Güd Friday!

Güd Friday!

Happy Easter friends! I hope you have a pleasant weekend planned with friends and family. We‘re here, although Dave and Paul are using the empty office time to move some big equipment from one factory to the other. I did ask if I could help, but the answer was “not really”. So I‘ll be chief cook and bottle washer instead.

Look what came through the letterbox here this week…the official invitation!

Thanks to several of you lovely people, who went to the trouble of nominating me to attend a Royal Tea-party – Dave and I are going to the Palace in May!

I was in hospital when the nomination letter landed, and I will never forget the surprise, then the disbelief, and then the 180º turnaround in my head, from so low and sad to so overwhelmed and excited! I cannot tell you how much that letter helped me. The very fact that folks got together and knocked on that door on my behalf was pretty humbling. And timing is everything. The timing was perfect.

The King’s Coronation is actually on the 6th May, our dear old Dad’s birthday, who died in January. So when we were asked whether we’d prefer the party on the 3rd or the 9th, I actually picked the 3rd, BEFORE the big coronation gig. I was a little perturbed when I asked you in a previous blog which date you would pick – and most of you went for the 9th!! I wondered if I’d missed something crucial! Anyway, we are going to the party on the 3rd May! It’s official!

To celebrate, we’ve come up with some very cool designs, AND some Royal Gnomes! Had to be done! There are free Postcards included too, and the Royal Gnomes come with masks AND an additional free colouring postcard. Nice!!

Royally Special Introductory Price of £26.97 saving £3 (plus Craft Club Discount)

How about a Groovi version? On Güd Friday?

Royally Special Introductory Price of £7.49 saving £2 (plus Craft Club Discount)

Plus as part of our Happy Easter Event, if your basket comes to £30 or more you will receive an additional 10% discount.

Right. Ready for a little arty exercise, to limber up for all those choccie eggs?! I spent a relaxing couple of hours yesterday, prepping a little step by step for you.

Really easy, but the sequence on the flag emblem is worth noting. Easy rule: Start in the middle, with the red cross!

  • Mount the stamps
  • Pick 2 royal colours
  • Use a sponge to spread the ink on the red cross and plant in the centre of a piece of white stencil card
  • wrap the blue triangles around the red cross. Great little flag! Bunting stamp works the same x
  • Add the round writing with a black Archival ink pad
  • Using sponges, blend the same red and blue around the London art. Apart from the Charles III writing, all the other parts of the stampset will play perfectly for other occasions after the Coronation. Give us some ideas below x x x
  • Stamp the Celebrate on a scrap, and sponge a background piece with the same colours.

  • Use the right size embedder to add a classy edge.
  • attach it with low-tack tape to the front
  • flip over to embed with a tool. Ahh. Here we see on the back how I learned to start in the centre, with the red cross! So much easier to position. I had a 50/50 chance!!
  • Make a background layer the same as the Celebrate layer. I used a Blending mat and the same sponges
  • Assemble.

This card is going to the palace. I will send it from all of us, if that’s ok? Clarity – AND the Clarity Community.

The little gnome ATC cards are such fun to use !

I hope you like them as much as we do. All Limited edition. Happy Coronation. And thank you again for making it possible to attend the Palace tea Party. What an honour.

Quote of the day?

Throughout all my life and with all my heart I shall strive to be worthy of your trust.

Queen Elizabeth II

Love always,

Barb x x x

30 thoughts on “Güd Friday!

  1. Oh what a beautiful card. What an honor to be invited to the Palace. I went when I was 15 with my parents to one the the garden parties and then again 2016 when the Royal Yeomanry’s were presented their new Guidon flag. Special days to remember. You both so deserve it x

  2. As a true Royalist, I love all the pomp and ceremony involved with Royal events. These designs are brilliant.
    Your invitation to the Palace is well deserved and I am sure that you and Dave will enjoy every moment. Your dad would have been so proud. Have a relaxing weekend. X

