Hair Raising!

Hair Raising!

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Hope you are having a great weekend? Want to introduce you to two friends: Earle & Gola. They are our Paul’s family actually! I have their permission to tell you about their very brave endeavours…

Earle works in the care system. He looks after the elderly. Always takes Gola with him to work, and the residents at the care home love them both for sure. He is such a nice guy. And the little dog is precious.

During lockdown, Earle grew his hair really long. Couldn’t get to a hairdresser, just like the rest of us, evidently didn’t trust Paul to cut it for him, (hahahaha!) so went with it! Then, he decided to keep it long, which really suited him. When I last saw him at Dad’s funeral, I couldn’t believe how long his ponytail was!

Well, the good guy decided to have the chop, and brave the shave, to raise funds for MacMillan. He even roped Gola in to the snip!

Earle: “Off with the lot !!”


Gola: “Mmm. Not sure about this Dad. Having second thoughts…”

Hold still…


All done! Well done!!!

Very noble cause; a VERY good, brave act for charity. Earle’s hair will help make a wig for a cancer patient, and he has raised a few hundred pounds too. I think Earle is so handsome, he wears bald beautifully.

If you would like to donate, click HERE

Quote for today:

Love is in the Hair…

Love always

Barb x x x

14 thoughts on “Hair Raising!

  1. What a lovely post and what a lovely man to do that. It is always heartwarming to hear about the good people in this world. The poor doggy doesn’t look too happy though. ☹️X

  2. Looks like Paul will have the longest hair in the house, for a few weeks at least ! 😀

    Well done Earle and of course Gola.

  3. Great cause. Well done Earle & Gola! Definitely prefer the shaved look…on Earle anyway! Who knew there was a little dalmatian hiding under all that fluff ? 🙂

  4. Well done Earle 👍. A decent wig makes all the difference to how you feel during treatment.
    Because of research so many people have been cured, me included, and any donations will be appreciated whatever they go to be it wigs, research, hospice care and the wonderful people who take care of cancer patients . I am already contributing as I am a very grateful survivor and wanted to give something back.
    Stay safe.

  5. Well done Earle & Gola, a wonderful thing to do with the hair so someone can benefit from it. I do feel sorry for Gola as it is still a bit chilly – at least Earle can put a hat on !! Perhaps Paul could knit Gola a scarf.
    My Great niece had her long hair cut to a bob a few weeks ago, donating 16 inches of hair to the Little Princesses Trust.

  6. Poor little Gola doesn’t look too impressed – hope he’s got a cosy jumper? I can crochet one if not! Well done Earle – shaved really suits you x

  7. Arr poor Gola he so sweet ,my Susie should get her hair cut Wednesday should have gone other week but hubby was rushed into hospital so I couldn’t get there ,last time she had it done it cost £41 but going to a different groomer and think it might be £35 at this one hubby got go back hospital tomorrow so hope they don’t keep him in again ,no way to get to groomer if so so fingers crossed

  8. A lovely thing to do, and obviously a very caring and loving man. My nieces had their long hair cut off when my lovely sister and her beautiful daughter both had cancers caused by the BRAC2 mutated gene. And when I had cancer Macmillan were fabulous too. I think Gola needs a little jacket now! xx

  9. Hello Barb, having done it myself, I can truly say well done for braving the shave Earl and Gola, a very worthy cause. I can’t do it again though, because I keep my hair very, very short now. Take care everyone. Bx

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