Back in Blighty…

Back in Blighty…

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Got back from the States this morning, after a three week break. It was the first time in a long time that Dave and I have stepped away from Clarity for that long, and although our time abroad was a healthy mix of business and pleasure, it has certainly been hugely beneficial – at many levels. Creative overload too. From art galleries in Santa Fé to ceramic exhibits at Philadelphia airport – it’s everywhere you look if you take time to open your eyes. And so many different cultural flavours!

Many many thanks to Paul for holding the Clarity fort, looking after the cats and the house while we were away. What a good friend that man is.

When the kids were young, every summer they would spend the entire holiday with their father in California. Then, just before school started again, they would come back to England. Uniforms cleaned, shoes polished, pencils sharpened – and Mum got to take over again! But what I remember best was that when they got back to the farm in Kent, they would spend a couple of hours walking around the house, touching everything – especially their toys. Much like Dave and myself today. Paul dropped us off, and after a bath and a kip, I also mooched round the house, unpacking and putting away holiday stuff, but also appreciating the home decor: the pottery and artwork everywhere. And Dave went straight into his music room and picked up a guitar to play. We’ve been staying in very arty places abroad, and I guess we soak up all that creativity as we go, don‘t we. I’ll share more about the arty places during the coming weeks, but today I just wanted to say hi, and comment on today’s observation, that we humans are funny creatures. We leave our cave, explore other caves, then come back to our own cave and reconnect with it by touching and establishing ownership again, I guess.

Loved being away. Very glad to be home too. It was time to go away, soak up some different perspective, taste some different food, meet some strangers and kooky characters, stare out at some different panoramas. Also makes you appreciate your own cave and your own tribe. AND YOUR OWN BED!!!

Quote for today:

There’s no place like home

No SHAC tomorrow. I am walking straight back into hours of TV shows on Friday and Sunday, which require lots of prep. But we will meet again next Monday, October 2nd.

Must dash. Want to watch the Wales – Australia rugby game. The Welsh certainly got off to a great start. We have been away for the whole World Cup Tournament thus far. Our Mark flew over to Nice from San Francisco, and met up with a bunch of his old school friends for a week. Watched 3 great games – England V Japan was one – but had to get back to work. Tell you what though. I am blown away by the opening art graphics for the TV shows. Absolutely phenomenal !! The way the game has been cleverly superimposed on iconic buidlings in France! Brilliant !!

Anyway, it’s good to be home. I shall get back in the Clarity saddle tomorrow.

Love always,

Barb x x x

48 thoughts on “Back in Blighty…

  1. Welcome back to blighty, hope you’ve had the best break. Certainly well deserved. Glad you and Dave soaked up some new memories and experiences. Thank you to Paul for keeping all things Clarity going.
    lots of love. Tx

  2. Nice to hear that you are back in Blighty. So glad you both had a rest. I think it’s lovely coming home and seeing your own treasures again! Haven’t been away for 14 years but we are going away soon on a cruise, to celebrate our golden wedding!!!
    Enjoy sleeping in your own bed!x

  3. Welcome home, glad you had a good time and a bit of a rest from Claritycrafts. Not surprised that you have many ideas, and I can tell you that you have been missed! x

    1. Welcome back Barbara and Dave! – It sounds like you’ve had a jolly well deserved break. I’m sure it’s done you both the power of good. Can’t beat your own cave and your own bed though. Don’t go wearing yourselves out again now you’re back! – The Rugby is good isn’t it. I’m spoilt right now with Rugby & Golf to watch. The Solheim Cup (Ladies) was brilliant and next Weekend it’s the Mens in the Ryder Cup. My poor hubby arrived back on Saturday from the U.S. and now has Covid. I’m staying at home too, just in case I’m getting it as I would hate to unknowingly give it to anyone else. So I get to actually do some crafting at last! P.S. Well done to Paul for being his usual rock!