  3. So well deserved Barbara. You will have a great day and Charles and Camilla wont be worn out on the 3rd, by the 9th they will be flagging so great choice of dates. Lovely idea to send the King and Queen a card and humbled that you are thinking of including us all in the good wishes. Happy Easter to you and Dave as well, try to enjoy your time off together xx

  4. I think we’re all so thrilled and excited that you’ve been invited to this lovely occasion. You so deserve a treat…..and what a treat! All the royals will be in town too. LOVE the stamps , and a lovely idea to send a card to the Palace. Hope you have a lovely sunny Easter weekend xx

  5. Well if the Lord Chamberlain is commanded by the King to invite you it’s a good job you said yes, wouldn’t want you thrown in the Tower for refusing. I’m sure it will a magical day for you and Dave and justly deserved. Love the stamp set and don’t ask me why but I immediately saw Mary and Joseph at Christmas with crowns instead of halos. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  6. I am so thrilled and excited for you, you’ll both have an amazing time and so well deserved. What a lovely thought to send a card to the Palace from all of us…
    Being a Royalist these stamps are right up my street and already ordered.
    Have a lovely Easter one & all and crack a few eggs,
    Chocolate ones of course!

  7. Greetings from Down Under, Barb! I’ve been travelling for the last 2 weeks but have now got a week in one place, so spent a happy hour this evening catching up on the blog. You’ve been so busy – loving all the designs and these gnomes are just fab! I’ll still be away for the Coronation, but aiming to watch from New Zealand. Have a fabulous time at the Garden Party – See you at the Open Day! xx

  8. Congratulations Barbara et David !!
    I suppose you will have wide open eyes and ears in that occasion. Enjoy !!!!
    My granddaughter who is 12 had to write to King Charles in her classroom and she chose a card I had made with groovi. She was so proud !!
    Have a great time at this garden party !
    And we shall be curious to hear about it of course 😊
    Take care

  9. Beautiful invitation. Congratulations and enjoy. May 3rd will be a wonderful build up to the coronation.

  10. you’ll have a marvellous time. I was luvky to get an invitation a few years ago. what a privileged it was.
    you deserve this so.much. you give and give of yourself, now it’s time for you to receive somthing special.

  11. so looking forward to these arriving, I spotted them before the email and blog and had to get them. Enjoy the 3rd and chill Barb, you deserve a whole lot of gud xx

  12. A well deserve honour Ma’am and Sir. Without you all lock down would have been a much sadder place for many of use. Love the Royal Gnomes and Beefeater too. xx

  13. Brilliant, Barb, you and Dave so deserve your special day at the Palace! Have a lovely fun day, and enjoy the occasion (comfy shoes, of course! 😄) And such a lovely gesture to include the whole Clarity community on the card to the Palace hopefully his majesty will realise what you have done for so many people and it will soon be – “Clarity Crafts, by Royal Appointment!”
    A great new little stamp set in time for the Coronation – my order went straight in this morning as soon as I saw them!

  14. They’re changing Monarchs at Buckingham Palace,
    Barb and Dave will have tea from a chalice,
    Do you think the King knows of Groovi and Stamps,
    Sure to, friends, and Clarity are Champs!
    Says Ken!

  15. A fabulous set of stamps & Groovi to celebrate the Coronation & of course the Garden Party. It is surprising how quickly this year is flying by so May 3rd will soon be here. Hope you have chosen your shoes & have been wearing them in. You don’t want sore feet to spoil the day !!
    Hope the equipment move went ok so Dave & Paul could enjoy some of the lovely April sunshine that we have had today. Have a lovely Easter Weekend everyone & thank you Clarity for the Easter treat on the website xx

  16. Happy Easter Barbara and Dave – we had a lovely weekend planned with our family. I planned all week, cooked, cleaned, made beds etc only for the phrase ‘best laid plans’ and all that. The dreaded COVID struck our grandson. So one branch fell off however, today we entertained the other branch and now they’ve all disappeared I’m catching up with FB. Sunday we’ll be going to our daughters for Easter dinner and Monday (if I can get out of bed) I’ve promised myself a crafty day. Love the stamps, I must go to the website and have a look in depth xx Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx

