Stencil play on a Gelli Plate

Stencil play on a Gelli Plate


Thanks for popping in. If you watched Create & Craft last Sunday, you’ll have seen me use not one, but TWO large Gelpress plates! This was to move through a monoprinting printing process quickly. If you use two plates, you can bounce between colours, transferring colours back and forth as you pull prints, getting loads of blends and lovely ghost prints. If you’re only working with one plate, you have to keep cleaning it, and the colours muddy, and you can’t bounce – it’s just not the same.

I went with our Queen Anne’s lace stencil, designed by Mel. There‘s a whole set in the Botanical Range. Absolutely the best. CLICK HERE TO FIND

I also used slow drying Golden Open Paints; the oily property of these paints is great for transfer and blend. Closer to rubber-basing printing ink used in printmaking. A little goes a long way. We have some in stock: CLICK HERE

  • Spread a thin amount of Buff Titanium onto one plate using a brayer, and pull a print on our Clarity Stencil Card (large).
  • On the other Gelpress spread a thin amount of Payne’s Gray, and place the stencil onto the wet paint.
  • Lay a sheet of copy paper onto the gray plate and blot the gray well all around the stencil.
  • Carefully remove the stencil and place it wet side down on the Buff Tit plate (there‘s a ghost print in there)
  • Place the Buff Tit printed sheet on the table face up
  • Flip the Gray Gel Press Plate (with the image of the Stencil visible) down on the Buff Tit layer, and press.
  • Flip back, so the paper is facing you, burnish the back lightly, then pull your print.

You could pull dozens of these, adding other colours to the “Stencil Plate” OR the “Backdrop Plate”. I went with neutral colours, to add a hint of colour with pencils afterwards, when the paint was dry. (doesn’t take long)

The Gel Press is a great tool for monoprinting. Comes in different sizes. CLICK HERE. Treat yourself to the matching Megamounts too. Game changer.

Over the years I have done loads of Youtubes and classes using the Gel Press. It is a fabulous piece of kit. Just head over the Claritystamp Youtube, to investigate. It’s a great way to pull monoprints without investing in a printing press. A decent etching press – a used one – can cost many many hundreds, a new one thousands.

Now, as I’m getting older, I have travelled further along the printmaking road. Now I own a beautiful old printing press or two, and am attending classes regularly, to expand my knowledge. And what I have figured out is that two plates are key. Gel Plates too. Trust me. This will open a creative door.

Happy Hands.

Love always

Barb x x x

12 thoughts on “Stencil play on a Gelli Plate

  1. Fabby, love this real inky, getting with the hand literally, art.

    It’s really a wait and see art. You never know what you’ll get until you pull something wonderful. xxx

  2. Have to get my Gelli plate out for a play one of these days, although recently I came across some prints that I’d done from a while ago, so maybe I should start to check them out, possibly add a bit more colour, or shading. Had my felt kit come today. trouble is, there is not enough hours in the day, to play with all these things. Enjoy the weekend. xx

  3. Well I guess there’s no excuse not to play now as I have both the big and 6×6 geli plates. I don’t have the slower drying open paints though so might just have to be mega quick between the plates. I really should get these plates out more as I love it when I do. Hope Grace arrives safely & that you have a lovely Mother’s Day xxxx

  4. Who said being retired would give you plenty of time to craft because it doesn’t seem to work out that way or is that we slow down when we haven’t got schedules to keep to ??
    Anyway loving all the inky prints so must lock myself away & have a play – not today though as we have 11 people for lunch tomorrow, well 9 visitors plus us !! I have been baking cakes since 11am & have just sat down at 1.30pm. Long time since I have made cakes from scratch as I am gluten free & normally buy the cake mix but decided to be brave & have a go at a carrot cake & a lemon cheesecake alongside my normal chocolate cake. We will see how that went when they eat them tomorrow !! I am lucky that OH is doing the main course & starter. I just need to tidy my Groovi stuff away so they can sit down on the sofa.
    Thanks for sharing the process for the printing with the gel plates, must check out my inks & have a go. See you in the SHAC on Monday xx

  5. I agree with Sue. I just don’t know how I found time to work. I too must get out my gel plate. It’s been a long time.
    Enjoy your time with Grace. I have today seen my son and family for lunch. Changed lunch tomorrow as we thought junctions 10 & 11 on M25 were going to be closed, both directions but that is next weekend. Take care.

  6. My gel plates are in hiding at the moment, must get them out again. Last time I used them I got so messy it took ages to clear up and I DO NOT LIKE MESSY!!!!!
    Will have to look up on how to use the plates properly.

  7. Gel plates at the ready! Will try this one but need to get the slow drying paints first. Thank you for showing us this step by step, your pulled piece looks amazing. X

  8. Happy Mothersday and also an early Happy Birthday Barbara. So great that Grace will be there .
    love the gelplate technique.

  9. Hello Barb, I always love your Gel Plate step by steps, and this one is no exception. I recently invested in storage tins for my gel plates, so at least they are now to hand. Just need time to play. Belated Happy Mothers Day to everyone. Bx

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