Spoilt for choice…

Spoilt for choice…

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. It’s been super busy at Clarity today. Our Half Price Members’ Sale is now in full swing!

The first day is always the busiest. The next busiest day is always the last one, before the doors close. Funny that x

We recently launched a collection of clever Voucher Pouches, which I really like. The numerous little stamps which come with the die cut pouches etc are superb. I thought I’d show you a step-by-step which I prepped for TV, but never got to. It really shows off how easy to use and effective these stamps are. Why am I showing your this? Because…They’re In The Sale.

I used the Doodle Panel Die for the outside edge – also all in the sale HERE. I just love these panel dies. They are up there with the Embedders, in my opinion.

  • Here goes:
  • Cut the panel.
  • Stamp the Message box into the lower half.
  • Pick your gift boxes, line art and infills. You could do exactly the same with the cup cakes too.
  • Stamp the outline stamps along the top edge of the Happy Birthday panel.
  • Use black Archival to stamp the parcels into position.
  • Use coloured Archival ink to infill the boxes. The infills come complete with patterns and ribbons.
  • Use Low-tack masking tape (in the sale) to frame the panel.
  • Load a Clarity Brush (in the sale) with one of the Archival inks, and sweep through the area
  • Now just keep brushing ink into one end, leaving the other end light.
  • When you think the ink’s dark enough, remove the masking tape.
  • Pick a colour from the Waimea Falls Companion paper (not in the sale) as a background.
  • Use our tape runner (in the sale) to attach the lovely topper to the matching paper.
  • Find a suitable Pinky Gray sticker for the front too (in the sale)

What a smashing, quick, young card this is! You could make a whole batch of them, couldn’t you. If you make cards to sell, this style would sell well, don’t you reckon?

Anyway. I will shine a light on different products being used in different ways this week. Just for kicks, and to let you know what’s available.

Thanks for shopping with us. Pleased to report that our new Loyalty Point System is up and running smoothly. And folks have already started buying tickets for the Christmas Open Days in November, AND the Sunday workshops afterwards. CLICK HERE

Yep. Busy is best.

Love always

Barb x x x

9 thoughts on “Spoilt for choice…

  1. 180 pages of products in the sale – WOW. Took me all afternoon to look at them. I have made a note of what I would like to order but have the rest of the week to look again. Thank you Barbara and Clarity.

  2. Thanks Barb, I’m not really a stamper but these looked really nice at the open day! Got my order in (not saying it will be the only one haha) a BIG thank you to clarity for our members sale x

  3. First order in but keep seeing things that are just needed !!
    Any chance of seeing the felt projects that Jilly & some of the DT made as since C&C updated the website the shows aren’t available on catchup. I have looked through the photos but I can’t find them. I am trying to work out how much felt I need to complete the larger projects.

  4. I did a order earlier today, ticking and removing some of the things off my wish list, although these lovely stamps may cause me to put another order in, as I didn’t think they would be in the sale. Great step by step, thank you. x

  5. Hi Barb, such a great Step by Step with the Birthday set. I had ordered it from C&C, thinking it was too new to be in the sale. Could have saved myself a lot of money and spent more in the sale. Have already placed 1 big order. Need to see what else I need 🙂 Enjoy the sale everyone. Bx

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