It’s A Wrap! Part 2

It’s A Wrap! Part 2

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just a quickie to tell you that Paul is on telly tomorrow, and will be showcasing the second in our It’s a Wrap Series, by Linda Williams.

Create & Craft – Thursday 1pm & 5pm

Last month we revisited Part 1

and this month we will revisit Part 2 – Pretty Pockets, Ribbon Wraps and Envelopes.

Here is some fabulous inspiration from Linda and the team:

Such beautiful designs! I love the clever little folded box, which is actually really easy to make – if you have the plate!

And then the cigar wrap idea. Ingenious. Turns any card or envelope into a real keepsake…

There are also very informative “How to” sheets included, written by Linda.

So do join Paul tomorrow, and enjoy what he has in store for you. If you’re a parcher, you will LOVE these It’s a Wrap plates!

Me? Oh I’m enjoying a quiet week. Hit the ground running in January, and haven’t really looked up from the grindstone. So it was time to step back, tidy up the kitchen, so to speak, recalibrate, have a think about things from a little distance. Next week I’ll get back in the Clarity saddle, but for now, I’m tidying, doing a little art, and spending time with Grace. I don’t see my daughter often, so it’s important. And as long as she wants to spend time with me, I shall MAKE time.

Love always

Barb x x x

13 thoughts on “It’s A Wrap! Part 2

  1. Time with your daughter is good for the soul. it should also be prescribed on the NHS.
    lots of love to you both.xx

  2. Looking forward to watching Paul tomorrow. Such a clever concept by Linda and great artwork from the DT.
    Continue enjoying your well deserved break with Dave and Grace and see you Monday with an elephant in the room.

  3. Glad to hear you and Grace are having a lovely week. Enjoy your time. Looking forward to being reminded about these plates again. We’ve had to cancel tomorrow’s lunch club due to a leak at the Hall so, instead of cooking for 40, I can watch Paul live. X

  4. Looking forward to getting some new ideas for using these plates, the design team samples are great & its good to see them again.
    Enjoy your time with Grace, a week of chilling is good for everyone to recharge the batteries. With another birthday to celebrate this weekend have you got another film lined up !!
    Someone commented about having gone back through the YouTube videos & watching the craft along with you, Grace & Linda Williams – doing the rose & there being lots of laughter – nothing like a good giggle !! I remember it being a pyjama party & as we were away I was watching with my headphones on but that didn’t hide the laughter !!! & took a bit of explaining to the OH as it’s not the same 2nd hand xx

  5. Lovely samples.
    After the rough time we have had lately it will be a pleasure to relax and watch Paul work his magic.
    Enjoy your time with Grace.

  6. A well deserved break for you, Dave and Grace. Enjoy. Linda,s plates are great and the samples of the design team are an inspiration to do some more artwork and less housework.😉

  7. Hello Barb, so glad to hear you are taking it easy and spending time with Grace. These samples from the Design Team with Linda’s beautiful plates are incredible. Take care everyone. Bx

  8. So glad to hear you are taking things easy and making the most of your time with Grace. Enjoy the rest of your week off xx

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