A Leafy Window…

A Leafy Window…

Sunday’s Blog is step-by-step and typically Gray. Here then, is a little leafy picture.
All you need is
Raisin and Slate Adirondack ink pads
Make-up sponges and Claritystencil brush
Are you ready to start? Right, here goes…
Tape the leaf stencil in place.
Load a Clarity stencil brush with Raisin ink and lightly swirl around the edge of the leaf stencil.
Use a make-up sponge to pull the ink on the plastic into the leaf, so that the edges are sharp and crisp and darker. Add a tiny amount of Slate around the lower edge with a make-up sponge.
Using Raisin, stamp the Pine Ridge into place, and with a make-up sponge, drag the inky tree on the stencil into the lower area of your miniature masterpiece…
Using a piece of torn copy paper and a make-up sponge, add more Raisin.
Add a mountain range,
or two….
Remove the stencil.
Using the Dotty wave stencil, a stencil brush and raisin, add a surround.
You can use Sequin waste ( punchinella ) too.
Darken and age the edges with Slate and a Stencil brush.
Outline the leaf with an Antique Rost Promarker with fine nib.
This was done at the SECC, at the end of the busiest Saturday ever!
But I wanted to make something true to Scotland for the Sunday step by step.

31 thoughts on “A Leafy Window…

  1. Good morning,
    Yesterday I received this stamp and leaf so I will try it this week. I am loving your blog and look forward to each day and some new and interesting, I hope you are having as much fun created them and we are enjoying your efforts. Awesome! God job!

  2. I really love this technique, I think I will have to get this stamp and stencil, and the stencil brushes. I am loving your blog too Barbara, thanks for taking the time to do it.

  3. Thank you very much for all the encouragement and kind comments. Having posted blogs every day for about 10 days now, I am really getting the hang of it. Much like anything, eh. Practice practice practice! X

  4. Really enjoying the blog, thank you for taking the time to do it. I don't know how you do it all. I love this leafy one, just my cup of tea. Thank you again. Have a peaceful Sunday x

  5. Really enjoying your Blog Barbara, with your busy schedule I am surprised you have time but you put the likes of myself by making time 🙁 Well done and hope you have yet another great day today x

  6. Love this Barbara! And so effective! It Would also look so different just by changing the colour!!!
    Hugs to you and all the team in Scotland. xx

  7. Wow, just love this scene! Through your blog you are giving me the inspiration I need to use stamp sets with stencils and look forward to seeing what you post each time. Hugs, Michelle xx

  8. Einfach fantastisch liebe Barbara! Schade, dass ich diese Schablonen nicht besitze!
    OK, Frau kann nicht Alles haben ;-)))
    Liebe Grüße, Eva

  9. You read my mind! I was going to do a card similar to this using the leaf mask to produce a picture within the leaf, but wasn't sure what to do around the leaf! Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Love it Barbara, I just made my own stencils last week for doing something similar. Was good to chat to you in Glasgow on Thursday…hope your neck is getting better…Loving everything that you do xxx

  11. Oooh i have the leaf stencil but have been hesitent in doing this … The step by step adds the helping hand to dive in ….. Yes i know its just a piece of paper… Thank you for creating the blog x

  12. Thank you soooo much Barbara for your fantastic blog. This leaf window card has inspired me to create a Christmas card for the Clarity Challenge. I have never entered any of my cards into any competitions, but thanks to your step by step teaching it has given me the confidence to! 🙂

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