Lots of Lovely Flowers at 9 and 1

Lots of Lovely Flowers at 9 and 1

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I’ve been looking forward to presenting this new set. I have a feeling you will LOVE them. These flowers by Jazz are just perfect. When you start stamping them out, one at a time, you really see just how lovely they are. I’m all set to show you a few tricks n tips, from stamping to Embedders – I’ll do my best to keep you entertained !

This is the second of five of the Abstract series, being launched at 9am & 1pm today on Create & Craft.

You may recall part 1? It literally flew out last month!

We had a fab Craft Along last week using this set, if you missed then don’t worry you can catchup on our YouTube page HERE

Here is some inspiration from the design team:

What a lovely gallery of ideas! And as with the last set of wheels and wings, there is also a great ideas and inspiration booklet, which includes loads of these art samples for you to peruse and use. As I mentioned earlier, I do a free Tutorial/Craftalong on Facebook LIVE, using these sets every month, and here’s the date for the floral one: Thursday March 14th 7pm. It’s a SHAC evening time, but I’m pretty sure my fellow SHACKERS don’t mind when we spice it up a bit with a craftalong!

Right. Gotta go ! Stay warm and dry. This is PERFECT weather for staying indoors and crafting, friends!!

Love always

Barb x x x

10 thoughts on “Lots of Lovely Flowers at 9 and 1

  1. I love, love, love this Octagon die and ordered the bundle together with the florals&vases set of stamps. The samples are brilliant.
    I managed to watch all the shows yesterday and today and thoroughly enjoyed the demos.
    Received 3 Clarity deliveries today so there is no surprise as to what I will be doing this weekend!!!!!
    Stay safe.

  2. Phew the blog is up and running again. Loved the shows and I’m sure none of us Shacers will mind in the slightest having another craft along. I just enjoy hanging out together with everyone. Xxxx

  3. I had an unexpected dental appointment this morning so had to watch the shows later but ordered the bundle before watching having seen the samples from the DT. Looking forward to the craft -along on March 14th.

  4. Hello Barb, you make it very hard to resist buying more craft stash, I just had to order this set too. The shows were fabulous and the samples here and on the show are just incredible and beautiful. Can’t wait for my parcel to arrive. Take care everyone, a bit cold today. Bx

  5. Hello Barbara
    Those dies and stamps are fantastic as everything you do is unfortunately I am not in the position of buying anymore because of the house fire we had coming up for six years ago I lost everything but for me that night I lost more than material stuff I lost my two dogs and my cat in one night I am not writing this for sympathy but the thing was we were under insured and struggling to get the house back up as money has run out what I am trying to say to make sure you have unlimited insurance or the insurance will do you after 31 years in the house and I was a crafter then I lost it all plus the house we managed to buy the mortgage has gone from£ 690 to £ 900. So as we are paying for two houses in say counsel tax and what ever else there is we are paying double so that is why I had to leave all your clubs with I used to love popping in the door every month but never mind it’s ok and I watch every live off you and Paul as I did managed to get so much stuff to start crafting again but now no money spare any more that’s why I stopped buying but it is ok lots of love from an avid fan of yours x

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