A Half & Half Card…

A Half & Half Card…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Decided to make a card, using one of our best Fresh Cut dies – The Floral Flourish. It’s a large die, but a super delicate design.

There’s another one, the Floral Forest, which is also fabulous.

Here’s a step by step, which I’ve decided to name a Half & Half card. You’ll soon see why…

This is a 7” x 7” Kraft cardblank. Cut a piece of Companion paper 6.5” square, and attach it to the front using a tape runner. Pick any colour paper you like. I always like blue and brown together.

  • Cut the Floral Flourish Aparture die out of a piece of 6”x6” kraftcard.
  • Cut another piece of 6×6” kraftcard in half, to 3”x6”
  • Attach the 3×6” panel to one half of the Floral piece with Pergaglue. Don’t bother about gluing down the floral part of the die to the panel – just the outer frame.
  • Now attach the whole piece to the blue layer. I used one of our tape runners for the larger area, and Pergaglue for the border.

You will have some trim and scraps from the two colours. Use low-tack masking tape to attach the two pieces of paper. Actually, the masking tape will be on the back of this paper. I corrected myself, but forgot to take a pic.

Trim the two-tone panel to about half an inch wide, and the exact width of the centre piece, making sure that the centre where the card changes colour lines up with the centre on the card.

  • Attach the panel with a glue runner. You can bring a couple of the flowers or buds to the front of the panel if you like. You could even snip a little, to free them up so they can be brought to the front.
  • Add a sentiment sticker to another little panel of the blue, and add to the brown side. Or vice versa of course.
  • I got carried away with messages here! Couldn’t make my mind up. But the card is definitely for Dave!
  • You could use the floral die cutout as a kind of message board. They slot into and sit in between the cut flowers really nicely.

There you go. Nothing tricky. But I thought it looked good, this Half and Half card. I was thinking, you could make a lovely set of them, using different colours, and both the floral flourish and the floral forest dies. Would make a lovely gift set.

Anyway, must go find Dave. He’s really having a hard time with his knee and back. You know it’s bad when he doesn’t get out of bed. Poor bloke. Hence the card…

Love always,

Barb x x x

PS. Here’s where to find those two dies. CLICK HERE. Available as a pair and individually.

16 thoughts on “A Half & Half Card…

  1. Sorry to hear that Dave is having a hard time at the moment with his knees and back, hope he feels better soon. The card is lovely and will certainly cheer him up xx

  2. So sorry to hear Dave is feeling sore and hope he feels better soon. He must listen to his body and travel gently. Can he find any of those lovely little you tube treatments he recommended before, my hubby still rubs the back of his hand and swears his back is much better for it. Sending love and hugs to Dave.

    I did a die card this morning, can’t post yet as it’s gone with my PTC exchange, I got the gold flakes out – they do make a lovely simple card.

    Enjoyed the shows this week! Thanks for the inspiration x x

  3. Dave has my sympathy, I feel for him, but hope he feels better soon.
    The half and half card looks easy and elegant, thanks for the idea.

  4. Love the half and half card! What a great idea Barbara! Sorry to hear Dave’s not well! Struggling with the same I can imagine what pain he’s in and I do sympathise with him! Poor Dave! Hope he feels better soon! I’m sure he will love your card. Sending hugs to you both. Alles Liebe xxx

  5. Hello Barb, what a lovely card for the wonderful Dave. I hope he is up and about soon and can get it seen to. Take care everyone. Bx

  6. Lovely card, must give it a try, I have one of those dies, can’t remember which one though! Sorry to hear Dave is suffering, hopefully he improves, and is soon feeling a lot better. Gentle hugs to you both. xxxx

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