Clever Stencils out to play!

Clever Stencils out to play!

Hi there.

Thanks for popping in. Lights, camera, action!

I will be on Create & Craft at 9am & 1pm with a brand new and very arty Block Print Alphabet and Numbers stamp set, together with some Wee and Miniature Cats, Dogs, Butterflies, Birds, Fish and Marine Life stamp sets. But my new favourite go to/essential item for these shows is our latest set of 7×7 Abstract Layout Positive & Negative stencils. Brilliant to use.

Butterflies and birds, fish and sea life, cats and dogs…

Here is some inspiration from the design team


You don‘t get any extra for being miserable !

Love always,

Barb x x x

10 thoughts on “Clever Stencils out to play!

  1. Looking forward to the shows today, those stencils look very interesting, hope all goes well. I missed the 5.00pm show yesterday totally forgot! So cross as I purchased the Shac season mandala’s last year, trying to find out if I can watch the show but as yet no info on any catch up.

    1. Hi Thelma, go to the TV schedule on C&C, 5pm show yesterday and at the far right it says ‘watch show’. That is the easiest way.

  2. Hello Barb, all set to record, as have to concentrate on the day job, and so I don’t miss the shows like I did yesterday. Love the samples and intrigued by the stencils. Great quote. Take care and enjoy everyone. Bx

  3. These stencils look awesome!
    But unfortunately I blew my crafting budget yesterday so will have to miss out.
    Thank you for all the inspiration and I’m sure I will get them at some time.

  4. Caught the last 15 minutes of the 9am show as I had overslept for the first time in months. Suddenly realised I hadn’t pressed record either but hopefully our new box records from the beginning so can watch it all again later along with 1pm show. If not I can go to C&C catch up option.
    The samples from the DT are fabulous & the stencils look great, something else to add to my shopping list for the open days !!

  5. Watched the shows today, inspirational. Also cleared out a storage cupboard and now have a shelf for all my stencils. Must use them more now they are all sorted. The wee birds n butterflies, fish n sea life will get a lot of use, so pleased they are wee and mini.
    Picked up quite a few tips today, thank you for some excellent demos.
    Take care.

  6. Enjoyed the shows today, great samples from the design team. A belated thank you for my Birthday card which I received yesterday. xx

  7. Oh dear I forgot to record these! Something to look forward to watching on catch up next week after my charity volunteering weekend x Great artwork by all the DT members.

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