  4. nice to hear you are back in your home again and to see you next monday. i think we all are happy to see you than and listen to nice starkes you will tell….. Paul was great showing so many nice things on TV and on Facebook…thanks to him and all the other great boys and girls….😁

  5. Welcome home to you both. So glad to hear that you had some lovely downtime at last. Must agree that you have a very special friend in Paul and didn’t he do so well with all the tv shows. Reading your blog as I’m watching the Wales v Australia match and am very happy that our boys are doing so well!! Look forward to the tv shows this week and the return to the Shac on the 2 nd of October.xx

  6. Welcome home, Barbara and Dave! I am so glad you had a wonderful time away and recharged your batteries. Paul and the team have kept us inspired but it’s good to know that the usual driver will be back on the Shac bus next Monday.
    Feet up and watch the rugby, the Welsh are winning as I type but it’s not over yet!

  7. Glad you are back safe and sound to your home cave and tribe. We’ve missed you but so glad you had a lovely time. How wonderful to have 3 weeks away leaving Clarity in Paul’s capable hands. I only went away to Kent for a 3 day break but I always love to come home. Autumn has truly set in now- the first thing I do is walk around my garden. The mornings are quite chilly and the bedding plants are coming to an end. Ideal crafting weather is on its way!

    Looking forward to your shows and getting together in the SHAC. Take care ♥️

  8. Welcome home. So glad you enjoyed your time away. I know what you mean about coming back to your own bed. There’s nothing quite like it! x

  9. Really missed you so when I got back from Church this morning on went the TV and I just let it roll with you and Paul all afternoon. I coloured 3 Christmas cards I’d embossed and made them into cards, then I attempted the flower we did in the Shac. Only just finished but it doesn’t look a bit like yours. It just evolved into a Zentangling exercise but boy oh boy am I relaxed now. So glad you both had the break you deserved. Looking forward to the TV shows WELCOME HOME XX

  10. Welcome home, its great going away but sooo good to get back to your own bed. Look forward to hearing about the trip & inspiration you found from it. Although your batteries are recharged just go gently back into the world of Clarity as it is going to be a busy week ahead.
    I must do my homework before next Monday – just like when I was at school I have left it until the last few days !! My new embedders have arrived now so I have no excuse xx

  11. Good to hear you’re back home, and looking forward to hearing about Barb and Dave’s exploits across the pond!
    Always good to come home, no matter how long the trip or how good it was!

  12. Welcome home Barbara and Dave. You were right to take a break and do some exploring.
    How right you are Barbara there is nothing like your own bed.
    Don’t put yourself under too much pressure.

  13. Welcome Home both of you. It certainly didn’t take you long to get back into ‘blog-land’ Barbara, but great to know you had a good time away. You were missed though Paul did a wonderful job on telly and keeping everything going at home and at work. He and all the Clarity team are fantastic. We even got to see Eric sitting in on a Groovi Tuesday. Ease yourself gently back into your routine. Pam xx

    Reality will kick in soon. Back to daily routines, cooking, cleaning, washing and work. Take it slow and stay a bit longer in holiday mood.

  15. Hi Barbara
    Glad you are both back safely and enjoyed the break. Also thanks to Paul for keeping us entertained while you have been away.
    Ruth and Jackie xx

  16. Welcome home! Reading this blog, I could really feel how much this trip has lifted you and that makes me very happy!
    I know what you mean about that feeling of familiarity of getting in your own bed – no matter how wonderful your time away has been. I also look forward to my own shower in the same way!
    As for Paul, he really is one in a million – an Earth Angel as I like to call such wonderful people 💙
    Love to you all, R&S xxx

  17. Welcome home Barbara you both deserve a well earned break & no doubt we’ll be seeing some inspirational ideas you’ve picked up along the way x

  18. Welcome home. Glad you’ve had a good break and been inspired by all the arty things you’ve seen. I look forward to your tales.
    Love Sheila. X

  19. Welcome home so pleased you had a good break and look forward to all the stories in the Shac as and when. Really missed the Monday get togethers but that makes it all the more special when get our pencil, paper out on 2nd October. Xx

  20. Welcome home, so glad you’ve both had a good break. Were the cats pleased to see you home or have they been ‘offish’ as you left them for so long!!! Cats are funny but our used to be soon over it and back to themselves.

