Living in the Solution

Living in the Solution

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. Today is a better day. The meds are kicking in, the nurses are wonderful, the chap in the bed opposite is so much like my brother, it’s uncanny, so there has been a lot of laughter, but some very deep conversations too.

I was gutted when the Doctor said they’re moving me to the respiratory wing today. Single rooms and very specific, but I’ve lost my new best mate!! We’ve already swapped phone numbers though😁

Thank you for all your good energy and kind wishes. It’s has been such a tonic reading through the posts. Thank you x

Gracie stuck to me like glue yesterday. She never stopped loving, caring, chasing meds, tidying up.
Greg called across from his bed opposite “she’s such a great Porter ”. For a moment I thought, that’s a Steve jab, but then I reconsidered… and then I laughed till it hurt . “Great Daughter” he’d said, not great Porter!!!

today’s quote?

Living in the solution x

love always

Barb x x x

85 thoughts on “Living in the Solution

  1. Dear Barbara, I was so, so sorry to hear about your pneumonia and hospital stay. You really must take as much time as necessary to fully recover from this. Clarity will continue with the skills of your wonderful team. There are no short cuts to this recovery.
    Prayers and love. Hilary x

  2. So glad to see you are improving Barbara. Remember, this is your body’s way of saying “slow down! “ make sure you get all the rest you need. Look after YOU! xx

  3. Wishing you well Barbara,you have such positivity which will help.Rest up and recover.Pneumonia is painful,I know from experience.Take time to recover ,your body always lets you know when to rest,we just don’t always listen.Life has a way of giving you a kick and reminding us that somethings are out of our control and that was the bit that scared me the most.Thank goodness you have got treatment and hopefully on the mend.
    Take care and sending you love
    Jane Thompson

  4. how lovely to see you posting Barbara, tho I do hope you’re resting too! (mind you, hospitals can be difficult places for getting quality sleep. In time you may find yourself grateful for the single room away from all the bleeping machines !)
    Keep taking the meds & doing as you’re told 😉
    get well soon xxx

  5. So glad to hear you are feeling a bit better and are being moved to a more specialised unit. Greg is 100% correct, Grace is a wonderful daughter. Thinking of you all xxx

  6. You sound more upbeat today Barbara which is so nice to read! Lovely that Grace is still in the UK. Imagine how worried she would be if she was still in the US when this happened. Keep breathing deeply, listen to the physio (I hope you have had a visit from one?!) and keep taking the meds. There is so much love and hope for a speedy return to good health . I can feel it xx

  7. Yeah….I’m going a bit ‘mutton jeff’ so I know exactly what you mean! So glad you are feeling a bit more yourself (I’ve been worrying about you, but then I could worry for England!)
    Maggie (Bendy Yorkite)

  8. Ich verfolge aus Deutschland ihren Blog und bin sehr traurig was ihnen in der kurzen Zeit des Jahres 2023 alles geschehen ist. Ich wünsche ihnen von Herzen alles Gute und baldige Genesung.
    Meine Gedanken sin auch bei ihnen!
    Liebe Grüßen.

  9. So pleased you are feeling a bit better today, and the fact you’ve been laughing too! We are all willing you better. Grace is the best! Can’t wait to see you again.
    Lots of Love
    Patricia 💕💕💕💕💕

  10. Good to read- today is a better day for you. Fabulous you met a new friend while in hospital. Wonderful that Grace is there to support you. Take care – hopefully you get rest and continue on your way to feeling better.Sending big hugs.

  11. Hi Barbara. So glad you’re feeling better and you started medication as soon as possible. I know how serious pneumonia can be, my daughter was in a coma on a ventilator for 5 days with double pneumonia, – such a scary time – (quite funny when she woke up, she thought everyone was a zombie trying to kill her!) so make sure you rest as much as you need when you get home. It’s not a quick fix!!! Look after yourself!

