Tips, Tricks and Crafty Company today

Tips, Tricks and Crafty Company today

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Ready for another 2 hour Clarity Show on Create & Craft? At 3pm-5pm I shall be showcasing a wonderful collection of 2-Way Overlay Festive Rounds with a really useful Accessories Stamp Set. Original artwork by our friend Mel Turner.

and a rather formidable set of framing stencils, designed by our Jazz…

I have really enjoyed putting these stamps and stencils through their paces. SO USEFUL!!!

Here is some artwork from the design team

I look forward to showing you loads of tricks and tips, and keeping you company for a couple of hours this afternoon.

Quote for today

You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.

Maya Angelou

I have really enjoyed reading through yesterdays comments and all your quotes this morning, before I head off to the studios. It was interesting actually. I was having a mild anxiety wave – they just come over me, especially the day of a TV show. I starting reading all your comments and fabulous quote ideas. By the time I had read through them all, the panic was gone. Great and interesting distraction. Thank you –

Love always,

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “Tips, Tricks and Crafty Company today

  1. Looking forward to watching this afternoon. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t get nervous. Much love xx

  2. Hope you don’t get anxious again today – keep those quotes to hand! Words are so powerful and you have a great command of language . Sadly I don’t think I do, so I love reading everyone’s comments. !

    Have a good show – looking forward to 2 hours of Barbara entertainment education and no doubt laughter!


  3. The stencils and stamps are superb and great for quick cards or more complex ones.
    Can’t wait to see you in action today.
    Love and hugs. Xxx

  4. The samples for the new stamps & stencils are fabulous. I wish I could have them all but I have to be sensible or at least a little restrained I think as our house is becoming to look like a Clarity warehouse !! Looking forward to the 2 hours this afternoon & then it is back in the SHAC tomorrow to begin another week of Clarity activity xx

  5. Hello Barb, looking forward to the shows this afternoon. These stamp and stencil designs are amazing, and there is so much phenomenal inspiration for different ways to use them from the Design Team. Just WOW. Take care all, safe travels Barb. Bx

  6. Lots more loveliness again today. So looking forward to this afternoon’s TV treats. Wishing you all the best.x

  7. Like Sue my house is looking more like a warehouse than a home. As I amass Clarity products I try to get rid of other stash which no longer inspires me.
    The new stamps are tempting ( more expense!!! ) so I will try to be selective.
    The stencils are divine – are they all new? A few look familiar.
    Pleased all the quotes helped you relax.
    Have a good day, no nerves and lots of fun.

  8. Two magical hours with Barb with some amazing new goodies! And the company of Design Team members behind the camera! As always the DT provided awesome samples to illustrate the brilliance of the new designs, and with Barb’s fantastic tuition showing wonderful tips and tricks!
    Saw another great quote today from the inspirational Martin Luther King Jnr –
    ” If I cannot do great things,
    I can do small things in a great way”.
    Sounds like a perfect description of Crafting with Clarity, plus you could end up doing great things like the awesome Design Team!

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