Jayne Nestorenko’s Stamps x

Jayne Nestorenko’s Stamps x

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. The 9am WIGIG (When it’s gone it’s gone) E-shot dropped just now, and I scrolled down through all the beautiful stampsets. They are different to ours; not our livery. No, but they are very dear to my heart. They’re from our dear friend Jayne Nestorenko.


Paul and I spent some time with her before she sadly passed away a few years ago, after a long battle with cancer. She was panicking about all the stock she still had, which was cluttering up her garage. Typical Jayne. She was worried that her husband would have to deal with all that, on top of everything else. So I offered to buy the lot, to clear the garage, so she wouldn’t have to concern herself with that. After all, she really had enough to think about right then. And this is why we carry her range, just in case you were wondering. Apart from the fact that she was a great friend, and we wanted to help her, her artwork and designs is also magnificent! So it was a win win for sure. Since that time, Jayne Nestorenko fans have found them on our website, invested in them, collected them, so that now the substantial stock we took on is greatly reduced. This is all we have left.

As you may be aware, at Clarity we are currently moving two factories into one at the moment, shoehorning two warehouses into one. So space is a premium, and we are clearing shelves. This is why we are retiring Jayne’s range, but we want to give our customers and Jayne’s fans one last opportunity to get her stamps.

Jayne lives on through her art, and we still have a superb Clarity range of her work, which is actually as popular today as it was when we developed it, together with her good self. Stamps and Groovi. Exquisite.

Just type Jayne Nestorenko into the search bar – and you will see she is very much still in our lives.

Quote for the day:

Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts

Love always

Barb x x x

12 thoughts on “Jayne Nestorenko’s Stamps x

  1. Morning Barb, Jayne was certainly a beautiful person inside and out, and I did have the privilege of meeting her, and watching her create beautiful images. Love the quote today. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  2. Beautiful stamps, beautiful lady, and Barb what a beautiful thing to do for Jayne. Such compassion and lovely that you keep her art going.
    Thank you for sharing and for all you do.x

  3. I still have some of Jayne’s stamps on wooden blocks that I just can’t get rid of – the mandalas & ones that made boxes are just some. A lovely lady that first got me stamping many many years ago watching her on the original C&C.
    The quote is so right !!

  4. So nice to see Jaynes stamps highlighted again. It was wonderful that you were able to help in her time of need.
    See you on TV tomorrow.

  5. Just like Sue I have some of Jane’s wooden mandala stamps they really are lovely to work with as so many options for all the different patterns. I can still hear her lovely gentle voice and giggle, sadly missed. I’m so glad that Clarity took up the mantle and developed those beautiful Christmas scenes. Today’s quote is so true. Xx

  6. Jane was such a lovely person– always smiling when she was on C&C and she had such a beautiful range.

  7. There are designers and there are demonstrators and then there are crafters. not all who make can sell , not all who design can demonstrate but when you can do both usually it’s because your a crafter and design what you would like to craft with and because you love what you design you can demonstrate – Jane was on that level alone with your self and several others
    You can tell them as it’s like there is magic in the air and time slips to another dimension when watching them. I remember so many fond memories of watching her create and her soft kind gentle manor and how she as you do make it all seem possible. There is no crafting secrets that leave us guessing you as she did wear your heart on your sleeve and are the special people who just want to share the magic
    Thank-you for that very kind gesture you made to her as I can only imagine how that helped not only clear her garage but also so head space at a time she really needed it – you Barbara are solid gold !

  8. Jayne’s Agapanthus plate is a favourite of mine for so many occasions. She was such a talented and lovely lady and it is good to see her beautiful designs again.
    Looking forward to seeing the shows tomorrow. X

  9. I have a number of Jayne’s designs and a DVD too which I often watch for inspiration. She was a beautiful and talented lady x

  10. Unfortunately I didn’t know of Jayne in the art world. I do remember when you and Paul spent time with her though. I also remember thinking that you are one of the Kindest people I have ever met. The word Kind is underestimated and slightly forgotten. To be Kind to someone generally means you have made some sacrifice to make that person happy or to take worry away from them. Here is me telling the Queen of English what it means. I remember thinking though what a relief it must have been for Jayne to know her Art would be in such good hands.

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