Acceptance is the key

Acceptance is the key

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Went to see the consultant today. All in all, a positive outcome. Blood infection well down, having been through the roof, oxygen levels healthy. It was the X-ray which took me aback. I was quite surprised to see how not symmetrical the lungs were. The consultant explained that the diaphragm had moved up and taken the liver with it, to fill the gap the infection had created. He then went on to expain that that would likely be the way it would stay. But he was very happy with the way I was responding to the antibiotics, and I should start to feel less tired and worn out in a couple of months.

It was the permanence of the diaphragm shift that rattled me. I had naively assumed that things would all just go back to normal after a while, but the Consultant – who really is TOP BANANA by the way – reminded me gently that the lung infection has been extreme, and that I was very lucky to have this outcome.

So we shook hands, I thanked him profusely for getting me through it and out the other side – albeit with a few war wounds.

And now I have to accept that this is the consequence. The body will adapt, and nobody will even know on the outside how asymmetrical my lungs and diaphragm are! I went for a kip when we got home, more to just be alone for an hour and adjust my thinking.

All done. Lucky to be alive. Breathing exercises and water. Grateful to the consultant for clarifying everything. Oh, and for saving my life. He was the man from start to finish who was banging the drum, diagnosing, putting treatments in place. Yes, quite formidable. God bless the NHS.

Quote for today?

Acceptance is the key to all my problems today

As I said to Dave, Life is so fragile. Here today, gone tomorrow. After the events of the last few months, I have certainly got a very healthy understanding of my own fragility now. Just makes me want to make the most of life, enjoy it properly, stop working like a nutter – and make the most of each day. One day at a time. Joy is on the horizon!

Doris Day summed it up!

You work and work
For years and years
You’re always on the go
You never take the minute off
Too busy making dough
Someday you’ll say
You’ll have your fun
When you’re a millionaire
Imagine all the fun you’ll have
In your ‘ol rocking chair

Enjoy yourself
It’s later than you think
Enjoy yourself
While you’re still in the pink
The years go by
As quickly as a wink
Enjoy yourself
Enjoy yourself
It’s later than you think

C’mon now, you gotta have fun!

You’re gonna take that ocean trip
No matter come what may
You’ve got your reservations but
You just can’t get away
Next year for sure you’ll see the world
You’ll really get around
But how far can you travel when
You’re six feet underground

Enjoy yourself
It’s later than you think
Enjoy yourself
While you’re still in the pink
The years go by
As quickly as a wink
Enjoy yourself
Enjoy yourself
It’s later than you think

Get out and see the world!

You worry when the weather’s cold
You worry when it’s hot
You worry when you’re doing well
You worry when you’re not
It’s worry worry all the time
You don’t know how to laugh
They’ll think of something funny when
They write your epitaph

Enjoy yourself
It’s later than you think
Enjoy yourself
While you’re still in the pink
The years go by
As quickly as a wink
Enjoy yourself
(Enjoy yourself)
It’s later than you think

Come on! Singalong!!!

Love always

Barb x x x

41 thoughts on “Acceptance is the key

  1. Glad you had a good meeting with the Consultant & that you will be ok going forward be it slightly different inside. Its amazing how the body adapts to things we throw at it. So gently does it one day at a time to begin a new normal routine that is more realistic than the one you had before !!
    New era – new plans – exciting times ahead !!

  2. So glad things are moving in the right direction even though the diaphragm and liver have moved! It’s amazing what the body can do on its own! Hope the solitude rest helped.
    Acceptance seems to be the key but it’s still a hard thing todo! Hugsx

    1. Well, who knew the liver and diaphragm moved ever? that’s something I’ve learnt today. As long as they still work that’s the main thing. Great to have good news. X

      I met 3 new kittens today, nearly cats now. They now belong to the President of an Oxford College, they’ll have such a big garden to go out into and many residents to meet (students are already visiting them) no doubt they will be found asleep in various student rooms eventually. They will be under strict Health & Safety regs and probably be running the college soon ! X

  3. What can I say? A last you have realised you have to banish worka and hollix for good, take it easy for the next few months, and have a more relaxed routine later when you get back on the bus. It is good to know how well you are improving and that you had such a good consultant taking care of you.
    I remember this song and by the time I finished reading I was singing along. Brought a smile to hubby’s face!!!!!
    Had a good day today 😊 smiles all round.
    Have a good weekend. 🍒🍒🍒

  4. Happy to hear you are doing well and your Consultant is pleased with your recovery and response to your treatment. No I didn’t know the liver and diaphragm could move and remain there either. It takes time to accept change in any form. Don’t rush things, i can’t imagine what you have been through, but have been thinking of you and wish you lots of positive vibes and love. Xx

  5. After a near death experience 10 years ago I can so relate to where you are now. It will take time to adjust to a new rhythm of life. Embrace the new pace and look forward to The Garden Party. X

  6. Glad you had positive news from the consultant Barbara, we just never know what’s around the corner. The song says it all, except, never be your own doctor! I’ve also had to learn that and the NHS have been and still are so caring and helpful when the chips are down. Take it easy and enjoy the weekend. Xx

