New Today! Floral Panels with Deborah Wheeler

New Today! Floral Panels with Deborah Wheeler

Hi there

Thanks for popping in! Big Day for Clarity! Big day today on Create & Craft. And a Big Day for a certain lovely woman we know too! Our good friend Deborah Wheeler makes her TV debut today at 1pm & 4pm

Deb will be showcasing a brand new collection of Floral Panel stamps designed by our lovely Jazz

4 x A5sq and 1 x A7 stamp sets

Superb stamps, so useful! And these are right up Deb’s street, so it will be great to see her put them through their paces !

Here is some inspiration from the design team

Deb will also be shining a light on Tina’s Doodle Stamp & Stencil Collection

Here are the pieces of artwork that Deb has prepared, and will be sharing with you over the course of the 2 hours

I’ve known Deb for years. We have become friends. She’s a smashing woman – so interesting too! You know when you meet someone, and you realise there’s a lot more to them than meets the eye? Well, that’s Deborah Wheeler. Her artwork is fab too – always crisp, clean and clever. She shares her artwork and ideas daily in her blog. Modest, smart and funny. She’s used to working under so much pressure for the NHS, TV should be a walk in the park for her! She has done so much good at so many levels – I feel humbled to have her on the Clarity Team.
I hope you can watch her in action at 1 and 4 today, and cheer loudly for Deborah Wheeler – she’s a legend actually!

love always

Barb xxx

18 thoughts on “New Today! Floral Panels with Deborah Wheeler

  1. Morning! This blog was great to wake up to! The stamps look superb! Shall put it on record so I can watch it later! Have a super day! x

  2. Look forward to relaxing with Deb at 1pm and 4pm but firstly I must get out into the community for a Womble (litter picking). There’s so much rubbish out there, it saddens me to see it so out I’ll go and pick it up ☹️☹️☹️

    1. Well done Anne! Some people just don’t care. I remember when the TV used to tell us to “Take Your Litter Home”. Our village organises regular litter picks. xx
      Christine Wilson

  3. Hi Barbara,
    Will have to watch Deb on back up.(middle of the night in Australia then).
    I am following her blog since December. Such lovely work she produces there too.
    Have a fab time in Frankfurt at the show. Enjoy.

  4. Fabulous work from the design team and Deborah’s planned demos look lovely. I’ll be watching and cheering her on xxx

  5. Looking forward to Debs shows, planning to watch at 1pm and record the 2nd show, as its dog walking time at 4pm. The new stamps look amazing, as is the artwork from the Design Team. I will be adding them to my wish list, :the stamps – not the Design Team!!. Have a lovely day everyone. xx

  6. Good Luck Deborah, I am sure you will be amazing, with such wonderful products to work with. Lovely arty samples from the design team. Off to record the shows. Bx

  7. Good luck to Deborah. I intend to watch live but just in case have set the recorder.
    Great samples by the Team of the fabulous Jazz’s designs plus from the immensely talented Tina.
    Really enjoyed last night’s Shac. Thank you. Hope you are OK.

  8. I shall be cheering on Deb for her TV debut! Looking forward to seeing what Deb has in store for us, magic samples from the Design Team and Deb, lovely looking stamp sets! Will I be tempted? 😄

  9. Oh I’m so looking forward to seeing Deb on the TV. She’ll be amazing I’m sure.
    Lots of love and a big virtual hug xxxx

  10. I read Deb’s blog every day & love what she does so I am looking forward to watching her at work. I am sure she will be fine with Martyn to guide her through the show, just needs to make sure she gets all her demo’s done as they will sell the stamps. Jazz has done it again with her designs as the DT samples are all beautiful & a great mix of style.

  11. Deborah, you were amazing, so clever with such good techniques, I could see you were nervous but you truly didn’t need to be. Now the first time is over the next time will be so much easier. Blooming well done. I am sure you will have a good nights sleep tonight.

  12. Well done Deborah, it was a brilliant debut. Wonderful demos and your banter with Martyn was just hilarious. Hopefully Tom didn’t get into too much trouble!!! 🙂

  13. Missed Deborah’s first show but just now watching the second. Already picked up a few tips. Will have to find catch-up to watch the show not recorded. Martin and Deborah are a good match and it was fun watching them bounce off each other.
    Stay safe.

  14. Missed the shows as I was flying home yesterday, but caught one on catch up this morning and Deb did so well! I’ll try to watch the second show tomorrow x

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