Off to Groovi Greece…

Off to Groovi Greece…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. So glad you liked the lovely new Fresh Cut dies we launched last night. I really think they are great. SO USEFUL! So while I’m back home, to join you in the SHAC this evening for a second Twiggy Bauble session, Paul is staying up at Create & Craft, to release the last in the series of wonderful layering plates that Linda created for us this year.

The final instalment of the Linda Williams’ Layering Frames launches at 4pm today – and this time we are off to Greece !

In addition, to celebrate the whole concept and collection, Linda and Jazz have worked together to create an excellent A4 Layering Sampler. Remember the beautiful Advent plate? Well, here’s another brilliant plate, packed full of snapshots of the entire series.

Linda has created the projects for Paul to showcase each hour, and Lynne Jackson has done all the staging. We’re so grateful for all the hard work that goes into these projects.




Here is some inspiration from the design team, to whet your appetite too!

These are exclusive to the TV, and will not be available on our website until 9am on Saturday.

Must go get ready for our Twiggy Bauble Doodle – to be continued in the SHAC Facebook LIVE at 7pm

And then Paul is back on C&C at 8pm! Never a dull moment !

Love always,

Barb x x x

8 thoughts on “Off to Groovi Greece…

  1. Beautiful samples as ever from the design team.
    Alarm set for 9am Saturday 😘
    I’ll hopefully see you later on the SHAC x

  2. Another beautiful set Barbara, all stunning. Wish I could join you for the Shac but my tech is not co-operating! Keep well, will be watching Paul later. xxx

  3. Just going to grab my stash for the SHAC when I saw this post. Glad you got back ok from C&C. have been catching up with all the shows this afternoon. See you in 2 !!

  4. Finally managed to watch all this week’s shows, feet up and relaxin. The design team samples are brilliant and I have to say Paul did a brilliant job and it was great to be shown another way to trap the scrap.
    The rest of this week’s shows are on record so more to look forward to.
    Stay safe.

  5. Hello Barb, wowser, what beautiful designs from Linda, and as always the Design Team samples are just fantastic. Have to catch up on the Shac, and these shows after watching the new die launch shows I recorded. Just had advice that my parcel is on it’s way from C&C. I had to succumb, and can just hear my bank manager screaming at me to stop, especially with the other sale orders I have placed!! Take care everyone, and stay warm. Bx

  6. LOVE the Greek plates. Right up my street, along with the Celtic designs. Well done Linda.
    Thanks to the design team for all the inspiration, my crafty mojo is back.
    Thanks all. X

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