Don’t quote me, but….

Don’t quote me, but….

Hi there,

Thanks for popping in. Spent a day with Mum today, which was just great, before wending my way up to join Paul at the TV studios this evening. (4pm and 8pm today, and 8am tomorrow morning.)

Call it over cautious, call it paranoia, but if I’ve got a LIVE TV show at 9am tomorrow morning, and have to be at the Studios by 6am to set up, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m travelling up the night before. And anybody who has ever had the Dartford Tunnel experience will easily understand why!

So what’s she doing on Create & Craft tomorrow that’s so important? Let me tell you. It’s a new idea, something that has been in the pipeline for quite some time, and something very dear to my heart: Quotes.

If you read this blog, you will know I try to offer up a thoughtful quote every time I post a blog. You will also be aware that we are the proud owners of a number of wonderful vintage platen presses…

This is the Father of them all: our mighty Reliance…

We use original woodblock alphabets on this printing press, which Dave has been slowly collecting. They cost a packet. Anything from £200 to £700 for an alphabet. But when you see how immaculately hand carved they are, you can appreciate their value for sure. I know nowadays, printing blocks like this are laser cut – hey! We’ve got 13 laser machines ourselves ! We know how it works! But you just don’t get the same beautifuly vintage feel or look. They are much coveted and much loved.

Some months ago, I had this idea. How about we create a series of Postcard Quotes using our printed woodblock letters? Proper woodblock typeface prints, which our crafting friends can then embellish or decorate or doodle on or Gelpress print on – in other words, make their own artwork out of them.

We had a team meeting, decided it was a good idea – and went for it. We all love a good quote! Jazz added: “Let’s offer the same quotes in smaller stamps”. Another good idea.

Here is the entire collection:

Launching tomorrow. Brand new release: 3 x A5 square Stamp Sets of fabulous quotes

Launching tomorrow. Brand new release: 3 x Sets of Vintage Postcards

When the Design team samples started pouring in, we knew we were on to a winner. They really embraced the idea of the Printed Postcard Quotes. I saw Eileen’s fabulous samples and reached out to her while we were in the States.

“I’ve had an idea Eileen. How would you feel about us creating a Project Pack of your printed samples and the Clarity stencils that you have used? People really love your style, and I think they would appreciate having prints and colour recipes in front of them to follow.” Eileen was very excited about it – so I reached out to our Lisa – she who would be in charge of the stencil manufacture and printing – she also thought it was a good idea and manageable – so a green light from Lisa too.

Launching tomorrow. Brand new release: Clarity Stencil Art by Eileen Godwin

As I was juggling all the printed letters around, sizing, spacing and laying up, I was shuffling various typefaces around, to see which looked best. I parked a load of letters on one page, so I could access them easily…and this brilliant artwork just seemed to appear as I added letters to it. ‘Twas meant to be…

Launching tomorrow. Brand new release: Mixed Impressions ABC Jungle Stamp Set, complete with Splats Stamp Set

More superb inspiration from the design team…

I hope you are as excited about this new concept as we are. So much thought, coordination, planning and work has gone into this idea, but there’s something very real and authentic about it. Whether you are making cards, wall art, journaling or just art for arts sake, these Postcards – which also come in a lovely SLOW DOWN BOX – will provide many hours of thoughtful creativity.

Please tune in at 9am tomorrow and enjoy.

Quote for today?

An idea is only as good as its execution.

Dane Shakespear

I can have all the ideas in the world, but without a switched on, willing and engaged team to move them forwards, my ideas are just that – ideas.

Love always,

Barb x x x

22 thoughts on “Don’t quote me, but….

  1. A favourite saying if my grandma was – don’t put off til tomorrow what you can do today. If you do it today and like it, you can do it again tomorrow!
    Can’t beat a good quote – love all these xx

  2. Wow, these are right up my street! All I can say is that you lead a dream team, Barbara.
    See you at 9am tomorrow.

  3. Barb, as you often say – “Team Work makes the Dream Work”!
    And you have the Dream Team at Clarity – the absolute A Team, and I love it when a plan comes together! I can’t wait to see these brilliant sets on the shows tomorrow – Art from Words!
    Fantastic Fonts, terrific typeface, wonderful words and quality quotes!