    Quote of the day: ‘your life is only as good as your mindset!’
    Lots if love, Sheila x x

  12. Hi Barbara
    So glad to hear that today is a better day!
    You have much sympathy from me and my husband – he was in hospital last June for 2 weeks with pneumonia and a partially collapsed lung, just after having covid…..
    You will need to take things very slowly and give your body time to heal – not a quick fix I am afraid, but probably a chance for lots of crafting and pottery once you get home.
    Take care, lots of love,
    Katharine & Simon Peace

  13. Happy to hear your spirit is still there and is going in the good direction to be well soon!
    What a pity you are no longer with your ‘mate’ but you have each other Phone numbers so there is still contact.
    Take care and get well soon!🍀

  14. So glad you are feeling a wee bit better today. It is good Grace is around she will certainly keep your spirits up.
    Travel gently and take care.
    Much Love

  15. Good to read things are improving. Sent a card to you this morning via Clarity business address but only had 2nd class stamp so you won’t get it a while yet. Take things easy for a while, you are going through a challenging time in all sorts of ways. Hugs and healing vibes

  16. so glad that you are well enough to post. I can only repeat what everyone else has said, you have been working so hard for so long, now it’s time to fully rest and recover. I am so pleased Grace has been with you, your wonderful family must be so worried about you. Lots of love for a speedy recovery.

  17. Glad you’re feeling better today. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to recover properly and don’t do to much too soon !!
    Love and hugs

  18. Glad you are doing well, Erik and Ragnar have asked to send you a message….”Hurry up home, mum…can’t wait to get on your lap and give you some whiskery kisses.”

  19. Lovely to hear you sounding so upbeat Barbara.
    That Solitaire app will be getting a pasting!
    Travel gently, one day at a time and this too shall pass!
    Love and hugs

  20. Even when you are unwell – you are a great tonic to us all. Even those near you in hospital – you share happiness .
    Your have a very kind spirit and great humour!
    Take care x

    1. So pleased to hear you’re feeling a bit better today – what a difference a day can make! Such a relief to hear you sounding a bit more upbeat and you’ve been laughing too, the best medicine! Take care xx

  21. I was pleased to see todays blog with news that you were feeling a little better. Love the mix up between porter & daughter but sorry you have to leave your new mate behind when you move to the single ward. Bonus is that you may be able to get some much needed sleep. One day at a time is the way forward – hope you have some good books lined up on audible xx

  22. Positive news. You can make friends in the most unexpected places or circumstances. I’m sure Greg will be gutted as not only has he lost you for great conversation but beautiful Grace too.

  23. So pleased that you are feeling better and had a laugh at your comments. You always manage to stay so positive, which is wonderful. It is good that Grace is still here with you and you have a lovely family and friends to support you as you recover. Keep fighting the good fight and get well. Hugs. XX

  24. I missed yesterday’s post. Not sure if I should say this but, FFS Barbara. Wishing you a speedy recovery and please look after yourself when you get home.
    Lynn x

  25. You are amazing how you find laughter even in a hospital bed, bet you cheered everyone up in the process. Hope you continue on the road to recovery and lovely to know Grace is with you. X

  26. So pleased you are feeling better and hope that continues. I too am blessed with a wonderful caring daughter and I am so pleased that Grace is there with you now. Rest as much as possible. Lots of love and hugs xxx

  27. How good that Grace has been with you, she is a good daughter. Trust you to make laughter and friends wherever you go. Your sense of humour shines.
    Hope you continue to improve steadily. Our thoughts are with you.

  28. So glad to see that you are feeling a bit better and brighter in yourself. Please take things gently and consider taking the “scenic route” on the bus journey to getting well again.x

  29. Hi Barbara, glad you are feeling a little better I can imagine how your Grace must be feeling! I had my son in intensive care and on a ventilator last October for nearly a month, so please please keep up your meds and rest it will take a little while for you to start feeling better.
    Love and take care ❤️

  30. I mistook my bout of pneumonia for strained back – not fun. For part of my recovery, I spent a couple a weeks in the warm sunshine ( holiday was pre booked), just an idea. Get well soon x

  31. Dearest Barb
    I didn’t have the opportunity to comment on yesterday’s post and say how my heart went out to you when I heard you’d got pneumonia and had been admitted to hospital. Your body had clearly decided that it needed to stop, after all you’ve had to deal with lately.
    I’m so pleased to hear you’re feeling a bit better today, and that you’ve got a hospital buddy! Poor chap probably doesn’t realise he’s famous now 😉 Big hugs to you, and Grace definitely deserves to polish her halo 🙂
    Hope it won’t be too long before you’re home and being cared for by your loving family. I have a feeling that Erik will know exactly how you’re feeling and not leave your side, keeping you warm with feline love, purrs and cuddles.
    Keep smiling, and know we’re all sending love, prayers and healing vibes your way. The most important thing now is to rest, relax and recuperate.
    Love and hugs, Claire xx

  32. So happy your family is there for you. I expect you’ve given Grace and everyone quite a fright.
    Your whole family need to rest and recuperate.
    Sending love and hugs.

