New SHAC Vases

New SHAC Vases

Hi there. Thanks for popping in. Shout out for all you Shackers! Remember these vases that we drew together in the SHAC a while ago? We were working on designs with no outer line art, trying to create a screen printed look. Well folks – it worked! What a cracking little stampset this is! And the Groovi plate works a treat too. Bud vases for my buddies!

Available in stamps and Groovi…

I will be launching them at 3pm & 7pm tomorrow on Create & Craft

We doodled them together in the SHAC back in April

Also on the show are some other designs we doodled together in the SHAC

Geisha – 27th April 2020. Wow. That was right at the start of the pandemic. I remember drawing this with you as if it were yesterday.

Kite – 21st April 2020. And then Tuscany. Remember? All those places we couldn’t visit? Well, we did!

Hot Air Balloon – 13th April 2020

All of the SHAC episodes can be found on our YouTube page HERE

How about some inspiration from the Design Team

As if that art gallery wasn’t fabulous enough, ready for something extra special? I am meant to be launching these on CREATE & CRAFT on Friday at 9am, but when I started playing with them, I just couldn’t stop! They are EXACTLY what I wished for – and better! Not only have we finally got our favourite doodle frames in ALL sizes, but they also make framed panels too. Bingo.

You may already be familiar with our Nested Doodle Frame-Its

I have always had my favourite designs, like the chevron and the film strip (3rd and 5th ones in on the Frame Its set), but they only came in one size. Same with the apertures. See? Don’t get me wrong. These Doodle Dies have been a game changer! I absolutely LOVE how they finish a card, but I’ve so often wanted to get the heart frame in a smaller size, and the film strip in a larger size! You understand.

Happy Days! We have made the five in the set above available in all the sizes – perfect. They are clever though. You can still get the floppy strip frames to overlay, but you can also create solid panels now too. All in one die set. Ideal.

I shall start putting them through their paces on the SHAC Shows. …

Anyway. Time to stop for the day. This old jaw of mine is aching and swollen, and I’m supposed to look my best on telly tomorrow! Still . At least I’m not going to be Gappy Lil, as my Dad used to call me whenever I lost a tooth as a nipper. I’ve been thinking about him a lot.

Love always,

Barb x x x

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13 thoughts on “New SHAC Vases

  1. Oh wow Barb what an absolute corker of a selection of art. I’m so looking forward to the shows and the dies, I totally agree, perfect in all the size, amazing! stunning frames for arty for classy pieces. Sooooooo excited. x

  2. love the new set of dies. I have the nested dies, but still have trouble with them. There is always a part of it that has not cut through paper properly. I usually put it through several times. What am I doing wrong? Hopefully will have time to watch Friday. Good luck with the shows. 😊

    1. Wipe the die with a tumble dryer sheet, use a shim, it will cut well and the bits will come out easily. Works for me.🍒

  3. What a plethora of art – absolutely stunning samples. Looking forward to the shows. Glad they start at 3pm gives me time to do housework and sort dinner and maybe some art 🤣🤣 hope your mouth calms down before then Barbara xx

  4. I was just thinking that I needed to be able to have my favourite pattern of the dies in all the sizes and lo and behold my wish has been answered. Might have to do a sneak purchase while the OH isn’t looking.

  5. I so loved the original framer dies but now you have answered my prayers by making multi sizes of single frames. Thank you so much.
    Will be watching the tv nearly all day for the next 2 days. Hope your teeth feel better and the swelling goes down soon.
    Safe travels tomorrow.

  6. So pleased about the new die sets. I think we all have our favourites or one we want to use but it’s the wrong size so now no longer a problem- brilliant. Really looking forward to the shows xx

  7. Hello Barb, what an astounding bundle of beauty from the Design team. Love the Vases stamp set. Well all the others too! Need to put a wishlist right in front of Hubby I think. Going to set record on the machine for the shows, can’t wait to see you put them through their paces. Hope your mouth heals quickly. Take care everyone. Bx

  8. loved all those sessions in the shac. fabulous art from the design team. all shows set to record so I can watch as often as required. (slow learner)

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