  4. I loved making the samples for this collection – indeed a very clever idea! I’m looking forward to the shows coming up. The ‘Eileen’ packs look great!

    I’m not great with words myself but the quotes are so versatile – something for every occasion.

  5. Hi Barbara
    My favourite saying is “It is what it is” so happy that it’s among the quotes. I love the old type face it looks great. Look forward to the show tomorrow. Travel gently.
    Lots of love
    Ruth and Jackie xx

  6. O wow these are so different & the design team seem to love them all as well. I did say that I couldn’t possibly need anything else but !!!!
    I love the old type face letters – this method of printing interests me as my Gt Grandfather was a Printer Compositor born in 1850 & was still working in 1921 aged 71yrs 5mths x

  7. I cannot tell you how incredibly inspirational l find these “Postcard Quotes “ loads of ideas in my head !
    Thanks for your support, Barbara and for making me feel “ truly valued” .. we all need that.
    Eileen xx

  8. These look so cool and I am certainly a fan of Eileen’s style. Maybe we could have a stamp of Dave’s machine collection they look so cool and steam punky . Someone on c and c showed one of the machines cutting out boxes and I was mesmerised could have sat watching it forever

  9. Oh boy!, Clarity has done it again. I’m in tears with all the emotions exuding from your blog and all the comments from Clarity loyal customers and design team.
    Wow, I now want to phone in sick to stay home and watch. But alas I need to pay my bills and fund my crafty fixes.
    Superb idea for Eileen’s pack, think your on a winner there.
    lots of love and hugs.xx

  10. Great fun watching Barb explaining the old printing process – minding her Ps and Qs, and keeping her Uppercase and Lowercase in place!
    It really reminded me of playing with my John Bull Printing set as a child 60 plus years ago!

  11. Absolutely brilliant 👏 another surefire winner Barb.
    My Nan had a saying for most things. A favourite of mine was –
    Actions speak louder than words!
    Looking forward to seeing your shows. Travel safely, as well as Gently! xx

  12. WOW, Barbara. I worked one of these hand machines when I was young for a company called Carfax in Barnes, London, printing one card at a time… how slow to nowadays. Seeing these pictures brought back some fond memories. Looking forward to the launch.
    Best wishes Tina x

  13. Oh boy…….I really love Eileen’s work and it would appear that these stamps have really hit the spot. Hope you have a good day xxx

  14. Oh dear Barb, you and the Clarity team have done it again. You have made me ignore my “No More Spending this month” rule imposed on myself after I ordered the Christmas stamps!! I have had to order the stamps and postcards. The Design Team have done you proud with their beautiful artwork showcasing this fantastic concept. Eileen’s pack is lovely, maybe next month for that. I can hear the bank manager moaning already. Take care everyone. Bx

  15. No wonder Eileen (a.k.a. Mrs Smutt in our house) has been jumping up and down – now we know why! – her stuff is definitely on my list.
    Thanks for your kind words – Bendycat is still with us, but slowly failing – husband has survived the pre-op tests. All is good, this week, today, now. (so far).

  16. I have saved all of your daily quotes and if I have them all, am up to 167. I love quotes and these sets are fantastic.
    Eileen Godwin’s artwork is beautiful. I am so drawn to her cards, samples and videos. Looking forward to the postcards.

  17. Hope there are some left for me – forgot to record the shows and had my gallbladder out yesterday, so I think I deserve a wee treat! I’ve been collecting quotes and trying my hand at modern calligraphy so these really appeal to me. And Eileen is a genius with layered stamping and stencils – thought she’d been a bit quiet recently!!! Very excited to watch on catch up. x

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