Thursday's Blog is always blue…

Thursday's Blog is always blue…

Here’s one Martyn and I did together in the Classroom on TV last time, using the Jigsaw Puzzle Stamp and the Winter Wonderland. Both sets are very versatile, and very popular! It’s never hard for me to find something blue; I guess blue is just bluetiful!

Ready for a simple step-by-step?
All you need is

Stamp the jigsaw puzzle in Cobalt on Theuva Card.
Cover up all 4 sides with post-Its
Stamp the Winter Wonderland into place. Blot lightly on copy paper first, for a mottled effect.
add the trees and deer….
Sponge Cloudy blue around the edges. Add a few hillocks, and shadow under the deer.
Coat the whole area with Versamark.
Remove the post-its.
Cover with Clear embossing powder.
Dust off excess speckles.
Heat emboss from underneath.
Flatten and admire!
Cut the Snowflake stencil into 2!
Position the 2 parts above and below the Winter Scene.
Load the stencil brush with Cloudy blue
(and believe me when I tell you : these brushes of ours are pretty spectacular,)
Carefully dust the snowflake stencil with cloudy blue stencil brush.
Remove stencil to reveal a subtle, ghosty snowflake background. Very very cool.
Do a waltz around the edge with the little snowflake stamp. Ink up in black Archival and start stamping:
123 ink 123 ink 123 ink. Just keep travelling round all four edges.
Pretty straightforward really. And it didn’t take long. and it’s pretty. And it’s blue!

35 thoughts on “Thursday's Blog is always blue…

  1. He looks so regal! And you are so naughty – taunting a technique! – me thinking fibre and iron used – but …….???? i shall be glued to TV – Now I really must away to work! xx

  2. What a beautiful card Barbara. The kingfisher looks great fab in fibres.

    I loved working with that set too. That and the rather large stencil were my faves. Looking forward to the shows. x

  3. Good morning ' early bird' ……great stamp and stencil ….your work looks really lush….looking forward to seeing how you created it….see you at the weekend….x

  4. Good morning,
    I love the puzzle of keeping a few tricks hidden to keep us interested. You clever girl you. I am now set to watch the shows and see the secrets. Thanks.

  5. Morning Barbara….
    If a woodpecker could peck wood?
    As I know that a woodpecker should!
    How much wood would a woodpecker peck?
    If a woodpecker could peck wood!
    Lovely technique look forward to Sunday x

  6. this is seriously fabulous can't wait ….. till Sunday ……………..oooooooh sure it'll be well worth it bet Lynne has done something beautiful too xxxx excited Annie

  7. I loved watching this demo on the last classroom. The way you break it all down makes it look so much easier and so achievable, an excellent teacher indeed x

  8. Lovely card AND just spied your masks in a folder on your work-surface in one of the pics. What a great idea! Looks like copy paper in an A4 sleeve if I'm not mistaken! I'll have to give it a go!! 🙂

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