  7. I’m glad you have good news today, but it seems you also have some food for thought. You see your viking Eric is enjoying life with his mended leg , even though its not quite what it was. I’m biased, but I think we can learn a fair bit from our cats, and dogs too. Take Care.x

  8. My brother recently had AAA screening and found out his organs are in mirror image! Without xrays and scans you wouldn’t have known and would just be feeling better – enjoy that feeling. And slowing down to smell the roses won’t do you any harm either x

  9. Hi Barbara. Glad you’ve been reassured you can carry on with your bits in a different place!
    It’s very disconcerting when you’re told your insides have shifted. After serious operation 10 years ago, I woke to the surgeon saying all went well, but we’ve had to move your kidney down 2 1/2 cm Well, who knew one could move a kidney?
    Great song. Loved Doris day. My favourite of hers was Que Sera Sera. Whatever will be, will be.
    Take care. X

  10. So glad it was good news today even if your insides aren’t quite where they used to be. The human body is amazing at adapting so hopefully all will be well in the fullness of time. As you say this has been your wake up call and the words of that song are so true. Take this time to re-evaluate what is really important to and in your life. Keep travelling gently to full recovery xxx

  11. Thank you Barbara for reminding us all that we must live our lives and not standstill waiting for life to come to us. Tomorrow is never promised to us so we must make the best of what we have and wherever it is placed 😊 so pleased you’ve had positive news today. Our bodies are amazing, and all so different. Thank God indeed for the NHS xx

  12. Glad to hear that your consultant is pleased with your progress. Who knew that your internal organs can move. The human body truly is a wonderful thing & we should take good care of ours and live life to the full as you never know what is round the corner. Take all the time you need to properly recharge your batteries Barbara. Take a leaf from your cats & sleep when you need to, no matter what time of day. It will pay of in the end. xc

  13. so good to hear Consultant pleased with progression. indeed life is for living so enjoy each day.
    With gratitude for being alive brings responsibility for making the most out of each day.

  14. Thank goodness for the NHS – there when you really need them. So glad your consultant is pleased with your progress. It must be hard to accept a slower pace when your so used to spinning all those plates. Glad you are taking time to reevaluate things and acceptance is key, spin only one plate at a time for now!

    Take care – looking forward to Sundays Shows.

  15. Good news that you’re well on the road to recovery and your ‘new normal’. Someone once said to me that you can only live the life you have – I try to follow that and give thanks for the blessings I do have.

  16. Hi Barbara
    Hooray I’m glad you are feeling better and have decided to slow work down and spend time with those you love. I know I can speak for many and be selfish hoping you get back to how things were and nothing changes but sometimes something happens for
    a reason and if that means stepping back then so be it. Since losing my brother 2 years ago I vowed I would try to appreciate every day and make it special. Today is my brother in law’s 76th birthday and we went to an ABBA tribute band tonight it was great a evening special times.
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  17. As I always say, live for today, no one knows what’s around the corner. Really glad your body is on the mend, I know it will be a slow process but as they say dont run before you can walk and listen to your body when it tells you its had enough for one day! Work will still be there when you are ready but maybe not at the pace you were going before? Xxx

  18. Hi Barbara
    I am pleased that the consultant is happy with your progress.
    I am loving following your daily blog and I am a day behind on reading as I have taken the time to go traveling.
    I have always been a workerolock, but realised if you don’t get off the roller-coaster you never go and see or do the things we all talk about doing.
    So listen to your body, rest up take the sleep when you need too enjoy the cats take a leaf from there books.
    Your team will take care of the day to day things and we will all understand and be here to embrace your future path which is going to be different. Love to your Mum.
    Take care and enjoy your weekend. xx

  19. It’s always something drastic to realign our lives and and makes us really really appreciate what we have! The words of the song are so so true, you stand back, or I do at almost 73 and wonder where the years have gone. Had lunch with a dear friend who’s about to turn 90 and he’s planning his party and he said “just in case I don’t make it, carry on without me”. You must take time to stop and listen and enjoy what’s really important before it’s too late. So pleased you are getting stronger even with a re figuration of your lungs x

  20. I read this post just before I went to bed last night and, during my usual wakeful time, at about 4am, I lay thinking of how to reply. It is hard to put into words and I can only admire your strength to have coped with these last few months. I must also thank you for sharing your trials and thoughts, as they must have helped so many people who are also struggling. Your honesty and positivity in adversity is much appreciated.
    I couldn’t get this song out of my head – it was recorded in the year I was born and I heard it throughout my childhood. It didn’t resonate at all then, but it certainly does now! Have a good weekend. X

  21. So glad you’re heading in the right direction! What a wonder your consultant is! Your new mindset is great… definitely time to go at a slower pace and smell the roses (or daffodils, as they’re out now!)

