Clarity Matters – It really does.

Clarity Matters – It really does.

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Happy Easter weekend! I hope you are enjoying the break. Loving the absence of cars on the road outside. Nothing like a little quiet to calm the mind and get some clarity.

Feeling a little under the weather here. Nothing serious – just a persistent cough which has been picking up momentum all week. I haven’t really got back on track since my last bout of pneumonia etc, so this has knocked me back a bit.

Confession time. I was darting across the garden in my dressing gown at 6 this morning, with Dave hot on my heels, to check on my Normans in the kiln though. So I can’t be that ill!! They came out pretty well actually, and the oxide wasn’t too severe. But I’m thinking a light white glaze and a refire…let me show you…

See the Pergamano tools being put to good use here??

Still need to attach the bow…

But just for today, I shall get busy doing nothing. If I’ve learned ONE THING this year, it’s to listen to my body when it’s talking to me, and at the moment it’s a coughin’ n splutterin’.

Did you know that Grace heads up a second blog for us, called Every Saturday and Sunday in fact. Our Clarity Design Team friends help her with wonderful step by step projects on Sundays, and you help her build brilliant arty galleries on Saturday with YOUR creations. Why not hop on over and check out Glynis’s Groovi tutorial today?

Quote for Today:

Teamwork makes the Dream work

Travel gently.

Love always,

Barb x x x

41 thoughts on “Clarity Matters – It really does.

  1. WOW !! Haven’t they turned out well. You must be so pleased.
    Hope you feel better after a day of rest. Everyone needs them and especially you. Can’t believe I am first to comment. Usually I am way down. Take care.

  2. Hi Barbara sorry to hear you are feeling a bit under the weather. Travel gently today and enjoy the sunshine in the garden. Oh my days your Normans are just stunning you must be rather chuffed! The sun is shining here in The Shires so off out to tackle goose grass which seems to be invading our garden! Apparently it is carried by furry creatures! Must be our next door neighbours cat, also of the ginger variety which lives in our garden! Happy Easter to you all xx

  3. love your Normans think they look brilliant. sorry you are under the weather. take it slowly today and enjoy the garden xx

  4. So sorry you are feeling under the weather today – enjoy your restful day.

    The Normans turned out so well- I’m loving the way the details are highlighted!

    I’m shattered after a fun packed 2 days with my granddaughters, so having a quiet day. A nice roast with my son and his partner who is 3 weeks from her due date. A baby in the family always a gift!

    Happy Easter!

    Oh and I loved Glynis’s. Blog!

  5. They have turned out really well Barbara, bet you are really pleased, I can see them having pride of place in your lounge and rightly so. Take care of yourself and you are doing the right thing by listening to your body. Enjoy your weekend off with Dave xx

  6. They look fabulous. My husband had pneumonia end of November, spent 2 weeks in hospital, and was told it would take at least 3 months to fully recover. Take care and take time to heal, slowly slowly catchee monkey. Happy Easter to all at Clarity far and wide.

  7. Sorry to hear you’re under the weather, Barb. Hope you’ve been to the doc! Please don’t let it get a grip. Take care. Hxx

  8. Your Normans look amazing. You must be thrilled and I bet you smile every time you look at them. I know I Would!
    Take it easy and watch that cough. You have come too far to stop listening to your body now.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. X

  9. Hello Barbara
    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Dare I ask? Have you been doing a little more than you should?
    Take it easy and rest. It is still early days.

  10. Barb, your Pottery Norman soldiers are absolutely magic! They look so good, you must be pleased. Judging by the tools you’ve used, I guess you can call them PergaNormanos! 🤣
    Sorry to hear about the cough, but rest up, take it easy and soak in some warming, healing sunshine! 🌞

  11. Love the pottery they really did turn out fabulous. Please please go and have that cough checked out we don’t want a relapse do we.. Enjoy the rest of your Easter brake and rest.

  12. Rest is best when you are under the weather! Keep a beady eye on that cough! Those Norman’s look fantastic. what a clever person you are! Hope you have fine weather. we have but its chilly and windy! Happy Easter ! x

  13. They’ve turned out fabulously ! Now, look after yourself, rest and recuperate more as you need to gather your strength for the Garden Party. Going to eldest son’s later for dinner with the three sets of parents (we all get on so no worry there !), weather looks good so we should be able to be outside for some of it. Take care and travel gently. X

  14. Love the Norman’s they turned out really well xx glad to hear you are listening to your body and taking it quieter today hope the cough soon clears it is always a pain when you get one they niggle xx

  15. Loving the Norman’s! Take care of yourself & don’t let that cough get too bad before you do anything about it. Feeling a little fragile here too as OH & I are both recovering from Covid. xx

  16. You must be thrilled with how your Normans have turned out,they are brilliant. Take timeout to get over your cough. Hope you feel better soon.

    1. 🤣 Thumbs up to your humorous comment Lynda👍🏻; though I guess being ‘armless Normans, they won’t have thumbs to wield a sword! So I think we are quite safe. 🤣🤣

  17. Love the Normans as they are. Don’t let the cough progress. Have a lovely day with Dave and the cats. I have the clarity matters blog bookmarked as I love the see the inspirational artwork and projects.

  18. Your Normans look absolutely wonderful, you must be chuffed to bits. Not sure I would want to risk putting them back in the kiln again but I know next to nothing about pottery and I am sure you do. So skillful and imaginative .
    Please take care of yourself and that cough. We will all be worrying about you again. Enjoy your time off and get some rest and some fun time. Hope the Easter Bunny 🐰 ie Dave, bought you some nice chocolate. Take care xx

  19. Hi Barb,
    Happy Easter to you and to all the Clarity Family.

    I really like your stylised Normans, I have a bit of an interest in history and your Normans are reminiscent of the Bayeux Tapestry.