  21. Welcome home. You came back to a brilliant match in fact I think I have had a lovely weekend watching rugby and cricket and dancing and little else so I must do a bit of work this week to make up. So pleased you had a lovely break

  22. Morning Barbara, glad you’re home safely and that you had a lovely time with Dave in the US. Sounds like once the business meetings out of the way you both could relax and just switch off for a while! I’m in Germany atm (arrived just after midnight) so sadly won’t have time to join you in the Shac next week but fortunately there’s catch up so never miss a thing. Well, have a good rest today and hope the jetlag won’t be too bad…or don’t you have jetlag?
    Alles Liebe xxx

  23. We all need time off the treadmill to explore new horizons. So pleased you both enjoyed your holidays, and came home with a memory full of inspiration! x

  24. YAY!! She’s back.
    Home is where the memories are. You have my permission to use that as a new quote.
    Maggie (Bendycat is getting weaker – vet on call!) – and we are dealing with prostate cancer, sorry I’m having to step back from crafting to be a full time carer for now, which makes your lovely blog twice as important, it’s real life, thank you for you.

  25. YAY!! She’s back.
    Home is where the memories are. You have my permission to use that as a new quote.
    Maggie (Bendycat is getting weaker – vet on call!) – and we are dealing with prostate cancer, sorry I’m having to step back from crafting to be a full time carer for now, which makes your lovely blog twice as important, it’s real life, thank you for you.

  26. Welcome Home Barbara and Dave. So pleased you had a nice time but yes it is good to get back to your own comforts. You have missed the rain and thunder storms and the strong winds in the south. Yes Paul is a very good friend and didn’t he do well as did everyone else at Clarity.
    Take time to breath. Looking forward to SHAC soon.
    Take care,

  27. So glad to hear that you and Dave have finally managed to get some quality relaxing time together and have arrived back refreshed and inspired. Just remember to ease yourselves back into the saddle gently. Paul and the team have done an amazing job in your absence – just hoping now that Paul will be able to take a well deserved break as well. Looking forward to the TV and of course the Shac xxx

  28. Hello Barb, welcome home. I am so glad you and Dave had such a lovely break and enjoyed so many things together. Paul did an amazing job as always. The rugby has been amazing. We were due to be in France for 2 of the games in Marseille, whilst having a 3 week Motorhome trip of a lifetime around France, but unfortunately due to a gardening accident involving a ladder, I ended up with a lumbar fracture and hubby with severely bruised ribs, shoulders and back, so we had to cancel everything and watch from our front room! We are gutted, but we are both very fortunate, it could have been a lot worse. Looking forward to the shows this weekend, just waiting for my Christmas stamps to arrive, as due to enforced time off from the day job, I can get some crafting done. Take care everyone. Bx

  29. So glad you had a good battery recharge! We all need that time to reset ourselves! Can’t wait to hear about your travels! I always wanted to visit America!
    Good to have you home safe and sound though!
    Paul has been amazing holding down the Clarity Fort!

  30. good to see you back, safe and restored. always nice to get away
    but there’s no place like home. looking forwards to seeing what ideas you have brough back eith you.
    Don’t rush headling into things, take time to relax. blesdings to you both.

  31. Welcome Home! So pleased that you have both had a really good time away, doing things that you both enjoy and soaking up all that inspires you. So looking forward to your shows and the next SHAC morning.
    Keep remembering to take time out for you both – love and blessing.

  32. Welcome home. I bet the cats missed you ! Looking forward to seeing you at the parchment craft retreat in October.
    Love and hugs

  33. Glad to see you’re back and even happier that you both really enjoyed your time away. It’s good to be back home again (to borrow an old song) too. Hope it all stands you in good stead for getting “back in the saddle” today.x

  34. Welcome home.
    Totally agree with loving a break but loving more getting home to the familiar.
    Well done Paul, too.

  35. Welcome back, both of you. You have been missed but it was good to know you were taking a well deserved holiday!
    Paul has been absolutely amazing, everyone should be so lucky as to have a Paul on their life! What a friend.
    Take care and looking forward to seeing your shows and what the SHAC has in store too, in due course.
    Linda x

  36. WELCOME BACK. Sounds like you had a wonderful time but there really is no place like home and your own bed.
    Paul handled everything beautifully, he really is a treasure.
    Looking forward to seeing what ideas you have in store for us in the next few weeks.
    Sports are not for me, I just spend my time crafting much more relaxing.
    Take it steady getting back into the groove.

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