Design of the Week

Design of the Week

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Sorry I have been awol here – had a few technical issues, but it’s OK now!

I have been working alone all day, getting ready for the Create & Craft TV shows on Thursday 3pm and 7pm, and Friday 9am and 1pm. Got pretty much everything sorted, except the last hours. I was thinking a Mixed Media session with the GelPress and new stencils, plus a useful mark making set. So tomorrow first thing I will get my head around all that. But for this evening, it’s time to chill.

Before I go and watch another episode on Annika, with Nicola Walker, let me tell you about this week’s Highlight. After all, it’s Tuesday again, and time for another Design of the Week. Where does the time go?! Today we shine a light on a design/concept that allows you to create beautiful lace work with ease.

When it comes to parchment art, I have always loved the look of the beautiful lace frames, but there was no way that I would have the time, patience or skill to use a basic grid and work out a design, much less do all the counting without losing my mind!!

The Duet plates, designed by Josie Davidson, were born of a conversation she and I had, on how to make the art of lacework achievable. In December 2018 we launched our brand new Queen Duet Grids – and boy oh boy!! Did they hit the spot! Personal favourite? I love Elizabeth. That said, Mary is rather wonderful. Actually, Anne and Victoria are beautiful too!

Clever clever clever! Each plate has been laser-etched, like a normal Groovi plate, then combined with precision drilling to create the perforations.

Here is a piece that I created to show the versatility of the designs. Seriously ! I did this!! And we got married!

If you want to see how I created this piece, then click to watch this YouTube Tutorial

The Design of the Week has 30% off, plus club discount, to celebrate our 30th year in business, and can be found HERE

How about some inspiration from the Design Team?

Amazing artwork. And believe me when I say that it is very achievable; You just have to trust the process and give yourself all the time you need.

If you are looking for more help creating these frames, then Paul used Queen Elizabeth in his Groovi Tuesday sessions – Episodes 39 to 50. Here is episode 39 and it looks like Gola had a go as well!

Time to stop.

Quote of the day?

Everything is hard before it is easy


14 thoughts on “Design of the Week

  1. I love my grid plates. I don’t mind doing the traditional way but these make it much quicker. Think Groovi will be on the menu for the next few days ,just been told I have blood clots in one of my lungs. So think I will be careful until the blood thinners kick in. Mind you I did ask if I could still go away in a fortnight, Open Days, they said yes thank goodness.

  2. Hiya Barbara,

    What a beautiful set these are! I have recently been bought the Groovi starter system for my Birthday, and can’t wait to get stuck in. All the free tutorials are amazing, I feel like I’m experiencing one to one tuition…thank you Paul it’s just brilliant. My best friend and I are coming to both the open days for the first time and are soooo excited. Can I ask a question please. I think I heard you have a shop at the open days and wondered if you would be selling the embedders and stencil card. I have some birthday money to spend so I am currently making my list of things I’d like to buy when I’m there. Looking forward to seeing you all soon yipeeeeeeeee Penny xXx

  3. That delicate lacework of traditional parching really caught my eye when I saw it on display in a local craft shop years ago, but seemed so out of reach and unachievable (more so when the assistant warned me off it, saying it was far too difficult to attempt!) – then Groovi came along and, even though I don’t do much Groovi, I have managed a couple of fancy pieces, thanks to the grids and border plates. If I can do it, anyone can! The plates really do help enormously.

  4. These beautiful plates make lace work so achievable, nowadays I wouldn’t be able to do it the traditional way.
    Missed you the last few days – glad you are OK

  5. Have this collection & yes you are right they make grid work so achievable, I just need to do more. Just so many other lovely products to use as well.
    Its good to see all the DT samples again to refresh our memories of what can be achieved.

  6. I have all these duet plates and absolutely love them. Working with Josie’s plates is my favourite thing to do and they are so versatile.
    Looking forward to the shows this week. Travel safely and enjoy. X

  7. Hi Barbara, I missed your blog! Sorry, taking too much for granted but I do enjoy reading it. Not very strong at the moment but ever hopeful. A beautiful woodpecker came to my bird table tonight, that was a lovely surprise. Shac Shack And Paul ‘s Groovi tuesday were great. Take care and take some rest.xx

  8. You are quite right when you say these grids were a game changer. I would never have even contemplated attempting such a thing but the grids really do make it achievable. I still need to practice the lining up but Paul’s tutorials really help. The finished results always look stunning.

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