Flower Kisses from Tina

Flower Kisses from Tina

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Had a day off today, and spent it with Mum. It was nice to catch up, poodle around Marks & Sparks, and just BE.

I wanted to let you know ahead of time which brand new Claritystamps and Groovi plates I am showcasing on the Sunday Create & Craft TV show, 3pm-5pm. This is the second set of beautiful KISS Flowers designed by Tina Cox – they are so easy to use and create great art with!

Let’s take a look….

Set of 4 x A6 & 4 x A7 Stamp Sets = Set 2

There’s also a smashing little trio of A7 & A6 Stamp Sets – Celebrate Your Day. I did some projects last year for the C&C magazine, and these were the stamps I used. Here are the cards I made…

Set 2 is also available as Groovi plates – deeelish!

Celebrate Your Day too…

Here is some lovely inspiration from our Design Team

Stamps AND Groovi:

What a fantastic art gallery! More to see on Sunday. Thank you Teams Clarity and Groovi!

If you are new to the KISS range, KISS stands for Keep It Simple (Stamps, Stencils, Stash!) The whole concept is to enable you to design beautiful art simply, without having to overthink things. For those occasions when you just want to MAKE something and not challenge yourself too much. I know that these designs really work too! When I was preparing for the shows, I just couldn’t believe how quickly and simply lovely cards were coming together.

If there’s a second set, then it follows that there has to have been a first set, right? That sounds like something our lovely Tina would say!!

The first KISS flower set is also going to be on the counter, and for those who want them all, there‘s a bumper collection, complete with folder – to keep it all nice and tidy!

and for Groovi too, of course.

I’ve done loads of neat demos for Sunday, 3-5pm and I do hope you are able to watch. I’ve definitely Kept it Simple!

Quote for today?


Life is complicated and crazy enough nowadays, without adding to it. Mum was fretting about something today, and I had to remind her that it hadn’t happened, wasn’t highly unlikely to happen either – so why waste energy worrying about it. We have to Keep it Simple!!!

Love always,

Barb x x x

17 thoughts on “Flower Kisses from Tina

  1. Wow what great samples from the DT. You can tell by the number that they enjoyed playing with the new stamps & Groovi plates. Look forward to seeing them appear on FB over the weekend & also on the show on Sunday. Have the collection so far so no doubt the new edition will be joining my stash.
    Glad you had a good day with your mom, its nice to have a mooch round the shops looking out for bargains & things you didn’t know you needed!!

  2. Wow, Tina has done it again, and how many different designs have been made, no two the same. Absolutely fabulous to KISS,keeping it simple can encourage inspiration, how could you not be inspired by all these lovely makes.
    Hope all is well in Barbie land, safe travel Sunday and can’t wait for your demos.
    so nice to have a day with your Mum before a weekend of work and travel.
    lots of love.

  3. I’m keeping it simple – I’m going to watch on Sunday 😆🤣😆- just love the Kiss range – all of it, so I’m looking forward to the show!

    Hope mum is ok after you reassured her!

  4. Wow what fantastic samples the design have come up with, they must have loved playing with these stamps and groovi plates. As you say, keep it simple as we all have times when we have to make a card double quick. Hopefully I can watch live on Sunday but will set the recorder just in case. Glad you had a lovely day with your Mum xx

  5. As usual your team have made some stunning artwork. I only purchased a few items from set 1 but having used more of the KISS range it looks like set 2 will be joining a top up of set 1. I will be watching on Sunday, looking forward to the show.
    Hope your mum is over her worry after spending quality time with you today and that you had a great day off.
    Travel safely on Sunday. 🍒

  6. Brilliant designs from Tina and fantastic samples from the Design Team! Looking forward to seeing what you’re going to show us on Sunday, Barb. More temptation I’m sure !😄
    Good to hear you had some retail therapy with your Mum in good old M&S.
    Keep it Simple, less is more!

  7. What a stunning selection for Set 2. Will be watching on Sunday.
    Pleased you are pacing yourself Barbara, as you say, one day at a time.
    I loved your cat in the fruit bowl photo.
    With love.
    Ros x

  8. Beautiful samples from the Design Team, looking forward to the shows. Have the first set in Groovi, and also some of the stamps, which I’m planning to use for some of my April cards. Alas the new set will have to go on my wish list for now, as my new vacuum cleaner has arrived, although it will make my housework chores get done quicker, so the good news is, more time to play! Take care. xx

  9. Glad you enjoyed your day with your Mum. Always special, isn’t it? Just back from Germany when I also spent as much time with my Mum as possible. Still lots of work sorting out my flat there after that horrible flood 2 years ago (and still not finished yet) but always finding time to spend with my Mum. Back here have caught up with missed craft shows & Shac episodes. So good to see you back but please keep taking it easy! As for the new KISS range designed by Tina, they’re just beautiful! Have got some of the previous stamps in the KISS range and love them! They prove you don’t need much to create a lovely card! Will be watching on Sunday. Have a safe journey and enjoy your shows. Everything will sell like hot cakes! 😊 Xxx

  10. Hello Barb, such beautiful creations from the DT, and no wonder Tina is a very talented designer and crafter. Looking forward to the shows. Glad you spent some quality time with your Mum. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  11. That’s a beautiful collection from Tina!!
    Love them all.
    Have a great weekend and see you at C&C on Sunday

  12. wonderful artwork. wonderful inspiration.
    wonderful stash to help us achieve beautiful craftwork

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