    Perhaps the Clarity Family on this ‘ere blog can come up with names for your Normans. I will start the ball rolling with: Willy, Dave the Brave, and Ron (for later r’on).

    Rest up with your cough and take care. I am so looking forward to attending my first Clarity Open Day.

  20. As others have said Barbara – don’t let the cough get a grip especially so soon after being so ill – take as many days rest as you need. The Normans look great. Struggling a bit here but largely my own fault – doing too much, especially the Walk of Witness on Good Friday and decorating the church yesterday ready for today’s services; now have a grotty throat and a cold (my first since before Covid)! Went to a very interesting exhibition in Ely cathedral on Wednesday – “The Last Supper” by Silvy Weatherall – she used broken crockery to make 13 busts representing Jesus and the 12 apostles but “highlighted” the joins with a gold colour like Kintsugi! Very interesting. Have a lovely Easter break xx

  21. Love the results of your pottery sessions. You are so very talented and it’s lovely you share your work and thoughts with us. So sorry to hear you have been coughing. Please take care of yourself especially as I feel you may be like me. I’m very good at turning a blind eye to things in the hope they will go away on their own. In the autumn I tried to ignore my shortage of breath and fast heart rate which eventually put me in hospital for a week and was looked after by the wonderful NHS. I now know not to ignore warning signs and hope you do too. Take care. love Pamx

  22. Do not ignore the cough, rest up as long as you need. If it is not gone in a couple of days see a doctor, we don’t want you in hospital again.
    The Normans are terrific, you must be so pleased with the result.
    I read Grace’s blog every weekend. It is inspirational.
    Please. Look after yourself.
    Easter wishes to all.

  23. I am sure you had a good physio give you some breathing exercises to help you recover and help your lungs so make sure you keep that up as will help with the cough as sadly still plenty of the coughs and colds doing the rounds ! Most importantly rest and hydrate – and just be and here is hoping you feel better soon xx
    Now to your amazing Normans – WOW!
    They are blooming brilliant and I love them and they sure will be a beautiful feature where ever you end up putting them in your home.
    Pottery is like things made from or carved from real solid wood … it has a heart beat an energy and vibe. These sure have an energy and vibe and I am envious of your amazing creative skills but so greatful you share so much with us as really does make the days brighter – Thank-you and a very Happy Easter xx

  24. Loving your Normans 🥰 they look like great fellows.
    So sorry you’re feeling under the weather again. Take things easy Barbara ☺️
    Sending love & get well soon wishes your way 💕

  25. Hi Barbara
    Pottery looks great. Sorry to hear you’ve unwell take it easy and hope you feel better soon.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  26. Love your Normans, I think the colour is just right but you know what look you are after or is it a 123 stop moment as with the water spritzer on the stamps & oxide ink !!
    Hope you are feeling better after a restful day but keep an eye on the cough – best to get it checked out & it be nothing to worry about rather than it turn into something nasty again. Take care & rest as much as you can as its not long to the Big Party !!

  27. Sorry to hear you are not feeling too well at the moment. Please take it easy and get the cough checked by your GP if it doesn’t ease up soon.
    The Normans look great. Love them. You are one talented lady.
    Lynn x

  28. Love the Normans well done you, thank you for showing us your pottery goodies, you are so talented.
    As to the cough, look after yourself it’s there for a reason. Rest up, relax.
    Love reading Grace’s Blogs too and for all the projects, we are spoilt for choice. X

  29. The Normans look wonderful, you are so talented.
    I hope that you had a lovely Easter. Of to work today, the shop I work in is undergoing a refurb as well, which is great fun but hopefully will look like a new building that our customers will love. Take care of yourself, my husband has learnt after being an athlete for many many years (now a 90 years old Parkrunner only), that you have to listen to your body and you come back stronger.

  30. Good morning Barbara, I have only just seen your blog and your Normans are great. Hope you had a restful and Happy Easter yesterday x

  31. It late to the party but made it. Love the Normans especially the details of the arrows. Oh decisions decisions….. to add the white glaze or not. I guess it’s just a question of knowing when to stop. As others have said do please take care with that cough and don’t hesitate to go back to the doctors or hospital if no improvement after all you want to be fit and well for that Garden Party. I always read Grace’s blog and really appreciate the effort she puts into collating and sharing the artwork for us along with the Sunday guest tutorials. Take it easy xxx

  32. Hello Barb, you must really rest and take it easy. I love both yours and the ClarityMatters blog, so much to read and ponder on, plus tons of inspiration always present. Your Normans are just fabulous. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  33. Hello Barb, your Normans are brilliant. Do take care though and get the cough checked out so that the pesky thing doesn’t get a hold!
    The sun has been nice to se but still quite chilly, do take care of yourself. been doing quite a lot and it’s lovely to see you BUT please ensure you don’t overdo it! Could you revert to Zoom for C & C for a while? I know you are not driving but it’s still a decent distance and time sitting in the car.
    Hope you and Dave have had a good and restful Easter weekend and your Mum is ok too.
    Thanks to all at Clarity Towers, best craft company by far.
    Enjoy the big Party, you will love it (been there, done that). Be aware, no photos. Most of all get checked out and take care. Jean x

  34. ooh they look fabulous Barbara – you’ve got to be pleased with how they turned out! Hope your cough settles soon – if it doesn’t then you need to get it looked at (and learn from last time to act early!) Hope Dave’s not working too hard and that you had a restful day xx

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