my bank balance as well! I really loved this demo on the tv so it was good to see a step by step today – will definitely give it a go when my stamps arrive ( they have left the warehouse so should be here very soon). Thanks for all your inspiration. Alison

  9. WOOWEEE love it Barbara you are so kind to share all your lovely creations Thank you, I really look forward to reading your blog each day & i adore the new collection of Filigraphy. Stamps i am going to try this as it looks beautiful. xx

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