In the Boardroom

In the Boardroom

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. We have a posh Boardroom at Clarity Towers. Very swish. Problem is we don‘t actually have a board! Unless you count Dave and me! But it does come in very handy when we are having business meetings, as in Bank Manager type meetings. Mind you, Dan our Bank Manager is a great mate, never misses our Christmas Lunches, and when we do have a meeting it’s usually at Bill’s for breakfast! Nonetheless…

Today we had a special visitor, and it was a perfect opportunity to use the posh room. So Jim nipped to Greggs to buy a few doughnuts and sausage rolls, we flicked the kettle on, and then a bunch of us had a really productive, creative meeting with none other than lovely Tina Cox. It was so good to see her again!

We made a solid plan for several new designs and ideas to be launched at both our Clarity Open Days, and the October Parchment retreat. Who else joined us…Jazz, Lisa, Jim, Paul, Dave. So lucky number’s seven!

It’s really great to sit in a room with a group of switched on, creative, thinking people. I also like that they aren’t afraid to chime in and argue points if they disagree with a proposal. But they also offer alternatives, which is great. No point in surrounding yourself with yes men. You’ll only ever get what you want to hear, rather than what you need to hear. The biggest snags or issues with whatever we do seldom lies within the company. It is invariably the external supply chain which lets us down, or slows us down. Thank goodness we make most of what we design – including the packaging nowadays. Honestly, running a business is a challenge! But we love a challenge!

Tina brought me a beautiful gift. A real WOW. Look..

When I asked her how she had made it, she modestly said she had used one of our stamps on fabric, then embroidered onto it, to give her a pattern. “Which stamp?” I asked, being the typical curious crafter..

And then I saw it. How cool.


Isn’t the embroidery beautiful? I immediately said it reminded me of Rowandean , and Tina said she too LOVES Rowandean work. I am very grateful for the lovely gift, and for such a dear friend. She really is a smashing woman.

Now I want to have a go at embroidering like this !! But hang on. I’ve started a blimming Totem Pole for the garden ! One thing at a time. I actually started an embroidery project once – when I was pregnant with Grace ! Ask me if I’ve finished it yet….when Grace has a baby I will endeavour to complete it x x x Totem Pole first though !

Quote for today?

You have brains in your head,
you have feet in your shoes,
you can steer yourself any direction you choose

Dr Seuss

Too true Blue!

Love always,

Barb x

25 thoughts on “In the Boardroom

  1. What a beautiful piece of embroidery – I love it!
    My Mum did embroidery as well as traditional parchment and made some beautiful pieces!

    Looking forward to seeing what new ideas you guys at Clarity Towers come up with in the future – thank you for all the fabulous projects and inspiration xxx

  2. What a beautiful present! Tina is one talented lady! I had never thought of using a stamp to embroider! She has used the design In great style . Marvellous! Thankyou for showing it to us! Bet it was an enjoyable meeting!

  3. What a beautiful piece from Tina. I have a cross stitch that is now 23 years old (unfinished). It depicts life through the ages to the millennium. It was purchased by a good friend who sadly died that same year. Probably like many crafters I have several projects on the go that sometimes get overlooked. I’ve taken the minutes of many Board meetings in my career and it’s amazing how many objections to ideas to resolve something you have to note. At least your participants gave alternative solutions or proposals.

  4. What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I have a cross-stitch picture which I started when my daughter was about 5 years old. She recently celebrated her 36th birthday!! x

  5. Lovely to hear you are planning some more goodies and the meeting went with a bang! Love Tina’s gift, stunning such a lovely talented lady.

  6. I Love Tina‘s designs and her use of colour is just magical. That embroidery – wow! One talented lady !

    Glad you had a good meeting and I’m excited to see what comes of the ideas discussed. 🥰

  7. it is beautiful, lucky you! I would love a tutorial from Tina on the Claritymatters blog if possible? As I enjoy Stitching and this would be another way to use my lovely collection of Clarity stamps!

  8. What a talent is the beautiful Tina! Plus one of the nicest people around. Her embroidery is gorgeous and something else to add to her long list of talents. I hope you had plenty of chocolate for her, as well as doughnuts! Looking forward to seeing the results of that meeting – they can only be good. X

  9. You are so lucky to have people who are not afraid to speak up in the “boardroom” as that is the only way to get things done properly.
    Tina’s embroidery is beautiful, such a talented lady and a lovely gift . I will be watching her on tv on Saturday.
    I have not stamped on fabric but hubby uses stamps a lot with his pyrography and turns out some fantastic items.
    I too have cross stitch ( Henry 8 & 6 wives ) tapestry and embroidery unfinished as it was all packed away when we moved 8 years ago. Since then I have become a Clarity addict and have limited space to keep everything else out. As the saying goes – out of sight out of mind.
    Have a good evening. 🍒

  10. Pleased you had a productive day in the boardroom Barbara!
    Love your gift and have never thought of using stamps as a pattern for embroidery! “Why not?” I’ve asked myself several times since reading today’s blog!!!! Agree with Karen, a tutorial would be fantastic if Tina is able to share her wonderful creativity.
    Looking forward to seeing Tina’s shows at the weekend.

  11. What a beautiful gift! I’ll be trying some stamp embroidery and also pyrography to use more of my many, many stamps … right after I finish sorting and organising everything in my craft room so I can find it more easily x

    1. Beautiful work Tina..a work of art.
      Glad you all had a good’s good to share ideas.
      I’ve had macular treatment today, injections in both eyes so can barely see for many hours. but hey ho! It is maintaining my good vision and I can drive! God willing by mid day tomorrow I shall have recovered, once more. Forever thankful. X

  12. What a beautiful gift which sparks off lots of ideas as I have loads of embroidery threads from past hobbies. There is a cross stitch project on a frame in the loft that is waiting to be finished but crafting styles have changed over the years. One day it will be finished !!
    Looking forward to seeing what you have all lined up for the Open Days !!

  13. Love Tina’s embroidery. I started a cross stitch of wacky ballerinas in the 5 positions to hang in my daughter’s room when she was a baby. She’s going to be 47 this year and I finished it when her daughter was a baby. She’s going to be 16 in July. 30 years wasn’t long really was it?!!

  14. Hello Barb, well Tina’s gift is certainly one to treasure, such creativity and beauty. Glad you had a productive meeting. I’m not one for embroidery, or cross stitch or anything like that. Had to do a tapestry for school and embroidery, never finished them, don’t think I got pass marks! Take care and stay warm everyone.

  15. Love Tina’s beautiful gift. I too thought it was Rowandean and what a great idea to use a stamp for the pattern! I completed a piece of Rowandean embroidery when I had covid in lockdown, so that will always have a memory attached, just like your gift! x

  16. What a lovely gift from Tina. Lovely to be able to do other crafts as well and so beautifully. I too started an embroidery just before my son was born and that was 36 years ago. I will go back to it one day (she says). Glad the meeting went well.

  17. Tina is just soooo talented – she’s an unstoppable force of creativity (bit like yourself!)
    I’m so glad to hear you love Rowandean too, Barbara – when Katrina is demonstrating on C&C, I find her voice so calming and soothing, and her embroidery is just delicious, even though I haven’t attempted it myself….. yet! I think embroidery is my next art genre!
    Good to hear your meeting went so well too xxx ❤️


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