Two-way Stamps? No way!!

Two-way Stamps? No way!!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Bit of a marathon this weekend, but oh so happy that the new Felt by Clarity has been so well received! I KNEW you’d love it! The day I saw that wall hanging in Portland Maine, I fell in love with felt. I’d never really given it that much thought until then; now I touch it, feel it, play with it most days. There’s so much scope, it’s insane., And my guess is, the more time we invest in it, the more fruit it will bear, the more ideas we will have.

This afternoon at 3pm I’m hopping onto a different TV set, to put on a very comfy pair of shows, and play with a set of wonderful 2-way overlay stamps. Little double sets of the magnificent floral designs by Mel Turner.

These designs are so cool, so absolutely original and timeless, we turned them into stencils, and dies too.

I shall show you a couple of thieve dies in felt too. Magnificent !!!!

Take a look at this awesome gallery by the Clever Clarity Crew…

Brilliant. Thank you so so much, Design Team friends. You bring our designs to life, you share your arty crafty knowledge, and you make my job so so much easier!

I have quite a few framed art pieces hanging in the house where I’ve used these stencils in particular. Together with a Gel Press. If there’s time today, I’ll get – not one, but TWO – Gelpresses out, and show you a few transfer tricks that I just learned at the class this week.

So please join me 3-5 this afternoon on Create & Craft.

Now I really must get up and get going! Isn’t it amazing that you can write a blog on your mobile in bed??? At 5 in the morning !! Not so many years ago, nobody would have known what you were talking about, with mobiles and blogs. and here I am, chatting to you, writing on a little lit up screen from a bed in England, and you could be in Australia, reading it instantly. It’s official. She’s bonkers!

Love always,

Barb x x x

13 thoughts on “Two-way Stamps? No way!!

  1. Morning Barbara, I’m always sitting in bed in the early morning reading an writing messages. It’s my way of getting ready for the new day and I just love watching it getting light outside and listening to the birds’ morning chorus! In fact, I’m still in bed now and been watching how the grey sky is getting brighter every minute. There’s quite a bit of blue getting through now and it looks like it’s going to be a fine day today.
    I do like felt too but it’s not the type of craft for me.
    Looking forward to your shows this afternoon. Alles Liebe xx

  2. Morning! Blue skies are appearing, which is lovely to see again! Those overlay stamps look fantastic. Shall look forward to seeing what you do this afternoon. Well done to your design team. They always come up trumps with fantastic ways to use the stamps!x

  3. I think you must have the best design team in the business their samples are just stunning. Really looking forward to today’s shows & hope you have a cracker xxxx

  4. Good morning Barbara .
    Just wanted to say how much I have been enjoying the shows on C&C looking forward to this afternoon shows .
    I run an Airbnb up in Scotland and I will definitely be making some wall hangings to put in the guests bedrooms using the new felt kits they are wonderful 😊 x💖

  5. I was awake at 6am to find we had no electricity so couldn’t read in bed. 3 hours later it came back on. House freeing. Enjoyed the felt shows yesterday. Can’t make up my mind yet. Looking forward to the shows this afternoon. Take care.

  6. Good morning, I wasn’t going to go for the felt but after seeing the flowers on some samples I thought I’d have a go, only the flowers though ….. for now ……

    Look forward to seeing the stamps and dies later. Enjoy your shows xx

  7. Hi Barbara
    I was up early today sending birthday wishes to my niece and brother in law born 50years apart how amazing is that.
    Have a great show today need to catch up on yesterdays shows as was unwell.
    Ruth and Jackie xx

  8. Morning all!
    The delights of having a Sunday lie-in, in bed, watching Mrs Barb working her magic. Soooo many creative ideas springing to mind the more shows I’ve watched. Thanks team for quality work.xx

  9. Beautiful samples. I have all the shows recorded as I’ve had a busy weekend. I thought you were supposed to have more time when you retired? x

  10. Need to catch up on a couple of shows but will be ready for the 2 -5 session, jobs all done for today so can sit down & relax watching you & Paul work your magic with all the Clarity stash.
    Then hopefully you will have some nice weather to drive back home in – sun is still shining at the moment but there are a few clouds building up so hopefully no more rain x

  11. Amazing felt work from the design team but this is not a craft for me. However I will be watching this afternoon. I have the dies bu must check on the rest before plunging into another basket load of goodies.
    Safe travel home tonight,

  12. Such a fabulous gallery of delights from my design teamies! I’m looking forward to catching up on today’s shows over the next couple of days – hope you manage to grab a bit of time for yourself this week! xx

  13. Hello Barb, such beautiful designs in stamps, stencils and dies. The samples from the DT are just outstanding, it never ceases to amaze me how much variety there is and what is achieved from the same designs. Can’t wait to catch up with the shows. Take care everyone. Bx

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