  17. Great set of stamps ( and the step by step ) to celebrate the coronation. I imagine the whole Clarity community will be thinking of you on 3rd of May. It is a well deserved invitation and thanks to those who nominated you.
    Beautiful sunny day here, it inspired me to do some spring cleaning so now I am cream crackered and looking forward to the dinner hubby is cooking.
    Hope Dave and Paul got on well with the moving.
    Happy Easter to everyone🐣🐣🐣

  18. Well to actually know someone going to the Palace Garden Party is great as we will all have first hand info on the event can’t wait. So deserved you two. Hope the move is going well and Dave and Paul their backs are ok!
    Love the Royal Gnomes!

  19. Absolutely fabulous what a special day and I think you picked the perfect date, everything will be fresh and new, and you will be experiencing it on the first day, first hand.
    The card is just perfect and such a wonderful thought for you to include our community. I wonder if either the King or Camilla have seen a Clarity or shac show, how would that make you feel?
    Have a super Easter everyone. How cute are the Gnomes, and what a fabulous set.xx

  20. What lovely artwork. I am sure it will stand out in the many pieces of congratulatory mail they will receive.
    I don’t envy you trying to decide what to were; I’m struggling trying to find something for a family wedding; never mind something fit to meet the future King & Queen. Have a wonderful Easter everyone.

  21. Have a lovely time, Barbara. My brother went a few years ago and said it was fantastic. I sent a card to the Queen for her Jubilee and got a lovely reply. I know she would not have seen my offering but I still treasure the letter from the Palace. You deserve the treat and I look forward to seeing seeing the photos. Xx

  22. And yesterday – the King and Queen were in York for the Maundy service – I got lovely pictures of them – we were just a couple of feet away when they passed (craftily parked ourselves near the cutest dog ever (called Bindi) and she was resplendent in union flags – how could the Queen not stop!!) – and she did. WOW. You are in for a real treat.
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  23. Hi Barb,
    I like the stamp set and Groovi plate to Celebrate the Coronation. You have included a saluting Gnome dressed as a Guard and several Regiments wear almost identical uniforms with the familiar Bear Skin helmet, the most well known being the Grenadier Guards; However, I think there is one more Gnome Character that is missing from the lineup; how about a Beefeater Gnome (officially a Yeoman Warder and King’s body guard) They wear a ruff around their necks and their costume is based on Tudor garments having been formed by Henry VII the first Tudor Monarch in 1485 (father of the infamous Henry VIII). Can you tell I am a bit of a history buff?

    Here’s an exert from Google:
    The Tudor rose, a heraldic badge of the dynasty, is part of the badge of the Yeomen Warders to this day.

    Why Yeoman Warders are nicknamed Beefeaters:
    The name Beefeater is more likely to have originated from the time when the Yeomen Warders at the Tower of London were paid part of their salary with chunks of beef. This took place right up until the 1800s. The King’s Body Guard, known as the Yeomen of the Guard, are a bodyguard of the British Monarch.

    Just an idea Barb; maybe you could take a stamp set along to the Garden Party for the King’s Grandchildren? They might have a lovely time stamping up the Royal Gnomes and it might give Prince William and Princess Kate some peace while they colour them! 👍🏻🤣🇬🇧

    This Mr Morris has booked to attend my first Clarity Open Day and look forward to meeting the Clarity family and having a lovely crafty time.

  24. Hi Barb, what a lovely step by step, my stamps are on their way, so will definitely give this a go. Thanks for the stamping order tips. Love the gnomes too, but had to stop somewhere. A beautiful quote, and yes please send that card. Take care and stay safe everyone. Bx

  25. Love the stamps, thank you. Ordering.
    Congratulations on being chosen to go to the royal garden party, wonderful. My advice, especially as you have been so poorly, wear really warm thermals under your finery. .when we went there was no shelter and it was freezing..in May. A great experience. Keep safe.xx

  26. you will love it. tiny sandwiches in quarters and no crust lol. wee tiny strawberry tarts….enjoy it its amazing….
    we spoke to prince philip when we were there….
    day dress, hat and tights…lol

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