Young at heart

Young at heart

Hi there

Thanks for popping in. The family is starting to gather for the funeral on Monday. Our Mark and his lovely girlfriend Alex just landed from San Francisco, and Grace’s beau Mark flies in tomorrow from New York. The energy in the house is young and bubbly. Lots of laughter, eating Caterpilllar cake and story-telling. These people are all the tonic we need. There’s nothing quite like youth for lifting the spirits. They come bearing love and joy – and it’s infectious.

Quote #27

Surround yourself with positive people who will support you when it rains,
not just when the sun shines.

They were here only a few weeks ago, to celebrate Christmas, and here they are again, to hold hands at Dad’s funeral.

Yesterday, Grace and I were driving through Tunbridge Wells, and had to stop at a pelican crossing. A little train of toddlers – the cutest, sweetest little tots you have ever seen – crossed the road right in front of us. And the little cherub at the front of the procession even held out a little mini stop sign. Honestly, my heart went from being dark to full of light instantly. It was a magical moment.

And now our kids are in the kitchen, giggling and joshing with each other about a big American Football game on Sunday night, between the Eagles (Philadelphia) and the 49’ers (San Fran). I’m definitely camp SF with Mark and Alex. And Dave has joined the East Coast camp with Grace and her Mark! So that’ll be fun.

That’s it, isn’t it. It’s never the event, but how we respond to it that will ultimately affect us. That’s tomorrow’s quote right there!

Love always

Barb x x x

19 thoughts on “Young at heart

  1. Laughter is the best medicine and definitely what you need. You dad would not want you to be miserable and sad for the rest of your life. I am sure there will be tears too in the next few days but you are getting the balance right!
    Enjoy having your kids around you even if it’s a sad reason why they are here!
    Lots of love. Xxxxx

  2. Having your kids and their partners around really seems to help relax and cheer you up a little. That’s great! I agree with Jane Telford, laughter is the best medicine. How is your lovely Mum? Having met her I think she’s trying to stay strong.
    Monday will be difficult but thank God you’ve got your kids by your side and from own experience I can tell you things will get better and life will be brighter again. Sending a BIG hug and Lots of Love xxx

  3. Perfect, your dad would be happy to see you enjoying your kids company. My dad’s last words to me were “enjoy
    yourself”. Bless him. Monday will be hard and have it’s moments but also some smiles.
    I love to see the little ones and it lifts our hearts to have our little grandchildren around. Especially when they shout nanny with great joy. x x

  4. Its good to have a laugh & the extra visitors in the house over the coming days will bring new things to think about & the football match seems an ideal watch for Sunday. I don’t know much if anything about American football but I am sure you will enjoy it – hope the result is a good one.
    One day at a time making more memories & everything will be ok xx

  5. I hope the celebration of your father’s life goes well on Monday. Laughter and tears will mingle, I’m sure, but I do hope you can rejoice that you had him for so long (physically frail but mentally strong) and that fact outweighs the sense of loss so that it doesn’t become overwhelming for you all. Enjoy your family time – and good luck to the 49ers!!

  6. Do hope it’s not a late football match. Could be a very late night!!!
    Think the younger ones always lifts ones spirits. At least you can chuckle at their antics! Will be thinking of you all on Monday. Saying goodbye to someone so close is hard. Xx

  7. Hi Barb
    My mum’s funeral was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but it was also a big gathering of family and friends. They all came back to our house and I can remember making countless pots of tea as everyone caught up with each other. It was an afternoon of love, laughter and yes, some tears but as the last person went home I thought to myself, mum would have loved that party, and I felt I had done her proud. You will too for your lovely dad on Monday.
    In the meantime just enjoy having your family around you and you will give each other strength.
    Lots of love
    Zara xx

  8. Even at this sad time I am sure you will enjoy the time with your children. It’s a family time and though filled with sadness it will be a time to remember and support each other. Our love and support is with you this weekend and especially on Monday we know how it is.Our love and prayers are with you xxx

  9. Hi Barbara
    Enjoy being surrounded by those you love and your Dad will be there in spirit looking on and enjoying watching. I firmly believe that they protect us long after they have passed once a parent always a parent.
    Will be thinking of you all on Monday
    Ruth and Jackie xx

  10. Family and friends are our strength at times like this and your Blog today you could feel the lovely vibes in your words, hear the laughter, wonderful time but sad time, the circle of life.
    We will all be thinking of you on Monday x

  11. Same here!
    My kids are filling the house with their talking and laughter.
    They help me cope and realize what is important.
    They still have one mum left and I we will go on together.
    One day at a time, the days are filled with sweet memories…

  12. Hello Barb, a beautiful quote. Enjoy spending time with the kids, and enjoy the game on Sunday. Take care and stay warm everyone. Bx

  13. I will be thinking of you all, over the weekend and especially on Monday. I absolutely know your dear Dad will have the most amazing send off and yes, there will be lots of tears and also lots of fabulous stories that will make you all laugh too. The family love will be your strength and the wonderful memories will stay in your hearts forever. Your Dad knows that too xxx

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