The BIG Apple..

The BIG Apple..

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Just watching Deb Wheeler on Create & Craft. Great to see her informative demos, and fun to see her with our mate Dean!

I decided to look back at a NEW YORK blog or 2, to remember the BIG APPLE, and its draw. It certainly is like a magnet for many, including myself. And certainly our Grace. She’s home here in England at the moment, but she do love the New New Amsterdam. Has lived there for over 13 years now! And I say this: If you can make ends meet and survive the BIG APPLE for 13 years, you can live just about anywhere!

New York New York . What a place. Not everybody’s cuppa, and certainly not for the faint-hearted, but if you like ART, then New York is for you. If you like FASHION, New York is for you. If you like CRAZY ANYTHING GOES, New York is for you. And the ”rude New Yorker” is a myth. I find them to be good people. Open, loud and fun. It’s a city, for goodness sake. Of course you have to keep your wits about you! There are crooks, thieves and rogues everywhere! I don’t have to go to New York to find them! They reside in my street here! But I have always found the New Yorkers to be pretty friendly and salt of the earth types. But hey. That’s just my take on that bustling city. I love London too! And Paris!!

Thought we’d take a whistle stop trip to New York. Here are a few snapshots from a previous visit …

Check out this Mother Theresa mural, taken from up on the Highline – an elevated parkway walk on the old railway lines.

Here’s a skyline of Manhattan from the water,

…and here’s the lady herself.

Coming into port, and the Freedom Tower literally towers above you. It’s a powerful reminder of what man is totally capable of. Destroying and rebuilding alike.

New York . A fascinating place. Packed with old and new, loud and quiet.

These dies are on Deb’s show. I think they are excellent. Simple and effective, classy and complete in and of themselves.

Available as a trio set or individually. I love these dies. They remind me of Bustle and Art and Culture – and I miss being a tiny speck in a metropolis. There’s something very safe in that vastness. Makes you understand your insignificance.

Here’s a little artcard using our new Skyscape Die.

Made using double-sided Designer Paper from the Waimea Falls Collection.

Whether you visit The Big Apple in the daytime…

or you enjoy the flipside night life…

One thing’s for certain: you’ll never get bored. It’s a fabulous city. I was there last December – can’t wait to visit again.

The BIG Dream is from our new Feel Good Two way stamps. CLICK HERE to investigate

It’s okay to plan ahead isn’t it? Well, I look forward to walking along the Highline again. I reckon you could walk the length of it every day for a year – and STILL see something new.

Deb is on again at 4pm.

Keep safe.

Love and Hugs

Barb xxx

11 thoughts on “The BIG Apple..

  1. It’s too long since we visited New York, must fit in a trip soon! Just love the city and The Highline especially.
    Deborah is such a professional on C&C. Waiting patiently for the 4pm show.
    Thank you for the birthday discount, so generous. Have a relaxing week off. Xx

  2. Well that was an exhausting read ! Just going to catch up on the first show and then the second later. Have a good weekend. X

  3. Just got back from the hospital so I hope the earlier show recorded properly. Will not be travelling far in the near future but love hearing about your jaunts.
    I hope Dave is on the mend and not overdoing things.
    I’m off now to watch the 4pm show and have a browse to make up a shopping list.
    Take care, stay safe. 🍒

  4. Just watching the show at the moment – missed the morning one but will watch on catch up. Waiting for the demos. Hope you are both taking it easy. Take care.

  5. I haven’t been to New York but have been to Paris & London. Enjoyed the 1pm with Deborah & Dean, good to see him back on the TV. Need to catch up with the 4pm as we were watching a film & time passed by quicker than I thought !! Fortunately put it on to record x

  6. Hello Barb, thanks for a lovely blog post and those brilliant samples as well as the photos. I have never been to New York, but who knows what the future holds. Will try watch Deb’s shows today, which I recorded. Take care everyone. Bx

  7. Hi Barbara
    Was born and brought up in London and have been fortunate to visit Paris and New York. Loved them both. But New York holds some special memories as we visited it when we celebrated our 25 years together. Then we were able to get married later that year when it was legal so great times.
    Ruth and Jackie xx

  8. Im not really a traveller myself due to health issues but I love to see and hear about your travels especially as you see them through the eyes of an artist. Great pictures of happy times – hope you get to go again soon. But for now I’m sure you are having a wonderful time with your Grace xx.

    Deborah was brilliant and great DD duos !

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