  22. At 17 my daughter had cancer, the fluid in her body push her organs into her chest, kidneys, liver which in turn was pushing her lungs, it was terrible seeing the X-rays, thankfully she is doing well now and living her dream, she’s working in New Zealand. We will always be grateful of the care of the NHS, especially her lovely doctor who used to say ‘here she is, my girl’ every time we went to an appointment, it put her at ease. I’m so pleased to hear your news Barbara.

  23. Glad you got such good news from the consultant but hope that you will try to step back from being a workaholic, much as we love seeing you on the Shac and on TV we just want to know you are getting fit again. Make time for you and Dave and the family. Xx

  24. Happy to hear you are doing well.
    It is wonderful how our organs can improve and take over when they are not working as they should be.
    My lungs are looking like balloons who are empty after a few days hanging in the air.
    A great song from Doris Day and yes I do remember it.
    Have a quit weekend, Trijntje Huppel

  25. Hi Barb, good news that you are recovering well, and as you say Doris summed it up perfectly. I think we all believe at some point that we are invincible, but we really are not! Take care and stay safe and warm everyone. Sending hugs to all that need them. Bx

  26. So good to hear that you are gradually feeling better, a bit of a shock to know your organs can move, but god works in mysterious ways. Take things easy Barb and smell the roses. life shouldn’t be all work and no play. Glad you are realising that you need to slow down. God Bless. Love that song by Doris Day, one of my best memories is my Mum singing Que Sera another Doris Day hit.xx

  27. So glad to hear you have seen your consultant and he has told you how serious it all has been and still is.
    I hope you put work on the back burner and flush out worker and Hollick!
    You have a good team around you so take it easy and enjoy yourself more!
    Thank you for posting ‘ enjoy yourself’ I spend more time worrying than doing- thanks for the reminder!
    Take care Barb x

  28. Barbara, our chests, on the inside are asymmetrical normally, the left lung has only two lobes to make room for the heart and the right has three. There are many people wandering this world who have a lobe or even a whole lung removed and everything just has a little shift around. Just remember to tell everyone your abnormality if you ever have a chest X-ray somewhere else. The body is a marvellous thing with built in reserve, after all, how often do we ever really fill our lungs to breathe. Sorry about the anatomy lesson but as a retired cardio-thoracic nurse I have been following your recovery with great interest. Take care and carry on doing exactly what you are doing.

  29. Dear Barbara ,so glad to hear of your recent update .You are truly unique now inside and out with x rays to prove it! Caring for yourself as you have cared for others is not as easy as it sounds but please do travel gently and take time to smell the roses .

  30. So pleased you’re making such good progress. Thanks for the Doris Day reminder. Had forgotten some of the verses but so true. Will be singing in my head all day now . Take good care of yourself

  31. Hi Barbara. I learnt that the organs can move when my mother went into hospital just before Christmas. She has a massive hiatus hernia and this pushed several organs against her lungs. She had suffered with breathing problems and had to have an operation to pull the organs back. Then in the same week had an emergency operation to peg them back as the hernia was worse than they thought. She’s on the mend now just got to have the pegs removed in a few months. She’s a bit like you really, very determined and having a positive outlook. Hope you continue to feel better. Take care

  32. glad you ok, my mum always said the dust will still be there when your not, yes very true, you have a good team behind you, yes your the driving force, but hell Barb you can’t run it from a sick bed,
    bloody slow down, think instead of do, we are all waiting here were not going anywhere without you
    lots of love

  33. It was good to hear you were managing to get out into Ashdown Forest. Nature certainly helps with healing body and soul.
    It was also lovely that you mentioned the Doris Day song ,wise words. Memories of singing along to the radio listening to ”Family Favourites” I think.
    Take good care Barbara (power/cat naps are a good tool for recovery).
    Health,Strength and Love to you XX

  34. So pleased to hear that the consultant is very pleased with your progress so you are doing the right things and must continue for a while longer. You will get there.
    Take care.

  35. They say, you learn something new every day and I’ve certainly learnt something new today when reading what your consultant told you about how diaphragm had moved up and taken the liver with it. Wow, it’s amazing how the body works, isn’t it? Yes, it sounds like the road to a full recovery will be long and maybe you will experience some set backs on the way but I’m convinced you will get there! Just follow your doctor’s orders and keep taking things easy. Also glad you have such a great consultant who’s been taking such good care of you! Love the words of the Doris Day song. So true! Yes, live for today and enjoy life as much as you can. That’s also been my mantra for the last few years. Life is too short, too precious! Sending hugs and lots of love. Alles Liebe ❤

  36. what a wonderful consultant you have. I always think we cope better if we know the truth. over the last 15 years I have had many consultants, many of them gems as yours. we give thanks for their knowledge and dedication, without which several of us would not be here, or have a poor quality of life. like you I am thankful for waking up each morning, and try do hard to make the morning st if the time I am blessed with. wishing you all the very best in your recovery…ps, my internal. organs are all over the place!
    much love

  37. Nice to hear some good news 🙂 Rest, relax and keep on keeping on – that should see you almost back to normal soon. There will be the healing rays of sunshine greeting us in a few weeks.

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