  33. Great to read the meds are working already. I often thought if I was unlucky enough to end up in hospital I’d like my own room but, there’s something to be said for being in the thick of it if you’re not too poorly to need peace and quiet. You miss out on being nosey ! Glad you’re improving, hugs xx

  34. So sorry to read that you’re in hospital, but it’s the right place to be at the moment. Hope that you will soon be back home and on the road to a speedy recovery.

  35. Hi Barbara
    Glad you are doing well. We were just laughing about you mishearing what Greg said, Jackie’s uncle was in hospital last year and he said to the nurse who needs a harmonica she laughed and said he needs a heart monitor 🤣🤣🤣.
    Keep resting up
    Love Ruth and Jackie xx

  36. So good to hear you are feeling better and having a laugh along the way. Funny how you just click with some people in the most unlikely of places!
    Keep resting and laughing both great for healing xx

  37. Great to hear that meds are kicking in and that you are managing to have a laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Even if you have to laugh over the phone with your new mate, it will still do you good. Take care x😘

  38. Glad you are feeling a little better. Horrible illness, but good that Grace was with you yesterday. Sending best wishes from Fred and myself. xx

  39. Glad you are feeling better. Made me smile to read happiness between the lines. You know what they say ‘laughter is the best medicine’ but also ‘it only hurts when I laugh’ so be careful. Take care lovely lady xx

  40. So pleased to hear you’re feeling a bit better, Barbara. You make friends wherever you go, I’m sure Greg will be missing you too. Grace really is a lovely daughter and I’m so pleased she’s with you. I know your family will be missing you, including your fur babies, but please take it slow and steady to be able to heal fully. Much love and gentle hugs xXx 🦋💕

  41. Dear Barbara,
    It is so nice to hear you are feeling better today!
    Sometimes the body says ‘stop’.
    Take your time to recover fully, you need it and you deserve it!
    So nice to have loving family and caring children (are we really that old 😆).
    Hoe wonderful you are still blogging daily !

  42. Please, for once, (know this is alien to you and oh so difficult) but Do as you are advised! Rest, recover. Listen to your body. We all love you. Need you back to steer the good ship clarity. Take time for you. Rant over – sending hugs xxx

  43. That is so good to hear. You even sound a little brighter today and how lovely that Grace is there too.

    Thank you for managing to blog each day, incredible!
    Take care with lots of rest and relaxation as you gradually recover your health.
    Love & hugs.
    Linda x

  44. Barbara, I have come to know you through the TV and Exibitions for near on 20 years, and I hope you soon make a full recovery.
    Sue King

  45. Glad your meds are working and you have been able to have a laugh.
    Continue to do as your told.
    Remember that rest is the best medicine and laughter will help too.
    Get well quickly we miss you as our bus driver.
    But we will carry on and Craft on our own till your fully recovered Xxx.

  46. So glad to see that today’s a better day and you’re keeping your spirits up. Positivitiy counts for a lot, and you’ve got that in spades!
    Big hugs and healing vibes! (not forgetting for all your loved ones too, who will be worrying about you and feeling quite helpless about the situation, I imagine)

  47. I was unable to post yesterday – couldn’t find the Post Box!
    So sorry to learn that you are in hospital. Hope you feel much better soon. x

  48. Glad to read that you are feeling a little better now the medication is starting to work.

    Must be a relief to have your daughter around to take care of you too.

