Just delightful!

Just delightful!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Just spoke to Paul, who is launching these beautiful plates on Create & Craft at 6pm this evening. Designed by our lovely Jazz, and clearly going to be popular with our Groovi friends, as they are already selling well! That doesnโ€™t surprise me. They are super pretty, very versatile and loaded with lovely elements!

The One Day Special consists of:

4 x A5sq Delightful Round Floral Frames

4 x A6sq Delightful Square Floral Frames

with a pack of A4 Two Tone Purple Parchment thrown in for good measure

Here is some inspiration from the Design Team

I was thinking it was pottery today. First day of term and all that. Running around at work all morning, so as to be able to exit at noon. And ? Yep. Pottery term starts NEXT WEEK.

Quote for the Day?

April Showers bring May flowers

Hope you can join Paul at 6. Iโ€™ll be there too.

Love always

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “Just delightful!

  1. They are superb plates. The samples look fantastic! Shame there was no pottery today, but have a good afternoon!

  2. I am sure you found something to do to fill the gap.๐Ÿ˜‰ Lovely plates and cards. Well ๐Ÿ‘ done designers.

  3. Very beautiful Groovi plates and the design team have done well as usual. Apart from hail and snow I think we have had everything today. Just had thunder and it’s very windy but the sun is coming out. Shame about pottery but you have something to look forward to next week. Won’t be able to make SHAC on Monday morning but will catch up later. Enjoy.

  4. These are so pretty as are the samples! If April showers bring May flowers weโ€™re in for a big bouquet. Just been horizontal hale or is it hail ? here ! What with the wind as well Iโ€™m fed up with it ! Good luck to Paul, Iโ€™m sure heโ€™ll blow the doors off! X

  5. Paul will have an easy time of it, for as you have said, these are winners for sure. Great inspiration from the team.

  6. Lovely templates and will watch the show with Paul.
    Well after all that running around,you had a peaceful afternoon instead of pottery…lol
    Found a map with my early work from Pergamano from Martha Ospina….that’s a long time ago ๐Ÿ™ˆ …time is flying away!

  7. Great plates and art work. The DT are so clever. Yes, the plates will be dropping in my basket later. I have put tv on record but will be watching too.
    Weather here is fickle, sunny this morning, windy coming out of the hairdresser, drizzle then a downpour at the post office then brilliant sunshine at home.
    Shame about your pottery but you are naughty rushing around, no point wearing yourself out. How is the cough, hope itโ€™s gone by now. Have a restful afternoon if you can.

  8. I am on a pottery course at West Dean College at the moment making ceramic animals. The tutor is Alison Pink, you should look her up Barbara as I am sure you will love her work. She uses lots of textures and underglaze colours. Good luck with your pottery.
    Love and hugs

  9. Hi Barb, that made me smile, because I got a date wrong this week too. Well now you have next week to look forward to, and not have to rush. These new plates are lovely designs, and as much as Groovi is not really my thing, the artwork is really beautiful and very inspiring, just to create something lovely. Great quote, and we do need the rain, just wish it would warm up a little bit. Take care everyone. Bx

  10. Have seen the news about the storms sweeping the UK – hope everyone’s OK. if its any consolation, it’s raining here in Australia as well! Hope you took some time for yourself Barb, to compensate for the lack of a pottery class xx

  11. Hi Barbara
    Had to buy all the plates on the show, they are beautiful thank you Jazz.
    I will be joining the craft along on Friday with the Holland collection.
    See you there.
    Janet xx

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