Two days in TV land xx

Two days in TV land xx

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. I’m all set and packed for the next two days up at Create & Craft. Lots of demose, tricks n tips. I hope you have time to tune in. There are some pretty lovely stamps and stencils being launched…

First off, it’s our new In the SHAC with Clarity Show at 3pm & 7pm

Many of your fellow SHACKERS may remember these lovely framers that we doodled together? Well Jazz has worked her magic, and turned them into wonderful, useful all-year round prettiness.

Brand new Framer A5sq stamp sets

If you were wanting to catch up in the SHAC on when we doodled them:
14.06.21 – Episode 214
16.06.21 – Episode 215
21.06.21 – Episode 216
23.06.21 – Episode 217

Next up, the Bijou Love Heart A6 stamp & mask set. There’s a large heart already out there, but this smaller size is perfect.
Doodled in the SHAC Shack
16.04.20 – Episode 15
17.04.20 – Episode 16
A Moment of Clarity with the larger version 22.01.21

Remember when we drew this? A5 The House that Barb Built stamp and mask set
Doodled in the SHAC Shack
09.04.20 – Episode 10
10.04.20 – Episode 11
A Moment of Clarity 14.04.21

In addition, we have come up trumps with an excellent collection of Occasion Sentiments and Patterned Panel Boxes stamp collection. Wait till you see these in action. Cool beans.

Let’s add in some Groovi…

All designed by us in the SHAC Shack!

And here is some inspiration from the Design Team

What a magical gallery! Thanks again to the Clarity DT for all their wonderful art. Certainly makes our job easier !!

Then on Friday at 9am and 1 pm I’m back on telly. But I’ll tell you about that tomorrow. Must go pack my overnighter!

Today’s quote?

There’s nothing more precious in this world than the feeling of being wanted

Diana dors

Then I hope with all my heart that you feel wanted.

Love always,

Barb x x x

17 thoughts on “Two days in TV land xx

  1. Wow, oh wow! what beautiful artwork from the DT and thanks also too to Jazz and the Clarity team. Sure to be a busy, busy show. Have a great time.

  2. Oh dear, I feel another spend coming. The design team certainly do you proud, they are amazing.
    We spent a long time at the hospital this afternoon. They said there was a short delay, then it would be 1&1/2 hours which turned into 4 hours. All for a pre- arranged appointment which took slightly less than fifteen minutes.
    Good job it wasn’t a Clarity day!!!!!
    Safe journey tomorrow, looking forward to the shows.

  3. Wow, my mind is truly boggle by such a huge amount of wonderful artwork. It will require several revisits to really appreciate it all. Brings back memories of the many happy hours in the SHAC. Lock down did have it’s upside! Take care and happy shows. X

  4. Looking great ! I feel wanted, thank you. Good luck with the shows not that you’ll need it ! X

  5. What a gallery of beautiful artwork, well done everyone. Hope all goes well for the next two days on telly. X

  6. watching tomorrow. Looking forward to the demos. Loving the cards from design team x

  7. Ooh I love the sentiment stamps & the framers look fab! Have got the shows in my diary – fab cards from the design team as always, such great inspiration!

  8. Wow, you have all done a fabulous job! Trouble now will be deciding which ones to get!!! Haha.

  9. Wow you can always tell when the DT have such a great time making samples that it something that we all have to have, sorry need !!
    Remember doodling these designs in the SHAC & all the elements will be very useful all year round.
    Looking forward to the shows tomorrow & Friday. Wonder what you have up your sleeve for the Friday shows?
    Shopping list is growing !!

  10. I’ll be there! Such a wonderful selection of examples by the team, very inspirational. Thank you.
    Take it slowly Barbara. See you there.x

  11. Hi Barbara
    Hope all goes well over the next couple of days. Was watching Chelsea Flower Show tonight and one of the new poppies was named Amazing Grey says it all. Artistic licence on the spelling.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  12. Lovely artwork from the design team, my wish list is growing, recorder set for tomorrows shows, safe journey, Take care. xx

  13. I remember doing these in the Shac and loving every minute. When I look back through my folder I still can’t believe I actually managed to do it. The DT samples are stunning as always. Hope all goes well later today and tomorrow xx

  14. Hello Barb, what absolutely gorgeous designs. Love the sentiment stamp sets. Will have to set to record the shows, can’t wait to see all the products in action. As always amazing arty inspiration from the Design Team. Take care everyone. Bx

  15. How beautiful. Well done design team. Will be recording the shows today. Hope you enjoy them too Barbara. Take care.

  16. Beautiful samples as always – am recording all of the shows to enjoy them at leisure when I can.
    I love today’s saying, and having had a surprise visit from my lovely grandson and beautiful little great grandaughter, I certainly felt the warmth of being wanted today.I hope the two days go really well Barbara, and that you are not too exhausted at the end! Rosemary xx

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