Treescape colour.

Treescape colour.

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Easter Monday and all is well. Was watching Iolo Williams trekking through the Welsh marches earlier, and suddenly had a hankering to do some stencil art. So here is a splash of treescape colour, stepped up. I used our lovely treescape Stencil, designed by Mel.

An hour or so of inky distraction was just what the doctor ordered…

  • Stencil card,
  • low-tack masking tape hinge at the top
  • light green first
  • then darker green at the base
  • add a little dry brush green in the sky
  • large moon mask underneath the stencil

  • next colour: blue mixed with black for a dark blue
  • brush blue into sky from top
  • check
  • lift the moon mask then drop the stencil down
  • dry brush blue lightly over the moon area, to make the trees pop
  • check.
  • now for reds and yellows.
  • use a new brush for each colour, checking as you go by lifting the stencil
  • add red and yellow
  • lift the moon. Nice
  • Next thing is to add splatters
  • replace the moon mask and lower the stencil.
  • Let’s chop it up. This design lends itself perfectly to panels and tryptichs
  • use as many panels as you want together
  • layer up on matching Companion Paper
  • Add a Word Chain stamp
  • Would look good on the wall in the SHAC…
  • mount on a large stampboard square.

Look out for it behind me the next time we hang out together in the SHAC!

If you haven’t tried our stencils yet, maybe take a look. There are some magnificent designs. Quite seriously. If I personally were considering joining one of the Clarity Craft Clubs, I’d tick the Stencil Club box!

Don’t forget. The Hoppy Easter event (10% additional discount on any orders over £30 after club discounts) is on till midnight tonight x

Now where’s the link to all those superb stencils? HERE. It won’t take you long to find the Treescape !

Love always,


Live Life in Colour

Barb x x x

19 thoughts on “Treescape colour.

  1. Beautiful tree scape ! Saw one blown down taking Mum home, wind here is dreadful at the moment, plaything with my head ! Let alone rescuing the recycling bin – some of our recycling might have reached you by now 😹 and what with thinking today is Sunday I’m all of a ‘do dah’ . We’ve had a roast and Mum to lunch and it’s put me all out ! Have a nice evening. X

  2. That stencil picture looks great after cutting it up! Hope your cough is subsiding and hope you are feeling brighter today! Very wet here with hailstones too!

  3. Great tree scape. I don’t use stencils as much as I should but now I’ve got them sorted and easy to find that may change.
    Been pouring with rain most of the day but sunny now, more rain due later.
    Roast duck for dinner tonight, nearly ready to come out of the oven
    Hope your cough is better today.

  4. Love the tree scape think I may have inadvertently bought it three times from various places still one of them is very painty thanks to the gel plate encouragement of Sam Crowe so no harm done

  5. At last my grandson has fixed shelves in my craft room , (roast dinner bribery!)so after a major sort out I must try stencilling. Yesterday we were 13 around the table and thanks to my very capable daughters and daughter in law, had a wonderful , rare get together. We so miss the boss, but he is watching over us, and glad we are together I know. It’s strange how clumsy you can be when learning a completely new skill, but I love your stencilled effects and will try, using my new Clarity brushes of course. Keep safe and well Barbara.x

    1. Yes I agree Pat, its so good to have the whole bunch together. We did for easter breakfast.They all pitched in. Cooking, cleaning, the lot. Hope you had a great Easter. Jenny

  6. Love the treescape die as well. I’m sure I’ve got the stencil somewhere as well. I really must try and use my stencil stash more, buy them then never seem to use them. xxx

  7. I have the stencil so will definitely give this a go.
    Have just put my Easter order in before the clock ticked round to midnight – where has this weekend gone to ? It was nice to see the sunshine but it has gone really chilly again tonight.
    You didn’t mention your cough so hope it has subsided a bit & you are feeling better for having a few chilled out days.

  8. Great demo. I have this stencil, so must have a play sometime. Popped into the local church this morning to see the Easter flowers, lovely arrangements, managed to go between the rain showers. Sunshine and hail as well during day, as well as strong gusts of wind now and again. Succumbed and did a order yesterday. Hope your cough is improving. xx

  9. Just love this! I never thought about cutting up the stencilled designs, but I’ll certainly give it a go now. And no excuses that I don’t have time to craft now I’ve retired!!!

  10. Hello Barb, thank you for this amazing step by step, love the colourful arty-ness. Great quote too. Take care everyone. Bx

  11. Oh Susan. I don’t know how I found time to work. Days are so full since I retired but I wouldn’t change it. I have this stencil and die but haven’t thought of cutting it up. Thank you Barbara. Hope you are feeling a little more rested. Take care.

  12. I love this stencil and have used it recently. I don’t have the Oxide inks but used the Distress inks instead Worked well for me.

  13. Ooooo I have this stencil but don’t use it very often as inspiration doesn’t come. Now here you are with it and I shall defo have a go. Visiting your part of the world for a long weekend visiting ‘the Castles’ with our local National Trust Group, staying in Maidstone. Looking forward to Hever Castle before we make our way home again.

  14. that’s so gorgeous Barbara! just catching up on the blog again (still in Australia). Getting itchy fingers for crafting but got a few weeks to go yet!

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