F.E.L.T – It’s FELT by Clarity!

F.E.L.T – It’s FELT by Clarity!

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. You may have been in the SHAC yesterday evening, when I showed off the first three of our brand new FELT by Clarity Kits, which are being launched tomorrow evening on Create & Craft at 6pm. There are nine altogether in this year’s Funky Kits Collection. I’m in love with them. It’s something so different!

Introducing The Funky Circle…

…The Funky Flower #1…

…and The Funky Leaf #1…

What’s in each kit?

  • A nested Fresh Cut Die
  • A Pack of 6 x 6in. sq. coloured adhesive backed felt tiles
  • A Pack of 6 x 6in. sq. black non-adhesive backed felt tiles – we call them backers
  • A lovely colour project booklet, with step-by-step instructions, tips and tricks.

Additional felt available, both in their mixed colour packs. Or, if you have a project in mind which requires more of one colour or another, then we’ve also got all the colours available individually in packs of 6 too.

My favourite colour? I honestly couldn’t decide. It’s the texture, the feel, that turns me on. Well and truly felt by Clarity!

This is a very clever little ruler indeed. Helps you with even stitching, if you choose to get on that bus. Blanket stitch in various sizes, cross-stitch, even zig-zag. The drilled holes take a micron pen AND a 1-needle tool. I’ll show you how to use it on the telly tomorrow.

This is the thread and needles that we have selected to use. Sharp, with big eyes. Like Elizabeth in Poldark!! (hahaha). Of course, you don’t have to stitch at all. The strong adhesive holds the felt in place perfectly.

The whole idea behind this Felt Kit Concept is to make tiles, to work on a series of tiles. Each kit has enough felt to make 6 mix-n-match tiles. So, put differently, each kit has enough felt to make 6 coasters, 3 Mug-rugs (get the black Mug-rug backers), 1 placemat (get the Placemat backer) – or whatever else you fancy! Honestly, the possibilities are literally endless. The colour matching, the layout, the layup – it’s so clever! Here are pics of mug-rugs and coasters…

Here is our masterpiece wall hanging, created by Jilly Clifton. Absolutely fantastic. Can you see the potential? The possibilities? Table-runners are superb too.

Take a look at just a few of the samples our Design team came back to us with. Cards, boxes, cushions, box-pics, tote bags – as I say. Endless possibilities. You can stick them to pretty much anything! Hey! Steady Eddie!

And for the diehard paper crafter, here’s the news: all – ALL – our fresh cut dies cut this felt like butter.

Many months in the planning, designing and making. Now it’s finally time to present. Paul and I will be dressing the set all day tomorrow, making it all lovely, ready for you. So please join Debbie Shore and myself tomorrow evening at 6pm, for what promises to be a fun, colourful, entertaining and informative hour.

Love always,

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “F.E.L.T – It’s FELT by Clarity!

  1. DELIGHTFUL Mrs Barb!
    I couldn’t have done better than you and your team! Everyone has jumped out of the Clarity box and excelled themselves with your new venture. It will be soooo good and soooo expensive tomorrow!! Playtime is a -coming!! x

  2. Hi Barb
    This looks fantastic! I am intrigued by the ruler and
    I already want it all . Can’t wait to watch tomorrow.
    With love
    Zara xx

  3. I’m SO excited about this launch. I’ve no idea how you keep coming up with new ideas……but I’m so glad you do!! Good luck tomorrow! x

  4. You are taking me right back to my youth with all this felt. I remember making my Mum a needle case with felt when I was at junior school. I still possess it although it is a bit dog-eared. Then, there were all the fuzzy felt pictures that we all played with. Later on, I made seals, and other animals, all sewn with blanket stitch. My favourite was bambi soft toys for all the children and grandchildren. My shopping list for the Open Days is just getting longer and longer. xxx

  5. Beautiful work from the design team and I have put the shows to record as I am sure there will be plenty to enjoy. However I cannot take on another craft, I have too much going on already.
    Thank you Clarity team for my 80th birthday card. I had a quiet but lovely day and am looking forward to the next 20 years as long as I keep healthy.
    Safe journey tomorrow.

  6. Oh wow the design team have come up trumps again & I love Jilly’s wall hanging. Must put the shows on to record so I can look back at them because I am sure there will be a lot of hints & tips. What I need to consider though is whether there is enough space in my craft room for anything else !!
    Have a great Clarity weekend xx

  7. Right up my alley! Brilliant idea, sooooo many possibilities, you’ve cracked a big winner here especially that clever ruler. I love hand sewing so relaxing and to get even stitches is not easy. Just can’t wait to see the t.v., shows and to have Debbie Shore queen of everything needlework is a double whammy!

  8. Hi Barb, I really think you are on to another winner here. Can’t wait to see the shows. As always the samples from the DT are absolutely incredible. Bx

  9. What a fabulous idea! Wll done Barbara and all the team! I recorded the shows from Saturday evening and am watching them now. I’ve not really worked with felt before but your demonstrations and explanation of how it all works was spot on. The samples are inspirational. The circles are speaking to me very loudly and I see Gustav Klimpt’s work in these. I really need some artwork for my sitting room so I’m thinking wall hanging!

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