Last day of June…

Last day of June…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Last day of June can only mean one thing! First day of July is imminent! And in Clarity World, that means it’s the Clarity Club Member’s HALF PRICE SALE!!!

Yep, starting tomorrow, all club members get to save 50% on ALL things Clarity! That’s quite something actually. Well worth joining a club for! 😂😂😂😂😂 The sale runs for a week, so you’ve got time to join and still shop. Especially because wherever possible, if we run out of a stampset, or a Groovi plate, or a parchment grid, or a felt pack or a stencil etc etc etc, we actually make more, so that we don’t sell out and we can honour your order. That takes quite some effort, but it’s the way we roll. So your order may take longer – for the simple reason that we had to make more of what you ordered – but you can rest assured that it will arrive as soon as it can.

You can also come back as many times as you like! And one more thing, which will be activated from tomorrow: we are introducing a new Loyalty Points system. This is for ALL our customers – club AND non-club members. We had intended to offer double points to all Club members from tomorrow too, but this is proving more complicated than we had anticipated. So that will happen as soon as we figure it out!

All you have to do is tick the relevant box when you go to our website for the first time, and then it will update automatically every time you place an order. You earn points with every order, which can then be redeemed against another order down the road. Tell us your birthday, and we will drop 100 points into your account on your birthday. Lots of reasons to shop with Clarity – you’ll see!

But the first thing to take advantage of is this ‘ere HALF-PRICE MEMBERS’ SALE. If it all goes according to plan, the doors should open at midnight tonight.

And now, I’m going up to my little artroom, to make an arty video. I’ve got an idea…

Love always,

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “Last day of June…

  1. Dear Barbara,
    We are so blessed to have found you and Clarity.
    The whole team is so creative and talented but still find time and energy to support us.
    How do you do it.
    Lots of love,
    Linda x

  2. Thank you Barbara and Clarity. I look forward to spending many hours looking at the whole site and placing my order.
    Take care.

  3. Thank you, Barbara.
    Don’t have a wish list as it would be extremely long so will enjoy scrolling through everything on offer and choosing what takes my fancy.

  4. Dear Barbara and all at Team Clarity,

    I second the above! Truly, truly amazing Company and a selfless, bunch of people, happy to give up their time to help us all become bette crafters. Sue you are always so helpful and friendly when ever i phone my order through…..thank you, kindly.

    Due to my non work situation I’m unable to commit to joining your fabulous clubs at the moment but as soon as things change for me that’ll be rectified.

    Therefore, a little question 🤔 if I may…. Am I able to register a loyalty card over the phone when I order, as I don’t order electronically. Thank you so much Penny x

  5. Yeah ! It’s sale time. Looking forward to placing an order and starting to gather my loyalty points. Thankyou Clarity !!

  6. Oh wow, members sale & points. Look forward to trawling through the website, I did have a little list but can’t find it 😂
    A inky video to look forward to as well . Thank you Barbara & the whole team @ Clarity for all your hard work xx

  7. Oh yes,come on the sale…. its a wonderful time of year for us shoppers, and one of the busiest times of year for the Clarity Team. We thank you in advance. 🥰
    Can’t wait for your Arty VIDEO…. Barb.
    looking forward to having a wee shop.
    Now to put a list together.
    Big hugs. T.xx

  8. Here we go again ….. but I don’t need anything ……oh, of course I do ! Thank you everyone at Clarity it means you’ll be on full pelt again ! X

  9. There is very little I NEED at the moment but I am sure I will find something that takes my fancy as I scroll through the site.
    Look forward to hours of browsing 😆👍👍👍😆.
    Hopefully the weather will be kinder this week.
    Stay safe.

  10. I,ve been waiting for this Midyear sale. Exciting!! The wishlist was getting longer and longer. Now more browsing and ordering and than waiting for the parcel delivery. Thank you Clarity for putting this sale on twice a year

  11. Dear Barb and all the Clarity team, thank you for all you do for us, with all the great offers, the half price sales twice a year, the great products, now the points system too and the inspiration. I am sure I am not just speaking for myself when I say how special you all are and how much we value Clarity. Take care. Bx

    1. Morning peoples I repeat everything people have said a great company.but can I just ask does anyone no the size of the embedder that we need see at the Clarity open day please . Mary

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