    When you are better; I bet you will be on your pottery wheel to make Greg a bowl, not a Greggs Sausage Roll! 🤣 Take care x

  49. Hello Barb, so pleased to hear you are feeling a little better. So lovely that Grace is there and that you had a bit of a laugh. Sending hugs and wishes. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  50. So pleased to hear the meds are kicking in! Nothing like starting to feel better and then realising how bad you actually were! – You just did what you had to for your Dad because that’s just you, but sadly it took its toll on you. But there is a lesson to be learned, Balance (have said this to you before) You must take time to smell the roses too and know your limits. Rest is just as important as doing what needs doing! – On a lighter note, Funny old way to keep Grace all to yourself! – I bet they are only moving you to a single room as you’ve caused havoc on the ward! 🤣 You’ve always got WhatsApp to keep an eye on Greg! Keep improving and look forward to hearing of your return home! 👍 xxx

  51. Dear Barbara,
    So relieved to hear you’re on the up. I’m glad Grace is with you. Where would we be in this world without our Great Daughters?
    You take things really slow now, I know you thought you had taken your foot off the gas, but your body knows otherwise.
    You have guided us all through all this crazy world is throwing at us with such calm and humour, please take the time to heal body & soul. As much as we miss seeing you for our regular dose of Clarity, I feel better knowing you are taking time to recover. Sending the biggest, gentlest Welsh Cwtch (hug), take care my friend. x.
    Wendy, Swansea.

  52. So pleased that the meds are working and you are feeling a bit better. How lovely to find a new ‘best friend’ and when you are up and about you are able to visit him. Take care and listen to what everyone is saying.

  53. Bless you Barb, I had to smile at the Porter/ Daughter jibe. My husband often does something similar and doesn’t understand why I’m laughing. So pleased that you’re starting to feel better. Please be kind to yourself. Remember you are unique there is only one of you.

  54. So sorry that you had become so very poorly – though it’s good that you are now in the right place and getting the right treatment.
    With everything that’s been happening in recent months it’s no wonder that you had become physically vulnerable – so rest well and take good advantage of all the loving care that you need. And you are clearly proving a blessing where you are to those around you!
    Love and prayers for a complete recovery – Rosemary T xxx

  55. So glad you are starting to feel a bit better. Keep taking the medicine and following doctor’s/nurse’s orders xx Onwards and upwards!

  56. So glad you are feeling better, keep taking your medicines and doing as your told and take care of yourself. Have you gained a new conversion to your crafty family if so come on in and join in the fun.

  57. Hi Barb, glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better and had a bit of a laugh today. That was lovely to hear. You should hang on to that “porter” she’s obviously a good’n! So glad she’s with you. Daughters are wonderful, aren’t they? Wouldn’t be without mine! Keep taking the tablets.
    Lots of love.

  58. Sooo glad to hear you are heading in the right direction, take care and the time to fully recover before getting back on the bus, best wishes & hugs xxx

  59. Wasn’t expecting a blog from you, so missed the news that you were poorly and in hospital. So very sorry, after all you have gone through. I was with you in spirit on Monday, glad it all went as you wanted. Hang on to Grace as long as you can, daughters are very special. Love and prayers for you to get well. Xxxx

  60. So glad you felt a bit better yesterday, Barb. Hope today is even better and glad that Grace is still with you. I bet she’s glad she hadn’t flown home! Enjoy being pampered for the time being. Lots of love. Hxxx

  61. Glad you are feeling a little better today. As the saying goes …One day at a time….. hoping each day goes in the same direction without any bumps in the road.

  62. Oh my goodness Barbara, I have only just seen that you are in hospital.
    So relieved that you are having treatment. You have obviously been given a sign that it is time to relax and allow others to look after you, it has been such a difficult time for you recently and your body is shouting “whoa”. I am missing you already, but want to see you well.
    You have a loving family who will help as best they can I’m sure, and Paul and other team members will no doubt hold the fort in your absence. Plus, two ginger friends will be be so pleased to have you home in due course.
    Love and best wishes for your recovery.
    Ros x

  63. Oh Barbara I’m so sorry to hear you are so poorly and in hospital, but it’s good to hear the meds are helping and you are having a laugh too. Grace is a star isn’t she, I know she must be so worried about you and just being there to do things for you will be such a help to her. Get well soon. Sending you a big hug.
    Lots of love Diane xxx

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